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Best Birds Photography Tips And Hacks

Bird. The word reminds us of the most restless and the only flying beautiful creature. Well, except for butterflies? But butterfly’s flying and bird’s flying are quite different. Besides, the birds come in so many colors and feathers! Surely, you can’t but love them? Taking photos of these flying beauties is such a hassle. But don’t worry. In this blog, we’ll learn about the best birds photography tips and all the hacks possible. Okay? Let’s get started!

What Is Birds Photography?

Concept of Bird Photography

Among all the types of wildlife photography, birds photography is the most difficult and challenging. Do you know why? Because the birds are very fast and high-moving creatures. Also, if they’re not flying or so, they hide in the trees or bushes. I mean, chances of taking a close photo of a bird aren’t that easy.

Besides, even if you can get closer to your bird somehow, the moment it sees you, it’ll fly away. And you can’t make a bird pose as per choice. Can you?

There are lots of articles on bird photography or birds photography tips. Reading these articles will definitely help you to realize the whole concept. But you’ll also need to master some special skills to take bird photos. Camera settings, gear, and lenses just give you the chance to take clear and close photos. But aside from these tools, you’ll also need to have a clear sense of the bird’s nature and habitat.

So, when you spend your time learning about birds and money on camera settings just to take bird photos, is called birds photography. Which makes you a bird photographer.

So, How Do I Become A Bird Photographer?

Professional Birds Photographer

The very first requirement to become a bird photographer is to have a lot and a lot of patience. Because, unlike other photography types, you’re going to take photos of the most restless creature. Which gets scared very easily and flies away.

The second thing is to study and practically gaining knowledge about the birds. Birds come in different shapes and sizes. Also, they have different kinds of nature and behavior. Surely, you won’t photograph the same bird every time, will you? So, it’s better to have a clear concept of the bird’s nature and behavior before taking photos.

Thirdly, you’ll need to manage some camera accessories like gear, different lenses, and gears. Not that these are very expensive. But having these things will let you take bird photos from a distance.

Lastly, some professional birds photography tips and practices will make you ready as a bird photographer! Oh, I forgot to mention the primary condition of being a bird photographer. You must love birds!

Another secret tip is that it never hurts to check out the websites, or browsing the internet. About what? About the famous bird photographers. That, how they have prepared themselves. Why did they fail at their first times? How they’ve developed themselves? These will give you an extra edge in birds photography.

Essential Camera & Tools For Your Birds Photography:

Okay, at entry-level, you can just spend dollars on buying a good camera and lenses. Because these two are the primary things you’ll need to start birds photography.

Proper Camera Is A Must

For bird photography, buying a DSLR can cut off costs you’re going to pay for lenses. Why? Because DSLRs come with various lenses. Still, Canon & Nikon is good too. Mainly, for bird photography, you need a camera that has a fast shutter speed with good autofocus.

Why? Because you need the camera with fast shutter speed and a good frame rate to catch photos as many as possible in a second. Look, birds are very speedy and fly during photography. Also, small birds move very quickly.

And autofocus is for taking photos of flying birds. As flying means, the bird is moving, you’ll need something that is focusing on the subject. So that you get a good photo of a flying bird.

Lens of Bird Photography

After the camera, some lenses are in order. Why? Because you’ll need different kinds of lenses for different purposes. Such as zoom lens, telephoto lens, etc.

A zoom lens will let you take bird photos from a good distance where a close-shot would have been impossible. And a telephoto lens is very necessary for birds photography. Because the telephoto lens makes the subject closer to your camera. And you can get the cleanest shot. These two are mandatory for your bird’s photography.

Tripod & Others:
Tripod & Others Are Necessary

Mainly, a good framed camera and some lenses are enough to start birds photography. Still, if you want to spend more, then a wide-angle lens, tripod, mini lights, and another camera will do.

Birds Photography Tips:

Now that you’re all set. Let’s get to these professional birds photography tips!

Look For Birds:
Look For Birds

As for starters, taking photos of local birds can make you prepared for the big day. For example, you can go to the park or check out the trees in your garden. Sparrows, finches, or robins?

If you can manage to take photos of these local birds or any local birds in your area. Then you can consider yourself as a promising birds photographer. Besides, if you ever see a parrot sitting in your window garden, don’t forget to click it. If you haven’t a camera, take photos with a smartphone. You can always edit them with a professional photo editor.

Day Starts Early For Birds:
Birds Start Their Day Before Sunrise

Why not? You hear the birds chirping even before the sun rises from his sleep. Don’t you? So, it’s better to go for photoshopping birds during the early morning and late noon.

Because birds search for food in the morning. And you can find them in their nests if you go early. Also, they come back to their nests before the sun goes down. So, if you can maintain the time, you can photograph many beautiful bird photos.

Their Habitat & Nature:
Eagle Having Its Prey

Look, birds come in so many behaviors! Some of them are quite friendly, and some of them are wild, some of them are carnivorous! So, consider it as the most important birds photography tips.

The point is if you are to take photos of doves or pigeons, capture their love with their partners. It symbolizes their nature. Or if you’re going to take photos of eagles or the hawk, then capture the way they collect their foods. But you must remember that these birds, except pigeons, are very stealthy. Falcon and hawks are dangerous too. So, your photography way needs to be changed depending on their nature.

Capture The Action:
Capture The Action

Actions mean bird’s action. If you dream to be a professional bird photographer then this tip is for you. Now, let’s be clear on the concept ‘Action’. Some birds quarrel or some birds connect with their partners in unique ways.

And the birds who are carnivorous, you can catch their action scenes. For example, you can capture the scene of an eagle swooping a fish out of water.

Don’t Forget To Retouch & Crop:
Crop Bird Photos To Focus

Editing and cropping are very big factors of birds photography. Because you can’t get closer to birds as they are quick-moving & flying creatures. Besides, a mama bird won’t be too happy to see you getting closer to her babies.

So you have nothing to do, but to take photos from a safe distance. Even the autofocus and telephoto lenses are not enough sometimes. Well, most of the time. So, you have very few choices left. One, you have to edit and crop your photos on your own. Or, you have to go to a professional photo editing company.

Keep An Eye On The Eye:
Focus On The Eye

Look, we only the world at our eye-reach. But the birds don’t. They see much higher and many things than us. So what you can do to improve your skill is to focus on the eye of the subject. Trust me, it makes your bird photos way much better!

Make A Story:

You must have seen many bird photos in the newspapers or in the books that always represent a story. So it’s really good to catch a photo that tells a story. Then you can use it in your portfolio.

So that’s my birds photography tips and hacks. I know it’s not much. That’s why I’ll write about birds photography tips. Be sure to check out. Now, did you think where you’ll get your bird photos retouched? Maybe I have the solution. Why don’t you post-process your bird photos from Clipping Amazon?

What Is Clipping Amazon?

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