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Things You Should Know Before Adventure Photography

Who doesn’t love to travel? Moreover, who doesn’t love to go on an adventure? I mean, in the chaos of a bustling and hectic life an adventure certainly refreshes us. No? Because you know what? Our Life; It’s either a beautiful adventure or nothing at all. Because every day is like an adventure and no day is similar. So, in this blog, you’re gonna learn something very important about adventure photography.

Adventure Photography:

Life Adventure Photography

You know, we don’t conquer the mountains. But we conquer ourselves. That’s the motto of adventure photography too. Well, I’m not saying that you need to climb a high and mighty mountain or so. But you can capture adventure photos anyway. As I said before every single day is a different kind of adventure. So, you just need to step out of your house. With a camera of course. Do you know the main concept of adventure photography? Your adventure of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So, when you go to travel or capture some usual photos just to fill your hunger of a tourist mind. Yes, you’re doing adventure photography.

If Not Climbing Mountain, Then What Should I Do?

Adventure Stories Photography

Oh well, If you just climb or don’t climb a mountain, and just take normal blank mountain or forest photos. Definitely, you can’t call it to adventure photography. Because adventure photography is neither travel photography nor mountain or forest photography. You can try different kinds of daring sports and capture those photos. Also, you can go hiking or camping. Or you can go fishing. Then you can grill the fish outside of your home. It’s the most simple way to capture some beautiful adventure photos. But don’t worry. I’ll give some more pointers about adventure photography tips.

Adventure Photography Tips:

We can all agree on one fact. It’s never too late to begin an actual adventure in life. Many senior people go hiking mountains or fishing in the nearby local spots. So, let’s pack your gear.

Things You’ll Need:

Aside from a DSLR camera, lenses make a photo. They have different focal lengths, apertures, views, etc. But for adventure photography? Well, you’ll probably need a wide-angle lens and a zoom or telephoto lens. And a polarizer maybe?

All The Things You’ll Need

Moreover, no one is stopping you from using drones for photography. In fact, to do life adventure photography, you’ll have no choice but drone photography. If you ask me, drone photography is a kinda adventure with a flying camera. The kind of adventure that lets you take photos from an impossible angle. Anywhere.

Also, you may need a tripod, a bag pack to carry your things, and a microfiber cloth to clean up your devices. Moreover, you may also need a shield to protect your camera from foul weather. I mean, as much as we all love to be daring sometimes, nobody wants to spoil their precious camera. I know I don’t want that.

Begin With A Simple Shot:

Life Adventure Photography

Your adventure will begin with a small and single shot. The same goes with photography too. So, pack your tools and then start your journey. But do you know what will help you most? If you write down some shots you want to take, I’m sure it’ll help you later. I mean, try to visualize your shot before you head to the photo session.

Use Water To Your Advantage:

Adventure Stories Photography

If you’re not afraid of diving underwater, then go for it. Of course, you’ll need a waterproof camera and other things for that. You can capture many unseen adventures in your photos. If that’s not adventure, I don’t know what is. Even if you don’t want to dive underwater, you can always capture zip line races over the water. It will give the absolute adventure vibe.

Or you can try snorkeling or scuba diving. Marine life is always very much daunting, don’t you think?

Kayak And Boating:

Life Adventure Photography

As I’ve said before, even if you don’t want to get wet, you still can use it to your advantage. Go for a kayaking ride or boating to your nearest location. Although you should go at first without the camera. I mean, don’t you want to check the location first? Not all location allows you to capture photos.


Adventure Stories Photography

Surfers love the ocean more than anything. Also, not everyone can surf. Because surfing is considered to be the most adventurous sport in the world. Yeah, surfing is not allowed in every country. But if your country allows it, definitely capture it. Oh, and use low shutter speed when you go to capture surfers.

If It’s Winter, Use The Snow:

Oh, you know how it is. They say, ‘Snowing is the attempt of God to make the dirty world look clean.’ So, when it’s winter, use it to photograph some awesome photos.

First of all, you can always become nostalgic by capturing some childhood adventure. For example, you can always capture some child making snow angels or a snowman. Why not? Because these are amazing childhood adventures.

Adventure Stories Photography

If not childhood adventures, that’s when you can go to a frozen lake or river. Because many people love to skate or ski. Why not? Because these are the ultimate winter-themed adventurous sports. You can always capture these photos as in adventure photography.

How About Camping And Hiking:

Life Adventure Photography

Oh yeah? Winter doesn’t last forever you know? There will be spring and summer. And? So you need to pack your bags and get out. Because Spring always comes with amazing weather for camping and hiking. So, it will be really nice for you to go on a road trip. These are some simple, yet amazing stories photography.

Go To See A Nearby Waterfall:

Adventure Stories Photography

No, I mean, not only just seeing the waterfall will do the trick. You have to climb and get up to the waterfall if possible. It’s risky, yes? But it’ll give you some adventure photos for a lifetime. You can check our site for more guides on photographing a waterfall.

Edit Your Photos:

Life Adventure Photography

Of course, you need to edit your photos. Especially when you are back home from an adventurous photoshoot. Besides, you never know what can go wrong during the photo session. Different kinds of views call for different kinds of camera settings and lenses. Those tools are not available as well as costly. So, you’ll need editing help for sure. However, you can always count on Clipping Amazon.

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