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Are You Losing Traffic For These 6 Common Blogging Mistakes? Here’s What To Do…

Your blog posts aren’t generating enough leads or traffic? Even if after you’ve done all the basic steps perfectly? Well, I think maybe you’re making some blogging mistakes. And these are responsible for failing your posts. Even experienced bloggers make mistakes sometimes which I think is the reason for their ultimate downfall. Today I’ll write down 8 common mistakes about blogging. So check out to be sure if you’re not making these mistakes.

Blogging Mistakes & Basics

How People Miss Their Aim For Mistakes

Well, starting your very own blog seems really exciting! Isn’t it? The basic steps of starting a blog seem pretty cool too. And yet, somehow, these basics aren’t enough to lead you to your desired goal. Right? Many blogging mistakes work from shadow. How Exactly? Because you are working from the top thinking that everything is okay which is not. For example, you’ve written a blog, did the SEO correctly, image SEO too, no grammatical mistakes. Even the pictures you used are enough eye-catchy. But still, your post is failing to generate leads or traffic. Am I Right? Well, there are some common blogging mistakes that are done by bloggers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or no. Because mistakes are mistakes. Anyone can do that.

So I’ll try to write down 6 common mistakes here so that you can avoid them and gain success.

6 Common Blogging Mistakes
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Now, read very carefully. I’ve pointed out these mistakes after a lot of research.

1. Are You Sure You’re Connecting With Your Audience?

I mean, you’re writing or recording for your audience or readers. Right? But it’s all about you! Like, what you’re doing or where you’re going or so. People come to blog sites to seek solutions or advice to their problems. Now, if your content and their problems aren’t the same, then how your blog will generate goals?

Many renowned bloggers do the same. Because in the hassle of the basic steps, they forget what’s actually important. Its their readers. So if you’re not paying not attention to your readers, you’re already in danger.

What you can do to connect with your readers is be genuine with them. Remember, they’re on your site for fun and solution. For example, if you’re writing a travel blog, when you’re visiting a specific place, tell them what places to visit, what problems they can face there. This way, you can connect more with your readers

2. Do You Have A Strong Niche?
Disappointed Audience

Okay, to be honest, about 99% of the bloggers do this mistake. They try to be everything to everyone. I mean, seriously? Is it really possible? Because you can’t attract every single person and that’s totally okay. You don’t need to attract all the people. Target a specific group of people. It could be based on age, gender, or specific activity. Don’t mix up niche.

For example, if you’re writing a cooking blog, then write only cooking-related things. Don’t bring on travel in it. Because if you do, be sure to lose some of your potential website visitors instead of attracting more.

So what you can do to avoid this? Choose your niche very carefully, because 99.99% of your blogging depends on it. A specific niche or passion will boost your reader’s psychology. And if you’re writing about 2 niches, then make it clear at the beginning. But it’s not wise to write on different niches on one blog

3. Are You Focusing On The Quantity Instead Of Quality?

Many bloggers didn’t care about quantity before. Because it wasn’t that alluring business then. But now that more people are dreaming to become successful bloggers, it’s getting more competitive more than ever. So many are making these common blogging mistakes.

How so? Because, a stupid idea I spread among the new bloggers that if you write more blogs, you’re getting more traffic. I mean you keep posting blogs every day and none of them are up to the mark enough. Trust me, if your content isn’t standard enough, it won’t get you anywhere.

To stop this, you need to focus on the quality of your content, not the number of posts. Why? Because people spend time finding quality content. It doesn’t matter what are the number of your contents. If the number of content is low but the quality is high, people will wait impatiently for your newest blog. Because a standard blog entertains people enough.

4. Is Your Blog User-Friendly Enough?

This is one of the most common blogging mistakes. Nowadays, almost every blogger writes their blogs on WordPress, on various themes of their choice. But when you’re writing a blog. You have to keep in mind that, you are writing your story. Yes, that’s true, but you’re not writing it for yourself. You’re writing for your audience.

WordPress offers a wide number of themes. These themes come with different text formats, different fonts, different navigation systems, and colors. Not all of them would be friendly for a reader. Fonts that are hard to read, too bright background colors, etc confuses a reader. As a result, they leave your blog site. So choose a user-friendly theme.

5.Are Your Headlines Eye-Catchy Enough?
Confused Audience Due To Poor Content

Even experienced bloggers do this mistake sometimes. But it really is important. When scrolling through your competitors’ blog site, you click on the titles only which seems enough attractive to you. Am I right? So follow that trick when you’re creating a title for your blog. Use ‘Call To Action” that creates a sudden urgency among your readers.

6. Do You Maintain Consistency In Posting Blogs?

This is a very common but huge blogging mistake. I mean, you are posting blogs but you’re not following a schedule. Like, you’re posting a blog today and then, there’s no sign of yours forever! Then again, all of a sudden, you posted another blog. This kind of irregular schedule annoys the audience. They lose their interests and leave.

Maintain a certain schedule. If you’re posting a blog monthly, then keep posting it on monthly basis. In short, whatever you’re posting, maintain consistency.

Those are the most common blogging mistakes these days. I know these mistakes don’t seem too obvious to you. Because most of the bloggers are doing so. Right? Then just wait for seeing their downfall? Because not only me but also many renowned digital marketers have marked these mistakes.

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