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6 Extremely Helpful Chrome Extensions For Blogging And Productivity

Do You Know, about 71% of all people use chrome as the default browser? Do you know why? Because chrome lets you use various kinds of user-friendly extensions. These extensions are unbelievably helpful. Today, I’ll write down about 5 google chrome extensions that are extremely helpful for the new bloggers or social media marketers.

Why Google Chrome Extensions?

As you already know, it’s not possible to use the internet or social media without a browser. Also, we see almost everywhere people use chrome as their default browser. Why not? Because, among browsers, chrome is considered the most user-friendly. Very easy to use, simple display are some reasons behind it.

Well, when it comes to extension, you need to realize one thing. That is, different kinds of chrome extensions have different purposes. Like, some extension works for collecting mails or another one is working for taking screenshots.

Now, if you’re a blogger or thinking of starting a new blog, then this could be handy for you. Why not? Using these chrome extensions will make your work easier. So save time and work in style!

6 Unbeatable Google Chrome Extensions
Copy Link Name

Okay, I’m just here being honest but this extension gives you the liberty of copying a link and see its anchor text. Pretty amazing, right? I mean, it will show a link’s anchor text. If you’re in the blogging section, you will need the help of this extension.

After adding these extensions to your chrome, when you click on the right button of your mouse on a link, it’ll give you an option. And you can copy the name of that link as well as see the anchor text of it.

2. Lightshot:

I’m sure you have to take screenshots of different websites or so! And you do this every now and then! Lightshots is a chrome extension that lets you take screenshots even when you’re offline. Moreover, you can get a screenshot link. Because there’s an option in lightshot to upload any screenshot and it’ll give you the link!

3. VidIQ:

If you post videos on your youtube channel, then you must know the importance of this extension. VidIQ is very important for your Youtube channel. It lets you see the keywords of your competitors. Also, it suggests keywords from your competitor’s descriptions box.

4. Grammarly:

When we write something on WordPress or in a doc file, this extension corrects your grammatical mistakes. Also, if you tap on double space out of mistake, Grammarly will show you immediately.

With the Grammarly extension added to your chrome, you don’t need to worry about a writing or typing mistake.

5.Last Pass:

If you’re a blogger, then I’m sure you have to remember lots of passwords. And of course, these passwords are unique and because of security. Recalling all these passwords at a time is very difficult. Right? That’s where you’ll add the Last Pass extension on your chrome. Because it lets you store all your passwords in one place with a master password with bullet-proof level security,

6. MozBar:
Mozbar Extension

If you’re a blogger, you must do SEO for the ranking of your blog. Isn’t it? MozBar is such a kind of SEO extension. And trust me, this works amazing! The premium version of this lets you see the paid authority, domain authority, the search volume of your desired keywords, etc. In short, if you want to do professional leveled SEO, then add this extension to your browser immediately!

Well, those are the 6 google chrome extensions. There are other extensions too, but I got positive results from these extensions.

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