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Black Hat SEO; An Introduction And Consequences

If you’ve done SEO before, then surely you’ve heard the name of black hat SEO. Do you want your website to get rank in no time by following some short techniques? And then get banned from Google forever? If so, I guess then you can follow black hat SEO and its tactics. In this blog, I’ll write down what black hat SEO is, why it is good to avoid, and many other tips!

What Is A Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO

Well, when we do SEO, (On-page or Off-page) we follow some simple rules and regulations. Right? It might be the regulations by the SEO tool we use or the ‘Terms & Conditions of the search engines. Why do you do that? Because you want your website or webpage to get ranked in the search bar legally. By doing legal SEO there is a 0% of chance for you to get a penalty or ban.

But black hat SEO is quite the opposite here. Basically, it a bunch of practices that bloggers use on their website to grow their traffic along with improving their ranking position. And guess what? These practices directly violate any search engine’s ‘terms & conditions.’

However, these black hat SEO techniques which are very unethical, never solve any problem for your website. Although it drives huge traffic and improves your page’s ranking position for a short time. This often ends up with getting penalties from the search engines. And if you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, you are going to get banned.

What Are The Techniques Of Black Hat SEO?

SEO Analysis

No matter how tricky or confusing the SEO process seems, the conditions are pretty clear. Aren’t they? But I guess there are always some people who don’t want to go through the rules. Or maybe they want success without too much hard work. So they invented this black hat SEO. Well, there are some words or techniques that are known as black hat SEO techniques. These are-

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link farms, networks or wheels
  • Hidden text or links
  • Cloaking
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Manipulation of links
  • Article spinning
  • Spam comments

There are also other terms widely used in black hat SEO. And you must know that this crime is not done by the SEO experts like you or a genuine blogger. But people who want to outsmart Google or any other search engines.

What Are These Terms Of Black Hat SEO?

I’ll try to explain these terms broadly so that you can realize how these terms work and lastly, why you should avoid this. Now let’s see!

Keyword Stuffing:
Keyword Stuffing

Well, I guess you can already tell the definition of this term by its name. Because the term keyword stuffing means stuffing or using the same keywords on one page over and over again. The article or content stuffed with keywords makes it irrelevant. Also, these kinds of pages are not user-friendly.

Maybe it may seem as you’re doing it to get organic traffic but it just pulls the trigger to get a penalty. Well, this term of black hat SEO is no longer applicable now. Do you know why? Because the search engines these days are way too smart for the hackers to get away with this.

You may think that why link wheel or farm will be counted as a black hat SEO trick. Because link wheels and networks are just linking blog networks, right? Well, the answer is no. Because link farm comes with a huge number of blogs that publish reciprocal links without relevant content.

Although, not all the blog networks are link wheels or farms you should be aware of these when you’re linking them.

Hidden Or Invisible Text:

This trick of black hat SEO works like, you’re using keywords in your webpage and it is completely hidden or invisible to the page visitors.

Now, you may think ‘why would I do such a thing?’The answer is, many hackers do this to rank their page. Although the audience can’t see your invisible texts or links. The search engines however can see and detect this and even index this.

Google Webmaster

This term directly violates the term and conditions of Google webmaster guidelines. And by the name of this term, it is pretty clear that this term uses disguises from search engines.

By using this method, you will be able to get ranked for your desired keyword, but the content you’re presenting is totally irrelevant.

Once the search engines find out the cloaking method you’re following, be sure that you’re getting a penalty. And this affects your website’s long-term performance for a long time.

Sneaky Redirects:

This method is almost the same as ‘cloaking’. Because it will send you to a different page than the one you’ve actually clicked for. Mainly this kind of page includes too many backlinks to irrelevant pages.

Article Spinning:

Okay, this method of black hat SEO lets you get popular day by day. Very tempting, isn’t it? To make this trick happen, you’ll need the help of special software that takes the copied article and shows that it is for later use as a form of new or unique content.

This is a kind of next-level duplicating content or plagiarism. Right? Now, what if someone steals your content and does article spinning. It’s totally against the copyright. Right? So, imagine the results when Google finds out.

Spam Comments:
Spam Comment

If your blog site is open for comments. Pretty sure sooner or later you’ll be getting a lot of spam comments. Which for sure will leave negative impacts on your users.

Mainly, spam content is meant to create free backlinks. But when you click on such a link, it will lead you to a totally irrelevant page which is totally a waste of time.

Spam comments on your blog posts make your site look faul in front of your audience. So, do be aware of that. You should filter out all the comments before publishing them.

Well, that was all about I knew about black hat SEO. Now I’ll tell you why you should take the high road instead of doing a black hat SEO.

Why You Should Stay Away From Black Hat SEO?
Google Penalty

Although black hat SEO drives massive traffic and improves your ranking position, it’s not for a long time. Because there are barely such kinds of SEO experts who dodged the search engines easily with black hat SEO tricks.

So, you should follow the high road instead. Why? Well, there’s a saying that, “slow and steady win the race”. Give your time and effort to your website for professional SEO and sit back. Because SEO output takes certain times.

Or surely, you don’t want to get hit with nasty punishment or penalty by Google. Do you? Besides, what if when your website gets banned? All your hard work will be doomed forever. Would it be too bad to avoid black hat SEO? I guess not.

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