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Amazon Photo Editing: Increase Your Online Sales!!

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping malls to sell products, available for millions of small, large, and online business owners. Products online are sold by millions and secret to amazon’s success in the images that are posted on their website. Products that are displayed retouched, resize to their correct size and angle. Amazon buyers are attracted to product images. Our experts work to improve the quality of images and ensure that they highlight both, product design and shape. Clipping Amazon experts and specialized knowledge in Amazon photo editing services.

 What Is Amazon Photo Editing?

You send your images and we’ll place them on a white background, crop and resize per Amazon’s specification, and retouch them. So, your products look perfect and attractive.

Benefits of Amazon Photo Editing

You can sell your products faster

Presentable images posted in your marketplace

Dependable images lead to the highest impressions

What Does Amazon Not Allow?

The rule of Amazon is a very proper context for photo editing. They not allowed photos include:

  • Blurry images
  • Cutout images
  • Images with background
  • Cluttered photos with two or more products.
  • Images with price tags
  • Images with logo
  • Dim photographs
  • Comparatively small-sized images

Amazon Basic Requirements

White Background

Main images must have pure white (RGB color mode: 255,255,255). This stage asks that the photographs of the sellers if they individuals selling a few products or with a large stock in Amazon, come in the white that Amazon always uses.

Only The Product

The images should include only the products that are sold with nothing additional. If you are selling extra-large products, you must include the piece you sell. Within the secondary photographs, one or two images are allowed in an environment and suggest to the sellers that these are the last ones that have to be shown.

Photos Only

The image must be a professional photograph of the product being sold. The product is not allowed drawings or illustrations. So, the main photo of the product is not allowed to have text or user information. Amazon also prohibits putting links or web addresses in photographs.

Minimum Size

Your product should be focused on the photos. Amazon also recommendation is 85% of the frame is full by the product. The ideal size is 2560 pixels if the images are in the good condition for Amazon from 1280 pixels. Large photos help users to zoom in on the platform. Amazon photo editing is very vital to increase your sale.

Two criteria must meet to photo in addition size:

Centered images: The images should be centered on a white background. It should be highlighted.

Formats: The types of format that Amazon accepts for the publications that also indicate: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

Above all, this requirement may cause Amazon to remove your list of products from within the search and suggestions of your platform.

Our Amazon Photo Editing Services:

  • Image Editing and Enhancement

Great-looking images sell more products. Use our preset Amazon templates to optimize your images similar to Amazon’s own direction. You can also make your product attractive and you can increase your sales.

  • Image Retouching Services

We can retouch your image more clearly. We also retouch your images with borders, brand name, watermark, accompanying text, captions.

  • Amazon Image Background Removal

The distracting background needs to be removed, and it needs to be done professionally. Our expert can also remove your unwanted background from your image.

  • Image Cropping and Resizing

Image resize or cropping is an image editing technique. Therefore, we change our photo size to its pixel. It is highly vital for your website’s performance. Before using any pictures on your website or posting, you must resize the image.

Image Cropping and Resizing
  • Color Adjustment

Photo Color Correction services are the method of changing the colors of the images. This could also completely change your photo’s look. If you don’t have time on adjusting shadows, tones, or white balance. So, if you do not have time for other color settings on your photos. If you sell Amazon your product must be more colorful and attractive.

Color Adjust
  • Image Masking

Image masking is a process of editing images in Photoshop. Images help to separate the masking images into layers or masks. It also allows us to adapt the background to match the item in the image and spotlight the product.

An Overview of Amazon Photo Editing

Following Amazon rules and regulations it helps them identify and monitor the product very easily. The pictures of the product should be high quality with the perfect color of the product or object. So, enhancing the color too much might lose the client’s interest in the respective products. The perfect color of the images helps the client to choose their desired product. It also helps to maintain a good reputation of the individual company.
Our experts use the most latest tools for editing your product images. The images are also on your website with the required guidelines from Amazon.

Why Choose Clipping Amazon For Amazon Photo Editing Services?

Clipping Amazon photo editing experts will deliver a unique fitness to your image get a professional look, an image that is picture-perfect and high on quality. We also offer commercial editing services including jewelry, garments and clothing, furniture, fashion. Also, household appliances, kitchen appliances, food, real estate, automobiles, medicines, grocery items, and many more. So, we mostly care about the client’s demand.

Clipping Amazon has the perfect blend of the Four Elements. Firstly, Experience, we have years of experience in this field. We have also a team of designers who are providing all kinds of editing services.

Secondly, Portfolio, you can check it from our website. We’ve shown also samples of our work. So, You will get to learn about our quality of work.

The third one is one of the most important ones. It’s Pricing. Clipping Amazon provides the best service also a most reasonable price. So, the final one is the Free Trial. You may have a Free Trial if you wish to be sure about our work quality. So, just send your Test Photo, we’ll deliver it within 30 minutes! We also prioritize quality, timing, and pricing. As a result, if you need to feel free to contact us.

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