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Best Photography Locations: EveryOne Must Visit Before Die

Do you want to have a beautiful memory of your trip? Or do you want to capture the very best moment of your trip with the best photography locations? Travel and photography go hand in hand. When it comes to traveling, the best way to get to know a place is to actually spend time there.

Some destinations have wow factors. It is near impossible to put your camera down due to warm light, historic features, coastline, or mountain peaks. There are some places that are worth a hike or road trip to photograph.

Some Top Photography Locations

This list includes places where you can capture amazing landscapes and sandy white beaches in unexplored parts of the world, as well as take unforgettable photos of colorful streets, incredible city lights, and amazing architectural structures.

Santorini, Greece


One of the most romantic places in the world is Santorini, an island that is located in the South Aegean Sea. One of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet can be seen in the town of Oia. Hundreds of people gather late in the day to watch the sunset as it dips below the horizon. The entire crowd erupts in cheers and applause when it sets. There is something magical about the quality of light in Santorini. It is difficult to explain, but it is the kind of light that artists dream of capturing. You will only have to see it for yourself.


Huge, steep cliffs with white houses can be seen in the landscape of the west coast. At the top, it looks like they descend to the water. Santorini has more than 300 Orthodox and Catholic churches. The town has a beautiful view of the blue Aegean Sea.

Tekapo, New Zealand


You can take shots at the lake from the town of Tekapo. If you like astronomy and want to take a picture of the stars, you should visit this lake. So, as a part of the Dark Sky Reserve, the entire area is protected. The Church of the Good Shepherd is located on the bank of the lake, so it feels like it was built specifically for photographers. lupins and exotic plants bloom here during this time period. purple, white, yellow, orange, blue are some of the colors of Russell lupins that can be found on the shores of the reservoir.


You can also find a lot of other types of flowers. In the past, when the lake was covered with ice, there were hundreds of birds living on its shore, but now the population of these birds has decreased due to the disappearance of the ice. Taupo, New Zealand This city is located on the North Island of New Zealand. It is the second-largest city in the country. Taupo is famous for its hot springs and thermal lakes. There are also several places where you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the hot water.

Sydney, Australia


The port city has many historic landmarks and coastal trails. Rock formations, surfers, and beaches can be photographed by taking a walk down Coogee to Bondi Beach. It is also possible that you will be lucky to see whales.


At sunset, you can see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from a harbor cruise. The Blue Mountains, the North Beaches, and the Hawkesbury River are some of the best places in Australia to see them.

 Kyoto, Japan


Kyoto is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan and it’s a nice place for photography. First stop: Fushimi Inari Shrine. With a number of Torii gates, each forming an endless corridor that goes for several kilometers, this area certainly attracts your eye. You can also take pictures in the Kinkaku-Ji Golden Pavilion, which is located on the shore of Lake Mirror.


It’s surrounded by small and large islands, and you can get there by boat or cable car. In Kokedera, everything in the garden, from bridges to Buddhas, is covered with moss. Also, don’t miss the bamboo groves in Sagano, Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, and the historic Sannen-Zaka street.

Paris, France


Paris is one of my favorite cities for photography. I think it’s got a lot of great history, a lot of great museums, wonderful food, and some great locations for photography. I’d highly recommend taking the opportunity to visit during the summer months, as well.


The Eiffel Tower is certainly a must-see for photographers, and you can find many great vantage points to capture the tower. However, there’s also a large number of photographers who take photographs of the light show in the evenings, which may not be suitable for licensing.

Rome, Italy


Rome is one of the best places to take pictures as it is full of historical architecture and cultural heritage, which makes it one of the best places to take pictures. This beautiful city has so much to offer and there are a number of stunning viewpoints and landmarks that make it an excellent photo location. Whether you are looking for a historic city, a beautiful landscape, or a city with amazing views, Rome is a great place to visit.


Take advantage of the best light in Rome and capture a beautiful photo of the city’s historic center. In Piazza Navona, take advantage of the colorful sun setting over the Palazzo Pubblico and the Torre del Mangia on the Campidoglio. A breathtaking view of the city opens from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica. Climb the spiral staircase to St. Peter’s dome and take exclusive photos with the best travel camera taking advantage of warm light at sunset. So, make sure to take a picture of the dome of the “Temple of All Gods” from the inside, with intersecting arches and a huge circular opening.

Tuscany, Italy


In Italian Tuscany, you can go to Florence first. In that city, you can visit the basilica of St Mark. You can also take pictures while walking in the local parks and gardens. Architecture lovers should visit Siena, where you will find the Gothic-style cathedral and the Palazzo Pubblico. Many medieval palaces, castles, and impressive old mansions are located there.


When visiting Chianti in Italy, take the best camera for landscape photography and visit the Chianti wine region. It’s known for its unique scenery, including beautiful green hills, vineyards, and olive gardens. These are the best photography locations in Italy.

Hallstatt, Austria


Among the best locations for photography are small villages such as Hallstatt, Austria. In the Echerntal Valley, you will find the Waldbachstrub waterfalls and the Hallstatt Glacier Garden. It is a good place for a peaceful vacation and to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. So, capturing photos of beautiful waterfalls is really cool and fun. 

Dubai, UAE


The most impressive city in the Middle East in Dubai. You’ll find there the tallest skyscraper in the world and the most fascinating desert in the world. You can’t also leave without a photo of the Burj Khalifa and a visit to the desert with unbelievable dunes.


The city offers a wide range of activities, from diving and snorkeling to camel rides and mountain climbing. The biggest city in the UAE, Dubai is one of the most visited destinations in the Middle East. In addition to its many attractions, it also has one of the best nightlife scenes in the region.

Cinque Terre, Italy


The five coastal fishing villages on the Italian coastline have colorful facades and quaint ports. Cinque Terre is popular among average people and photographers in particular. Vernazza is a great place to take pictures of landscapes and iconic views. Manarola is a perfect place for street life and night photography. And besides, the Nativity scene, a unique event, happens there in winter.


In Riomaggiore, enjoy the views from the top of the castle. In Monterosso, check out the narrow, historical streets and visit the churches, which are full of wonderful art treasures. Corniglia, take in the views from the Saint Mary observation deck and explore the central square.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat-Cambodia-photography-locations-clipping-amazon

The amazing temple complex in Cambodia is made up of three levels with terraces and galleries that rise as you move towards the central tower. You don’t need a bunch of equipment and lenses to capture amazing pictures of the temple at dawn, but the view will certainly make your photos more stunning.

Angkor Wat-Cambodia-photography-locations-clipping-amazon

It is important to choose an ideal location for taking a picture. In the predawn hour, it is best to shoot near the reflecting pond. The water’s reflection makes the silhouette of Angkor Wat against a backdrop of pink-scarlet sky, while sunrise illuminates the scene. Also, the pond guarantees that the back of a tourist’s head won’t be visible in the picture.

Vanuatu, South Pacific


Vanuatu is a state in the South Pacific Ocean. It consists of 83 volcanic islands, 65 of which are uninhabited. Lush rainforests, exotic isolated beaches, coral reefs, and such a welcoming culture make it one of the best places for photographers.


The island of Espiritu Santo is well known for its sparkling blue lagoon. You can also take a small plane to Lamen Bay on the island, and you’ll see incredible nature.

Chung Chau Island, Hong Kong


One of the most popular spots for photography in Hong Kong is Cheung Chau Island. You can photograph locals riding their bicycles past seafood shops and other interesting buildings. In this area, the most famous temples are found. Here you can photograph beautiful beaches. These are the best photography locations in hong kong.

Petra, Jordan

Petra is an archaeological park with a multitude of attractions and is located near Jordan’s capital Amman. The peculiarities of this city are not only amazing architecture and many places for photography but also the fact that this rocky city shines with a scarlet and pink hue at sunrise and sunset. Temples, tombs, baths, and colonnades – this stone city boasts over 800 ancient monuments.


Petra is one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world, located in Jordan. It is a large, rugged, and unique place, which was discovered by chance and then settled. It became one of the most important cities of the ancient world. The city is located on a hill with a height of 1,100 meters above sea level.

Bagan, Myanmar


The temples of Bagan in Myanmar are among the best places to take pictures. If you’re shooting a hot air balloon flight at sunrise or sunset you can get an image of a stupa with a balloon in the background.


Visit Myanmar (Burma) to photograph the beautiful stupas and other ancient ruins. The country is great for local portraits too, and you’ll likely come across monks who are happy to pose for you.

Hohenschwangau, Germany


It is a fairy tale castle that is worth lots of photos. Hohenschwangau is a small village that overlooks the beautiful Neuschwanstein castle. This architectural marvel looks great in photos, so you should definitely go there.


The house has an impressive interior and exterior, and you can take it all in from many different angles. There’s the giant Lake Alpsee on the outskirts of the village. So, go for a walk to capture reflections of wooden houses and forests in the water.

Best Photography Locations In Arashiyama, Japan

Kyoto is known for its natural beauty, elegant Japanese culture, and beautiful temple and historic sites. At the heart of this city, there is the Arashiyama district. Arashiyama is located just outside of Kyoto City and is divided by the Chi River.

South of the river is the Monkey Park, where you can take a boat ride along the river and see cormorants hunting for food. A little further down the river, you’ll find a small park with a wooden bridge, where you can watch the cormorants at sunset, illuminated by torchlight.

Vancouver, Canada


Rent a bicycle and ride over Stanley Park with your camera strapped to the front for easy access. You can also head to Capilano Bridge to take photos from the giant suspension bridge over the Capilano River and walk along the wooden planks.



Whether it’s an underwater waterfall, a crystal clear lake, or the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, getting creative with your camera is a fun way to discover new places. Take your waterproof clothing along when you go to an island, lake, or river and use the water as a backdrop for creativity and experimentation.


Underwater photography is a whole other ball game than above-water shots. When you’re underwater you need to be aware of the elements that affect your equipment. Water can damage electronic gear. The water pressure can change how your camera behaves. Also, the temperature of the water can affect your camera.

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Indonesia

This national park provides plenty of locations for photography. You can see the rough terrain of volcanic peaks without vegetation, the desert plains, and the calm sandy seas with no visible signs of life. Away from volcanoes, you’ll find representatives of typical tropical flora and fauna.


Mountain goats, Javanese deer, wild pigs are quite common here; sometimes you can see even leopards. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park isn’t a good spot for birdwatching, but it is a great place for viewing eagles and hawks.

Best Photography Locations In Lake Bled, Slovenia

 Lake Bled-Slovenia-clipping-amazon

Lake Bled in Slovenia is one of a few places in the world that look like they are straight out of a fairytale. It’s one of the most photographed lakes in Europe and it’s not hard to see why. The lake itself is surrounded by some of the most spectacular mountains in the world, including the Julian Alps, which rise up from the shores. It’s a magical location.

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