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Candlelight Photography: Light Up The World!

Happiness is like a beautifully scented candle! Don’t you think? Because happiness just doubles when you share them. The same goes with the candle! Because a candle doesn’t lose anything when it lights up another candle. However, being a candle is not easy. Because in order to give light, you must burn! Well, we’ll not talk about anything charity or that in this blog. But we’ll talk about candlelight photography. How does that sound?

What Is Candlelight Photography?

A candle represents many things. Firstly, I see the candle as a symbol of hope. And the beauty of hope is simple. However, the basic meaning of candlelight photography is photos with candles. Here, you won’t have to use any extra lights for your photo. But the candles.

Candlelight Photography Ideas

I mean, you can use many candles but the light source here will be only candles. The simple and soft glow of the candle fire will spread a sweet warmth all over the photo. That’s the perfect definition of candlelight photography. The best part of using candlelight in the photos is that you can give any kind of emotions in your photos. And it’s really pretty easy. But photos that come with candlelight need a lot of attention if you want to post them on your portfolio. And by attention? I meant photo editing.

Candlelight Photography Tips:

Now, I am about to give you some heads up about candlelight photography tips. You can use this for your candlelight portrait photography or you can use some of these as candlelight photography ideas.

A Wide View:
Candlelight Portrait Photography

The first thing to do when you start shooting photos with candles is to use a wide aperture and a long lens. It’s because candles are not always in the same place. They can move. So, using a wide aperture and a long lens will help you to get the sharpest result.

Use Only Candlelight, Not Flash:

You can also use a flash as a light source. But a flash doesn’t create soft light. It will just ruin your image. So, use only candles for your candlelight photography.

Candlelight Portrait Photography

You will definitely need to turn off your flash when you use candles in your candlelight photography. The reason behind this is that your flash will not work well with candlelight. And the reason why it doesn’t work is that you will get a lot of dark areas around your candlelight photo. And if you want to make your candlelight photo more romantic, then you can also use a ring light. A ring light will add some extra sparkle to your candlelight photos.

Look For Adjusting White Balance:
Candlelight Photography Ideas

Now, in case you are using a flashlight, you need to adjust the white balance for low light. That’s why you need to adjust your white balance for candlelight photography. And this is how you can do it. Go to your camera settings and then click on white balance. Now, you have a list of temperatures. In case you want a warmer tone, you can select ‘warm’ or you can select ‘cool’. For a cooler tone, you can select ‘cool’ or ‘neutral’.

Keep An Eye On ISO Settings:

You don’t need to adjust the ISO settings. Just take some photos with the ISO settings in Auto mode. This will help you to get the perfect result. And if you want to use the manual mode, you need to use the highest shutter speed possible. That’s because, if you use a lower shutter speed, the light coming from the candles will be too bright and you won’t get any contrast between the light and the dark areas.

A Tripod:

A tripod is a great asset for candlelight photography. If you don’t have a tripod, then you can use a wall or something else as support. But a tripod will be much more effective in the long run. Because if you use a tripod, you can easily control your camera. And it also helps in keeping your camera steady and in the right position.

Use A Reflector For More Candlelight:
Double The Light By Reflecting

If you want to take candlelight portraits in low light, then a reflector will be your best friend. It’ll help you to add a nice glow around your subject and it’ll also reduce the shadows on your subject. If you don’t have a reflector, then you can make one with some aluminum foil and some tape.

Candlelight Portrait Photography:
Candlelight Portrait Photography

We all knowCandlelight portraits are perfect to capture a romantic feeling. The soft glow of the candle fire will bring out a beautiful aura in your photos. The candlelight effect in the photos will be much better if you use a wide aperture and a long lens.

Use Extra Candles If Needed:
Candlelight Photography Ideas

When you are taking photos with candles, you need to pay attention to the number of candles. Make sure that there are enough candles in the photo. If you have fewer candles than that, then you won’t be able to get the perfect lighting. So, use enough candles for your photo.  The main source of light here will be the candles. So, the best way to shoot candles is by using a softbox. And I am sure that you know what a softbox is. 

Shoot In Raw To Edit:
Candlelight Photography

The next thing to do when you want to shoot with candles is to take a few shots in RAW format. It’s because RAW photos will help you to do some fine-tuning on the photos later on. You can edit them as you wish.

You can use Photoshop to edit candlelight photos. But it’s not an easy process. You will need to do a lot of editing to make your photo look better. You can also use Adobe Lightroom to edit candlelight photos. So, it’s more efficient for editing candlelight photos. You can also use other photo editing software like Fotor and PicsArt. But as a professional, I’d like to say Adobe Photoshop is the best option. Because every professional photographer or photo editor uses this magic to bring photos to life. You can also have the professional services of Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?

Best Photo Editor

Well, Clipping Amazon is a well-known photo editing company. A company, that provides professional photo editing services. Yes including high-end candlelight photo-editing too. Besides, you can have a professional clipping path, color correction, background removal, photo restoration services, etc. 17 kinds of photo editing services all in one in Clipping Amazon. Editing services aside, we also provide professional magazine cover design as well as ads design too. Ads that are attractive enough to pull your targeted customers to your website. We always value our client’s satisfaction the highest. And we keep our client’s photo totally secret. Meaning you can totally trust us with your product images or wedding images. Also, if you want to know more about photography, then you can check out our blog site. It’s full of various types of blogs including photography.

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