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How To Do Butterfly Photography

Butterflies are a kind of insect. Right? But they’re the purest symbol of holiness. Moreover, these flying beauties come in so many colors and shapes. But no matter how beautiful they are, it’s very hard to capture them in a single frame. I mean, photographing insects can be done anyway. But you’ll struggle to capture butterflies. So, in this blog, we’ll talk about butterfly photography.

What Is Butterfly Photography?

Butterflies Photography

Just so you know, butterflies have endless kinds, colors, and sizes. And do you know the hilarious part? Not all of them are beautiful. Because some of the butterflies are ugly too. Yes, I know some certain kinds that are terrifying in look. But we’ll talk about that later. The fact is when you go to photograph insects, you have to know that butterflies are very different from all other insects. And you won’t find just a Monarch around you. I mean, it may take you forever to capture a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly.

Butterfly Macro Photography

So, the main theme is, that you need to study butterflies and their habitats. Their living places and the time they’re available. Therefore, when you research butterfly habitats to capture them to enrich your portfolio, that’s butterfly photography.

I’m sure you may think who uses butterfly photos. Right? But you must know that capturing butterfly falls under nature photography too. It is also important for scientific research too. And butterfly park or sanctuary is pretty available these days.

Important Camera Settings:

Butterfly Macro Photography

The difficult part of butterfly photography is getting a clear photo. Because as with any other photo session, you’ll start with your original photography kit or tools, right? That’s one reason you’ll always get a blurry photo. Because we all know butterflies are small creatures. So, you may want to take your camera close to the subject. And, the disaster happens at that moment. Because the camera can’t set focus when the distance is really close. I know blurry background can give you a dramatic result sometimes. But you don’t want that in every single photo.

Butterflies Photography

So, to avoid such kinds of problems, you have to use a zoom lens. I mean, I always prefer using a zoom or macro lens when I capture something little. You can set the ISO setting between 100 to 400 to reduce the image noise. And the aperture should be between f/8 and f/22. Because if you use lower than that you’ll have a hard time focusing and a narrow depth of field. And in butterfly macro photography, a deep depth of field will give your butterfly a sharp look.

Butterfly Macro Photography

As for shutter speed, the lower you set it, the better. Because faster shutter speed will give you a blurry photo. Surely, you don’t want that. And guess what? That’s the pretty basic camera settings for photographing butterflies.

How To Capture Butterflies:

You know, a butterfly always reminds us that there is always beauty at the end of all the pain. So, no matter how hard it seems to capture these flying beauties, you’re going to learn to capture butterflies anyway.

For A Speedy Butterfly:
Butterflies Photography

As I’ve said before, butterflies come in various shapes and sizes. But some are small. And these small butterflies are really speedy. You can’t even get close to them with your camera. For example, butterflies like Cephus Blue Ringlet or BD are very restless. So, how will you capture them?

Well, one thing is for sure, you’ll need a super macro lens for that. And a tripod too. Because a tripod will help you to stabilize your shots. And a super macro lens will help you capture little things from a distance.

Capture Them Flying:

Butterflies Photography

It’s almost impossible to predict where and when butterflies will land, yes? But with butterflies, you sure know that they will land on flowers. So you need to wait by those and one will eventually land.

To catch a butterfly you might want to lie on the ground or get as low as possible so you’re underneath them when they fly by. To get more action shots, switch to the TV (Shutter-Priority) mode. Choose a fast shutter speed of 1/250s or faster for extra motion blur.

Patience Is Really Important:

Pale Sulphur

Butterflies are very restless creatures. If you want to photograph a variety of butterflies, you’ll need to get used to their behavior. Many photographers scare the butterflies away out of excitement.

But you can nail it if you manage a camouflage to wear. Or if you take some fruit slices with you to feed the butterflies, I don’t think you’ll have a problem capturing them. Because butterflies will know then that you’re not a threat.

Learn To Focus Properly:

A Peacock

For close-up butterfly photography, there is only one way to focus – manually. Autofocus is not always accurate, and butterflies are tricky to keep in focus. If you’re using the right techniques, your butterflies will never have to be concerned about focusing.

Edit Your Photos:

As I’ve said before, butterflies are restless and tricky things to capture. So yeah, you better expect that almost 90% of your photos will need editing. Because why? I mean, your shots will get ruined somehow. So, editing is there at the end of the day to save your photos. And yes, butterfly photos need high-detailed photo editing services. So you better drop them to Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?
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