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What Is 3D Photography?

Do you know what’s a brand? Years ago, it was the owners who made their brand. But I guess everything changes with the pace of time? Because a brand is no longer what you tell customers it is. It is what your customers tell each other it is. That’s why 3D photography has become the talk of the business and photography world. In this blog, you’ll get a clear concept of 3D photography, and guess what? At the end of this blog, you’ll get to know how to make a 3D photo.

What Is A 3D Photography?

I know it may be a whole new concept to you. But I bet you’ve seen plenty of 3D photos in your daily life. Because there is 3D real estate photography, 3D product photography, 3D digital photography, and so on! All these sectors are using 3D photos now. And why?

Dimensional Photography Concept

Because 3D photography lets you see a product or anything from all directions. Whether a flat photo shows only one side of the subject. So, when you take more than three photos of a subject or get to see a photo from all angles, you’re seeing or doing 3D photography.

How Do I Do This Photography?

Digital Art Concept

Mainly, this photography is used in the real estate and product branding sectors mostly. So, being a photographer isn’t that easy nowadays. A photographer has to do more than snap a perfect shot to satisfy or wow the crowd. Among all other photography, 3D photography is the most difficult and a bit costly. Okay, maybe it will cost a good amount of pounds for buying the tools for it.

So, let’s see what you’ll need to capture stunning 3D photos. And why you’ll need those tools.

Will I Need More Than One Camera?

Precisely yes, You’ll need to capture several pictures at a time. So, using a bunch of cameras is in order. First things first. You’ll need a stereoscopic camera. I mean, it’s an analog camera still you’ll need it to make a 3D photo.

A Stereographic Camera

Some of the famous stereoscopic cameras are Nimslo 3D, Holga 120 3D, Kodak Stereo Camera, View-Master Personal Stereo, etc. Some of these have a 120 mm film or 35 mm. You can find these models both online or in local shops.

Digital Camera Tools

Now, I know I haven’t shared why you’ll need a stereoscopic camera? The point is, when you’ll be shooting normally with this camera, it’ll automatically make photo negatives. Which will help you immensely in 3D photography.

If A Stereoscopic Camera Is All, Then Why A Digital Camera?

Do you know why photographers use two cameras for 3D photography? Two cameras are used to replicate the stereographic camera’s effect. Just make sure that camera settings are the same on both cameras. This way, you’ll be able to take two photo images from different corners at the same time.

So, What Else?

If pulling off two cameras is difficult it’s totally okay. You can always add a 3D effect on Photoshop. Although adding a 3D effect on Photoshop is quite a difficult task to do. Not every photographer can do this. Photoshop aside, you can also find some apps. Using these apps, you can easily add 3D effects to your photo. But mark my words, nothing beats Photoshop’s excellence. Other than that, you’ll need a tripod to apply some tricks.

3D Photography Process:

We’re here for learning 3D photography. Right? So let’s get to it. After going through the whole process, we can talk about the other facts about 3D photography.


The very first step of 3D photography is to choose a subject. Because choosing the subject is very important. Because you won’t be able to take a 3D photo if your subject is a moving one. So, the subject needs to be completely still. To add a three-dimensional effect more visible, make sure you choose a subject with a vanishing point.


Another main point of 3D photography is you need to keep the subject in the middle of the frame. Here you can use a tripod to realize if the subject is really in the middle of the frame. Now take the first shot.


Now move the tripod to your left and take a shot. Keep the process repeating.

Not to brag, but these are the basic steps you follow for 3D photography. Now, I’m sure you’ve been wondering that why do people use 3D photography. Let’s find out!

Why Do People Are Head Over Hills For 3D Photography?

Among all the photography categories, 3D photography comes with the most adventurous facts. Because you can use your imagination here as you want. Besides, as you create dimensions here, I think this work gets more exciting. But why this is so popular?

To Show Off Your Product:
3D Real Estate Photography

You’ve heard of 3D real estate photography and 3D product photography. Right? In the real estate sector, 3D real estate photography is widely used. Because you can see the property from all sides. And that’s what real estate agents want.

Also in the eCommerce business world, this kind of photography is highly required by business owners. If you want to show off your newest product to your customer, you can try this and see the result. This photography has the power to bring life to a still-life object. That’s why 3D product photography is very popular now.

Special Effects:
Special Effect

To relate to the first point, you can put a special effect on your photo. Although it’ll be done in the post-processing section. Still, this photography comes with the options where you can make your subject fly, cry or laugh, jump even. All these special effects make your audience stunned for a long second. Besides, it’ll make your photos look lively.

Pop-Up Emotions:
The Blending Mode Is Representing The Mood Of The Picture

Well, shopping comes with lots of emotion. And this photography comes with this special power. Because this photography lets you feel the vibe of virtual shopping. How So?

For example, if you go to a store to buy something, you’d scan the product from every angle. Right? Similarly, you can scan the desired product in the virtual world too. So you see, it really plays with emotions.

These three bullet points are far more important than anything in the world of highly competitive business. I don’t think you’ll need anything more to these.

But if you don’t have the time for 3D photography, you can always make a 3D image. Although it’d take a lot of photo editing skills. Don’t worry, you can call the professionals anytime. Why not Clipping Amazon?

Clipping Amazon
3D Photo Editing Services

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