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How To Take Bachelorette Party Photos

The last night before your wedding? Yeah, if you want to go all the wild before tying the knot. The bachelorette party is your last chance. Now, about going wild. Did you know there’s even a saying about bachelorette parties? That is what happens at the bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party. And a party isn’t a party without a photo shoot. Is it? That’s why I’ve come up with some killer and cool tips to take bachelorette party photos.

Bachelorette Parties Now And Then

Bachelorette Party Photos

You know, a bride-to-be has a lot on her plate to get worried about. No matter what the religion is, the tension is always higher. So, a bachelorette party is just the thing to cheer her up. Normally, bachelorette parties were limited in concept. A concept where several bridesmaids go to the nearest club with the bride, get some drinks, make some toast, and come back home. Yeah, some of them dared to dance. And probably someone took two or three bachelorette party photos. I, for one, think it’s absolutely dull and boring for a bachelorette party.

Go Wild

Thank goodness that the bachelorette parties are so much fun now. Drinks, cocktails, music, party games, bachelorette props, matching dress-ups, and everything. What’s not to love? Some even hire a professional photographer to preserve their bachelorette party photos. Because photos are memories that will give strength to the bride in her after marriage life. But do you know what I think? A bachelorette party doesn’t have to be just a drink or dance. It should reflect the bride-to-be’s personality. I also think hiring a professional photographer is really worth it.

Is It Worthy To Hire A Professional Photographer?

Hire A Professional

Of course, it is very worth hiring a professional photographer. Especially at a bachelorette party. Because there is so much going on around, and literally no one there to capture the moments. If I’m being honest, that’s the exact reason to hire a professional photographer. Because no one wants to miss the fun during the party. Besides, a professional photographer will edit your photos before handing over them. So, why not spend some pennies? It’s your last day before tying the knot!

Tips On Taking Bachelorette Party Photos:

Prim And Proper

Actually, the idea of throwing a bachelorette party comes from the maid of honor. Or from the bridesmaids. So if you’re planning something like that, this is your chance to shine. And of course, feel free to try these bachelorette party ideas and capture a lot of bachelorette party photos.

Go Adult Camping:
Go Camping

If you have a group of friends and cousins, or if your bride loves to go travel. You can then arrange camping for the girls. Might I add, this idea is for the boys too. Because it’s the last day before his marriage too. And yes, boys do love to go outside. So, whether you’re the maid of honor or the best man you can easily pick this idea. Besides the bachelorette party photos of camping will be cool.

Some Bachelorette Party Photo Poses:

Of course, where comes photos, there are poses. So, here are some top-listed bachelorette party photo poses for both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be.

Bachelorette Party Photo Poses

I mean, bachelorette parties are supposed to be wild. Yes, that’s fair. But don’t you want to look classy and manly (if you’re the groom), or prim and proper? At least in one photo? If so, you can definitely do this pose. All you have to do is to walk slowly toward the camera and look directly at the camera. Almost 80% of the men go for this pose at their bachelorette party. Because Why? Simple, it’s manly.

*A Group Hug:
Bachelorette Party Photo Poses

Okay, maybe this is not manly enough. But a bride-to-be can be hugged easily. Also, it’s a friendly way to show her that her girls have got her back. As I’ve said before, a bride-to-be has a lot of tension. It can be a relief to her stress. What you can do is get into a group hug and look directly at the camera. Be sure to keep the bride in the middle of the bridesmaid’s group.

*From The Back:
Turn Your Back

This pose is also for both the bride and groom. You can turn your back from the camera and stand in a line. Also, if guys are more intimate, you guys can put your hands on each other’s back. This represents the brotherhood/sisterhood.

Take Candids

Candid photos are the best options for the bachelorette party. Because this party is supposed to be fun and carefree. And this vibe definitely goes like chocolate and peanut butter with the bachelorette party. So, whether it’s the bride or the groom, don’t forget to capture lots of candids.

Matching Outfits:
Wear Matching Dress

A matching outfit for the bridesmaid will bring the whole party vibe. If you can manage the same outfits for the bridesmaids, having a photo of the matching outfits will be cute. Some also order customized t-shirts.

Use Some Party Props:
Use Props

There are tons of bachelorette party props. You can buy them online or from a local store. You can also customize the props as per your choice. Using these props will make your bachelorette party photos outstanding. Now, the only question is what kind of party props you’re going to choose.

Pick Out A Location:
Location Matters

If you want to get your bachelorette party photos at their best version, you better pick out the best location possible. Why? Let’s see. Do you want to go wild? Pick out the hottest club! Or do you want wild and wet? Go for a pool party. Or the bride loves to travel? Go camping or hiking! Or the lady is prim and proper? Then prepare a beautiful and sweet tea party. Whatever you do, you must pick out the best location to capture beautiful bachelorette party photos.

How About A Toast?:
The Toast Matters

It’s the day before her tying the knot. So, buy us some shots. And by shots, you definitely know that it’s time for the toast. I think it would be almost a party crime if someone misses the chance to capture the special toast. If you’re the maid of honor or the best man, you better write down a little speech for the toast. You can take a photo when you guys raise your glasses toward the bride/the groom.

It’s Time To Jump:

This is one of the most common bachelorette party photo poses. You guys can look directly in the camera and get to jump everyone at the same time. Oh, and don’t forget to smile. It’ll bring a cheerful and happy vibe. Because nothing goes wrong with being happy. So, what are you waiting for?

Some Girly Girl Or Look:
A Girly Girl Pose

No matter how dramatic or wild the bride is, she’ll always love to show her girl side. And that’s where you can pose something girly girl. You can sit with your bridesmaid by keeping one leg on the other. Or if you want to stand. Then you can stand in a line and cross your legs.

Or if you’re the groom to be, you can put your hands in your pocket and look at the camera.

Using Some Ballons Are Nice:
Use Balloons

There are a lot of online stores that sell themed party balloons. Bachelorette party-themed balloon is one of them. You can even get a balloon of ‘Bride-To-Be’. Yeah, the wine glass full of wine, a champagne bottle, or a ring balloon is just the things to get the bachelorette party on the road. If you can manage some items like this, definitely use them in photos.

Do Edit Your Photos:

Bachelorette parties always go wild. Especially nowadays. I mean, the wedding party is always busy dancing and all the fun activities, games and everything. So, as a photographer, you may find it quite difficult to get a perfect photo. So, editing these bachelorette party photos is mandatory. Or even if you’re not a photographer, you still want your bachelorette party photos glowing and preserved. Right? That’s why you need your photos edited and nice. Although making these messy photos right is not an easy task. You may want to hand it over to a professional. Why not Clipping Amazon?

Clipping Amazon?
Clipping Amazon

Well, like I said above if something goes really wrong with your shots, you can take help of the professional photo editors. However, Clipping Amazon is a professional photo editing company just like that. So, you can always save the day of the wedding by taking our professional photo editing services. Because Clipping Amazon provides 17 kinds of photo editing services.Yeah, including photo manipulation and professional image cropping services too. Moreover, if something spoils your printed wedding photos, you can always go for our professional photo restoration services. Because we always value our clients the highest. Also, we provide services 24/7. So you can reach us any time. You can check out the quality of our work by trying our free trial. I’m leaving the free trial link on the button. And don’t worry, your hard-worked photos are always safe with us.


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