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Best Wedding Poses For Bride And Groom

If you google ‘Best Wedding Poses’ to find some inspiration for your next shoot, you are definitely not alone. Whether you are an apprentice wedding photographer or an experienced professional, guiding brides and grooms For Wedding Photography can be a challenge. Whether it’s trying to pose for family formalities, bridal portraits, or some creative couple poses.

The attitude of your wedding couple, especially when you are starting wedding photography, can be a little intimidating. Adding real feelings to your wedding photo is especially difficult. Wedding photos are valuable if your visitors feel something. Pictures are trivial without real feelings. Also, a photo session for the wedding couple, bride, and groom are very helpful to feel what it actually looks like. Below, I want to share with you how to shoot and what are the most favorite wedding poses for couples.

First of all, you like to make your bridal photo session, engagement session unreasonable, fun and comfortable. Your groom and bride are going to be really tough and really nervous if you don’t have that feeling. You need to make sure that the couple does not panic while shooting the wedding photo. You want your couple to shoot comfortably. For that you finally let them forget that you are with them and let them focus on themselves.

1. Old Hollywood style Is One Of The Best Wedding Poses

Old Hollywood Style

It is one of the most beautiful and elegantly taken traditional wedding photography poses. To show the back designs of the bride’s dress for the wedding photographer, the groom is standing in front of the camera in front of the bride. The bride’s hand gently hit her on the head. Body language is subtle but formal. The couple’s posture will reveal their personality in this posture, making this image feel timeless.

2. The V

The V Pose

One of the most used poses in wedding photography is called “V”. Where your bride and groom stand next to each other touching the waist or buttocks. From there, you can ask them to look each other in the eye, lean, or caress each other.
Just make sure each of them is doing something with their arms and not just holding them by the side – in general. It’s important to remember the hands and arms when making human poses.

You can ask the couple to make some space between the two by facing their feet in front of the camera or to open up their position a bit by coming closer together for an intimate moment.

Whatever you choose, V Pose is a great starting point for many other static wedding poses. From here you can branch out into different shots without taking too much time.

3. Bride In The Arms Of The Groom

Best Wedding Poses Lifting Bride

It can be a sitting, standing, or even leaning posture. In the groom’s arms, the bride shows her defensive side and her trusted one. He may be behind her or they may be facing each other. The important thing is that you capture the details of his arm wrapped around him and the emotions they express.

For wedding photographers, this can be a great way to allow their ring to show in the photo. They can pose with the ring finger facing the camera, or you can blur the rest of the image to focus on the wedding ring.

Tip: For depth of field effect you can try taking a few shots with a telephoto lens and a few shots with a wide-angle.

4. Walking Pose

Couple Walking Poses

Walking is probably one of the easiest Wedding Poses if the couple feels nervous. You can start these by walking away from you so that they do not face the camera. Once they’re back you can tell them not to look at the camera or you can just go on and on – which works well.

You can ask them to talk while walking. At this point, you can advise couples to talk about when they first time met or the first time they found out that they really felt love for each other. Even better, ask each of them to talk about a fun moment they spent together.

Their normal appearance of smiling, talking, and touching can often lead to some amazing photos. It also expresses the love they share for each other. Be sure to experiment with both half-body and full-body framing for some variation in portrait poses.

If you’re in a beautiful view from the outside, a wide-angle shot can also be a perfect choice.

5. Eye to Eye Best Wedding Poses

Eye To Eye Pose

A good way to capture the emotions in your subjects is to look each other in the eye one way or the other. Eye contact between a couple is important and helps you capture the relationship between them.

The power of this vision can be reflected in their face or in their body language. It can be laughter or just innate joy. Either way, you will capture these real expressions in your pictures and this is the reason behind the intimate attitude of the couple.

Tip: Let them sit while looking at each other, or stand holding each other by touching their foreheads. If a person’s eyes are closed during a shot, it can be just as captivating, so don’t delete it too soon.

6. Poses with Veil

Wedding Pose With Veil

The veil of marriage is an important aspect of marriage. When creating a location for wedding photography, it’s a great idea to include wedding curtains as the main theme in a frame. While this is not necessarily a pose, the wedding curtain can create a dreamy and almost magical aesthetic for a captivating photo.

There are several techniques that can be used to get a great picture. A picture of the bride getting ready, while they are fixing the veil, a picture through the veil while the bride is holding her bouquet. You can also try a picture of the couple kissing under the veil with the flowing screen and all the lights flashing which can be one of the great photos for the wedding.

Tip: Make sure your main focus is still on the bride or couple, and not the screen element, which is a secondary issue.

7. Wedding Couple Back Poses

Wedding Poses From Back

Not all poses have to be face-to-face with the camera, you can pose for couples to keep their backs to the camera when you include background or their line of sight in the picture. It would be great for a beach shoot where the beautiful environment is as captivating as the couple.

While holding their backs to the camera, you can have one person, or both, make eye contact with the camera and they hold each other to look behind the pose. There are countless ways to pose for a couple by supporting the camera.

Tip: Allow them to relax and enjoy the view, take in the scenery, and express themselves away while you work. Instruct them, but don’t limit them, for the most normal couple posture.

8. Resting Foreheads

Wedding Poses Resting Foreheads

Another Wedding Photography posture that is easier to work sitting or standing is to rest the forehead together. It often looks best with eyes closed, but you can test one or both of them with their eyes open.
So, this romantic moment is warm and serene. To see a loving couple, the eyes are not just captive. Ask the couple to hold the bouquet in one hand and place their foreheads close to each other. This click is a memory of peace, love, and faith shared with each other for a lifetime.

9. Sweet Wedding Kiss

Sweet Wedding Kiss

The picture of the couple is incomplete without some kisses because kissing is an impressive and timeless aspect of a human relationship. It’s a normal interaction between couples and photographers often find ways to get the perfect couple photoshoot to pose for the perfect kiss.

Capturing a real deep kiss may not be so beautiful because the human face naturally breaks together in a kiss. So, there is a key to getting the perfect picture.

Tip: Ask your couple to try kissing slowly. This will help you capture all the moments and emotions just before they kiss and then the kiss itself.

10. Dancing Poses

Wedding Couple Dancing Poses

This is a very important wedding moment. This pose is usually held at the reception party, but there are plenty of guests and bridal parties around and you may not be able to take fun pictures. So, during the photo session ask the newlyweds to perform the first step of their couple’s dance, and the photographer will capture it professionally.
Although the first dance usually takes place at reception, if the couple panics with it or is unused for the dance, they can practice it during their photoshoot. This will allow them to practice some more and you will have the opportunity to take more shots – especially if you are also shooting the reception dance.

Best Wedding Poses Capturing Tips For Photographer

There are several important aspects to taking a perfect shot, including:

  • Choose Several Locations

Sometimes location can be everything, and a picturesque site adds texture to your image. For an outdoor location, you may need plenty of natural light and nature, such as a stream, lake, or beach. Large and attractive trees also make a good prop and backdrop. Inside the room, you need to incorporate soft lighting techniques and a colorful theme that works with your vision for the couple.

  • Prepare Your List Of Shots

After determining our locations, make a list of the shots you remember so that everything can flow smoothly during the shooting. Show the couple the plan and listen to their feedback and suggestions.

  • Shoot Them Unexpectedly

The best shots are usually extravagant, where the couple is in a pose. But if you unexpectedly take pictures and you can catch them in their normal state. Allow them to look at each other, romance each other, talk and walk together, and stay there, ready to capture any romantic moments between the two of them. This kind of shot tells the story.

A Wedding Photography can be fun, especially with couples where you get lots of interaction and couple poses. However, getting the best shot requires a lot of preparation, tips, and tricks. Work with your couple to understand what they want and determine how much of their budget they are willing to spend on the photographer. Add all of this to the guide we’ve put together. You will probably do a pleasurable photoshoot for male couple posture, female couple posture, or male / female couple. These tips should do the trick.

Wedding Photo Editing

Marriage is an important event in everyone’s life. So, the pictures of such an event are expected to be gorgeous and glamorous. When you see all the photos after the wedding photo shoot, you may need further refinement and photo editing to make your extraordinary shots stand out. Again, if you are a busy wedding photographer, it becomes very difficult to do photography and photo editing together. So we have the cheapest solution for bulk image editing. Contact us for bulk orders.

Clipping Amazon has launched a professional photo editing service for wedding photography. We have over 30 years of experience in the image editing business service and now we are focused on helping wedding photographers, wedding planners, wedding decorators, online matrimonial websites, and more. So contact us to make your wedding photography easier and more beautiful or you can decide by taking our free trial service

Final Words About Best Wedding Poses

Hopefully, this article has given you some new Wedding Photography Ideas for wedding poses.

There is no right way to do wedding photography. Everyone needs to find their own unique style and approach.

The postures mentioned here refer to only the starting points. You have to experiment with them. In the case of wedding day photos and to capture the connection between a couple in general you need to figure out which one works best for you.

Be sure to experiment with both static and dynamic poses. There are plenty of other options: sitting down, sharing a toast, cutting the cake. Just make sure there is love and connection between the two, avoid dress flaws and help the bride and groom have fun on this special day.


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