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Ballet Photography: Complete Guide

Who doesn’t love to dance? It makes us light and happy. How about you? I bet you one thing though. Waltz, ball, break, or ballet, everyone loves a good ballet dance show. Because even I have a soft spot for ballet dance. Ballerinas don’t need wings to fly. Don’t you think? I hope you’re ready to hold your camera strongly. Because in this blog? We’re going to talk about ballet photography. So, are you ready?

What Is Ballet Photography?

Well, when you’re onto the ballet shows with your camera. And you capture the most elegant and graceful dancing poses of ballerinas, you’re doing ballet photography.

Ballet Photography Tips

Ballet photography is very much a part of the art of photography. It’s more about capturing images of dancers in their natural form than it is about taking pictures of people in motion.

I mean, yeah ballet seems to be a dance of slow-motion? But actually? It’s not that. And why? There are lots of performances where ballerinas need to dance quickly. I bet you’ve seen it too. Besides, among all the dance types, you’ll get hired mostly for ballet portrait photography.

Ballet Portrait

Now, you may wonder, ‘What is ballet portrait anyway?’ Well, the portrait represents a photo where the subject should be seen from head to shoulder. Mainly, the face of the subject gets priority here. But in ballet portrait photography, you can capture any particular poses or accessories.

Can I Make Money By Doing This?

Well, why not? Of course, you can make money from ballet photography. That’s why I’m here to give you some killer ballet portrait photography tips. Besides, among all other dance types, people always long for a perfect ballet pirouette. You will see ballet wall art in many places. Also, if you ever compare the ballet to waltz. Don’t you think ballet will win?

Ballet Portrait

So, long story short, you can earn money by doing ballet portrait photography. Now, let’s get some killer ballet photography tips along with the necessary tools.

Ballet Photography Tips:

Before we get into the world of the dreamiest dance studio, I mean ballet studio. Let’s have some heads up. You need to be able to capture the beauty and elegance of ballet dance in your shots. That’s the whole point of doing ballet photography, right?

The best time to shoot ballerinas is during their first class on the day they are going to perform. This is when the dancers are the freshest, most energetic, and most graceful. Now we will learn how to take great ballet photographs. So that you can share your skills with others.

Capture The Dance By Using Motion Blur:

Movement in ballet photography is one of the most important aspects of capturing the essence of the dance. So, motion blur will be a perfect fit here. Besides, this dance is all about movement. Right?

Use Motion Blurr

So, you’ll want to emphasize movement in your photos. The best way to do this is to use motion blur, which is when you blur the moving parts of a photo. This will give your subject a feeling of fluidity, because the subject is blurred, rather than the subject being blurred by the camera.

It’s Best To Break The Ice:
Get Familiar With The Show

You’re Shooting For The first thing you need to know is the type of show you’re shooting for. Are you shooting for a ballet company, or are you shooting for an individual dancer? Knowing what show you’re shooting for will help you make sure that when and how you need to click the shutter. And if it’s your first ballet photoshoot, it’s even more important to know the ballet show.

There’s More To The Details Than The Face:
Ballet Photography

In ballet portrait photography, details really matter. Make sure that your images are as interesting and captivating as possible. You’ll want to focus on details like the hair, the make-up, the costumes, and the shoes.

Don’t Forget The Silhouettes:
Shadow Ballerina

If I know anything about the beauty of the ballet, it’s the silhouettes. Nothing looks so beautiful as the silhouette of a ballerina. Don’t you think? So, when you’re capturing ballet portraits, you’ll want to use one source of light. To get the silhouette. If you use multiple sources of light, you’ll end up with a photo that looks flat and lifeless. You’ll want to use a soft light source for the best results.

Why Not Use Double Exposure?
Use Double Exposure

With the Ballet Dancers, You can create a double exposure for ballet photography. This will add more drama and depth to your photos. To do this, you will take two pictures at the same time, but from different angles. For instance, if you are taking pictures of the same ballerina dancing in front of a blue wall, you’ll want to take the first shot while she is facing the wall. Then, you’ll take the second shot while she is facing away from the wall. You can use a tripod, or simply move around the room and take the shots. This will make your photos much more interesting.

Try From Different Angles:

This is almost a must-do. As the ballerinas dance quickly, you need to move around restlessly. Because if not, you can’t capture their poses. That’s why you need to shoot from different angles.

Ballet Portrait

For example, you could shoot at the back of your subject, but shoot from above as well. If you’re trying to capture the beauty of the dancers, then shooting from the front will only make it harder for you to capture the perfect moment.

If Possible, Use A Tripod:
Use A Tripod

To be successful at ballet photography, you need to use a tripod. This will ensure that your photos are perfectly aligned and that you don’t miss any important details. If you’re shooting in low-light conditions, you might want to use an external flash. You can shoot at a slower shutter speed at this time.

The Right Shutter Speed Is Really Important:
Use The Right Shutter Speed

You want to focus on capturing the beauty of ballet. When you do this, you’ll want to use a slower shutter speed. This will allow you to capture movement in your photos. Just keep in mind to keep the shutter button pressed. Especially when you’re taking multiple photos at a time.

Capture A Budding Ballerina:
Capture Practice & Struggles

You can use the training facility at your ballet school as your photo shoot location. The reason for this is that the dancers are already in the habit of doing their daily warm-ups and stretching before class. So, you have the perfect opportunity to capture them doing their exercises in their natural form.

Don’t Miss The Couple Dance:
Ballet Couple Dance

This is the most romantic part of ballet. A couple doing ballet together? Now that is beyond beautiful. Don’t you think? To show the love and beauty of the ballet, take photos of a dancing couple. This is because a photo of a couple dancing together is the most romantic kind of photograph.

Don’t Miss The First Arabesque Pose:
The Arabesque Pose

It’s the most classy and elegant pose in ballet dance. So it’s a must to capture. The ballerina can raise her hands as per her choice. And raise one of the legs. If you’re a beginner at ballet photography, the first pose that you should practice is the first arabesque pose. This is the first pose that you will see your ballerina perform in class. It is a very graceful pose.

If Possible, Get The Upper View:
Get The Upper View

To take better ballet photographs, shoot from above. This will give you a clear view of the ballerina’s face and body. This will help you to capture the beauty of her eyes and her face. Also, you will be able to capture the beauty of her long legs and arms.

Split Jumps Are Nice:
Catch The Split Jump

Split jumps are a common form of movement in ballet. This involves jumping high up into the air and landing on both feet. So, you can capture this pose.

Capture Photos From Ballerina’s Back:
Capture The Back

Because it’s a traditional one. So, don’t miss it. If the back of the model is slightly naked. Because it looks way appealing in that way.

Shoot Outside, If Possible:

You can also shoot outside. In a beautiful place where the model is dancing heartily. And the surrounding will be complimenting the ballerina.

Shoot Outside

So, that was all about my ballet photography tips. I hope you found my blog useful. But you should keep in mind that no matter how carefully do the photoshoot. Your ballet portraits will need editing. Why? Because as it is about taking pictures of a moving subject. You don’t wanna miss any details. Will you? Besides, you must need image cleaning and skin retouching services. And I know just the solution! Why not Clipping Amazon?

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