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Candle Photography: Knowing What Must Be Done

Candles are a very popular item to sell online. However, with so many candle companies out there, it’s imperative that you create a brand and style to set your products apart from the rest. If you want to improve your candle photography, you should take stunning product photography. It helps attract more traffic to your website.

You may have heard of the term “candle photography” and thought that it was all about candle holders, but that’s only part of what this means. Candles can be placed in almost any kind of container, and you need to show off this in your product images. If you are thinking about how to get started with candle product photography, you may wonder where you can find the best candle photography lighting.

How to light your candle for photography

Light is one of the most talked about subjects by photographers. Do you use flash, continuous or natural light? There is no wrong or right way to light a product. It all depends on the style you want to showcase. Depending on your brand, where the image is being used, and what you have access to.

Natural light is a better choice for lighting a product if you want it to look good. Natural light, flash lighting, and continuous lighting all have their own look and feel to them.
You will be able to grab every detail, color, feature, shadow, and everything else with flash lighting. It captures details that you wouldn’t want to see. It is the most expensive and a better suit for photographers. Professionals use flash lighting in their studios. If you want to use flash lighting for your candles, there are a lot of resources online to start.

Let’s See Some Candle Photography Ideas 👉🕯️🕯️

Take a Photo of a Candle in Hands


There are human hands in a picture. A candle acquires history, character, and mood. You can display different states depending on how a product is held. By putting a candle on a palm, you can get a cozy shot, and by grabbing it firmly with both hands, you can convey a sense of confidence.

Candle Photography on a White Background

One of the winning candle picture ideas is taking a candle on a white background. The look of candles can enhance with white surfaces. If your shot features models, make sure they wear light shade as well. Even if a candle is light in color, you can apply shadow photography principles.


Professional photographers try to spread the light so that it covers every corner of the scene in order to get proper illumination. If the shadows mean to be part of the composition, they can destroy it. A perfect white balance can achieve by using diffuse lighting.

Convey the Smell through Associations


The idea behind a photo is displayed in associations and symbols. A product or color can help convey the smell of a candle. So, if your candle has a scent of raspberry, you can include it.


It’s a good idea to use lavender, dry flowers, honey, or citrus as candle props. It’s also not necessary to take fresh food and herbs, just make sure they look natural.

Take a Photo in a Simulated Interior


A candle should blend with the interior in order to create such a scene. It is possible to set a table for a romantic dinner or a bathroom.
People watching a candle complement a composition will want their home to look the same. Creating a part of a makeup table with a mirror and cosmetics is more than enough, as you don’t need to look for an appropriate location.

Capture the Process of Candle Photography Lighting Ideas


To get this idea, you need an assistant or shutter remote control. When lighting a candle, take a picture so that viewers will do the same. Rather than focusing on body parts, focus on a candle. So, to highlight a candle’s natural shade, eliminate other light sources.

Show the Process of Opening a Package with Candles


You can only show a product and service with a package in the composition. A great package with bonuses like cards, notes, and small souvenirs shows a seller’s care for the customer. Moreover, a craft box with a filling is a great prop for realizing candle photography ideas. Candles can be packed or photographed near the burning ones.

Use Fabric to Match the Packaging for a Beautiful Background


To get a picture with a balanced color scheme, look for a light and airy fabric, the color of which matches the shade of a candle packaging, or is a bit darker. This is a great way to fill out a shot without straining the eyes of the viewer. It is also important to pick the fabric that will match the candle smell. Thus, a background with rough fabric might be needed for a heavy smell and dark packaging.

 Candle Photography Ideas: Zooms and Aperture

It is important to keep in mind that the maximum aperture changes throughout the focal length range when shooting with many zooms. It is better to shoot at the widest setting on many zooms than it is at the smallest setting. So, It might be better to move closer to your subject with a wider angle focal range than using a zoom.

Tell about the Components of a Candle


The idea of the candle photoshoot is to show important details. A picture of a wick is one of the best. People follow this process when different types of wicks burn. An original image that showcases the candle and the cover can take if a picture features a candle with the cover to the side.

Candle Photography Ideas: Add Volume by Including Books


The sense of home is conveyed by books. When you relax in your place of power, they are associated with warm feelings. The atmosphere also can create by putting a book next to a candle.
Books fill in for the background. Thus, some backdrop components can put on to improve the composition.

Mirrors or reflecting surfaces can be used in a picture


You can put a mirror on the surface where candles are placed. Product photography tricks can be learned to use reflection cast by these objects as an additional source of lighting. To emphasize the shape of an object in a picture, place the props as close to the candle as possible.

Use a reflector For Candle Photography


A reflector is a great way to add light. White or silver mirrors can also position to reflect light onto your subject. Moreover, it’s a great way to add some light to your photos.

You can show the entire process

One of the most successful candle ideas is showcasing behind the scene. If you’re going to do a photoshoot in a factory or a home lab, make sure to take pictures in daylight to avoid installing additional sources of illumination.


It’s not a good idea to care for every detail while showcasing candle crafting. There are also pieces of fabric, beads, and tools scattered around. The interim period is when the label will apply. You will get powerful images when you take the production process.

Create a Levitation Fine-art Composition


One of the most intriguing candle photography ideas is levitation. The result of the realization of such a concept will be amazing. Use regular things to hold candles and accessories. Moreover, if you want to put a candle at an angle, put a piece of foam or wood behind it. If the elements are too heavy, use wires.


There is no limit to what you can do. It’s also important to keep a balance in the picture to avoid a falling candle. You also need to think of a proper combo of colors. emerald and gold shades look good together.

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