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Clothing Photography: How to Take the Perfect Clothing Photo, From Start to Finish

How do you create fashionable clothing photography that attracts more buyers? In this article, I’ll teach you what you need to know about taking high quality apparel photography. First, I’ll cover the necessary preparation that includes choosing the right clothes, finding a location and photographing at the right angle.

How To Take Clothing Photography:


Learning how to take pictures of clothes isn’t as complicated as jewelry photography or other types of product photography according to many photographers. They are mistaken about it. I wrote some step on how to take clothing photography, because this type of shooting requires more preparation than any other. It is the most detailed and complete guide on this subject that exists online. I haven’t even mentioned all the issues involved with lighting, posing, backgrounds, and more! If you are serious about taking great pictures of your products, then this guide is for you. It will show you how to overcome all the obstacles involved in taking great product photos.

1. Pick The Type Of Clothing Photography You Want

There are several basic types of clothing photography that you can use to promote or sell your products. You need to make the necessary preparations and stock up with the right equipment for the type.

Hire A Model


The most important thing to remember about hiring models. If you have an opportunity to hire a model, you should definitely do it. You can choose the most flattering angles to showcase your product when they take different poses. Models are very affordable and can make your product look more appealing and desirable.

Use Ghost Mannequins


If you’re an aspiring fashion photographer and you don’t have enough money to hire a model, you can still take great fashion photographs by using mannequins or other dummy models. And it won’t cost you much because you won’t need to hire a professional model maker or a special set up for making the mannequins. You’ll just need a regular work space, some basic tools and a little bit of effort. If you don’t have a lot of experience shooting fashion, you can still take good photos with mannequins. The trick is to choose the right mannequins that are perfect for your needs. The most important thing to look out for when buying mannequins is their height, so make sure that the mannequin you buy will be able to fit in your camera frame. Then you must need to editing your mannequin photos.

Try To Lay Down On The Ground For Clothing Photography


It is very easy because you don’t need any models or mannequins. To take a shot, you just need to lay out your clothes. But it will not be suitable for online stores. Flat works mostly for publications on social networking sites. If we are talking about clothes such as T-shirts, jackets or shorts, they could be used in e-commerce photography as well. The biggest problem with flat lays is that they don’t work for every type of clothing. They work best for items that can be displayed in a flat manner without being too bulky. If you are going to shoot your own flat lays, try to keep in mind what kind of clothing you will be shooting.

360 Product Photography


Product photography shows an item in full rotation so that the client can look at it the same way they would in real life. A more complete picture of a product, its size, dimensions, and the combination of its elements can be found in this 3D format imagery. It seems like a challenging task, but you can do it with the help of certain gear. The correct size for holding a human or mannequin is something you should keep in mind. The goal here is to create a photograph that will make someone eager to purchase your product. Use your imagination, and think about how you would use the product if you had it. It’s make your clothing photography more vauleable.

Hanging Apparel


The hanging apparel is used to show products. It is budget friendly and faster than the other techniques. Hanging apparel involves hanging clothing on a hook against a wall then taking a photo. For lightweight materials like silk, shooting hanging apparel works well. The clothes won’t wrinkle once they’re prepared. The only thing you need to do is hang it up.


However, make sure the lighting is right and you are shooting the right type of photo. Shopping bag The shopping bag technique is similar to the one described above, but instead of a wall or white background, the subject is photographed against a contrasting background, usually a bright blue or red bag. This is one of the most powerful techniques in my arsenal. It forces your customer to look at the photograph, notice the color contrast and then remember what they were looking at.

2. Take Necessary Equipment


Take A Camera For Photography

However, To achieve professional photography results, a decent lens and camera are required. If you want your clothing images to look professional, you need to pick the proper camera. DSLRs are more likely to give you stunning apparel shots because of their studio lighting connections. It will allow you to experiment with different picture settings until you find one that works for you. Composition is another thing that needs to be kept in mind. Paying attention to where the person’s eyes are is important when taking a picture.


Choose A Lens For Product Photos

Choosing the right lens is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, choosing the right lens will allow you to take advantage of the benefits that each lens type has to offer. Secondly, the lens will affect your ability to take pictures. Thirdly, it will affect how well you can control depth of field. Fourthly, it will affect the quality of the picture.


If you want to create high-quality product photos for your online store, you need to choose the right lens. You can’t just pick any old lens to take pictures of your products; you need to make sure that you get the right one. That’s because different lenses have different characteristics that will affect how well they capture the details of your products.

A Tripod Use For Clothing Photography


A tripod is optional but highly recommended. You can get by without a tripod, but you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to get great photos. A tripod allows you to use a slower shutter speed which is necessary when shooting hand-held. Slower shutter speeds let in more light. If you want to learn how to photograph clothing and get clear images, you have to buy a tripod. It is unlikely that you will get qualitative images without blur if you hold a camera in your hands.

Studio Backdrop Kit

The backdrop is one of the most important pieces of equipment needed to make a clean looking image. If you want to photograph a mannequin at full length, you should look for a 10 x 20 foot kit, which includes a stand.  If you don’t have enough space in your home to hold a backdrop, it can be rented in most locations for a small fee. Backdrop Draping Draping is the art of creating and placing folds, pleats, and patterns on fabric. Draping allows the photographer to place objects or people in interesting poses and positions while concealing imperfections and other undesirable features. 

Studio (Wireless) Lighting Trigger


I mentioned that you would need a studio lighting triggering. The camera and studio lighting kit will communicate with the third party accessory to make sure they go off at the same time. Make sure the brand you buy is compatible with the camera brand you intend on using.

3. Clean And Iron The Clothes

It’s A Good Idea To Iron Clothing


The success of your photography may be affected by minor defects. I suggest bringing an iron or steamer to the photo session to get rid of the wrinkling on the garments. If you were not able to iron some parts of the clothes. You can remove clothing wrinkles in Photoshop in our services.

Remove Price Labels Clothing Photography


It is advisable to take your time to prepare clothing items before doing product photography. You will thank yourself later if you get rid of all the sticker and price tag. At an image post-production stage, you can always remove these unnecessary elements. I recommend getting the clothes ready in advance so that you don’t have to worry about picture editing.

Use A Coat Hanger


It sounds trite, but you should have at least a dozen hangers with you to keep your clothes smooth after ironing. If you put it on a chair, it should not be hung on a hook.

You Should Use A Lint Roller

It removes lint and dust from clothes. After ironing the garments, go through them with a lint roller. You can use a lint roller to prepare clothing items that are dark. Dark colors have a tendency to pick up lint. Lint is invisible to the naked eye but it can be seen by the camera. The lint roller makes the job easy. Simply roll the lint roller over the offending area and remove the strip of cloth from the lint roller.

4. Start Taking Pictures For Clothing Photography


It’s a good idea to consider the placement of your camera. In front of the captured piece of clothing is where it should be. If you are shooting skirts, you should look for the camera across the hip area. The camera needs to be placed in a chest area when shooting shirts. If you want a clothing item to take up the entire frame, you may want to zoom in. Digital and optical zooms are a standard feature of cameras. One of the most significant clothing photography tips is zooming, even though it is known for eliminating distortion. It makes the picture look better and will make the quality worse.


The most important clothing photography tip is to use a wide-angle lens. A wide-angle lens will distort things such as buildings and cars. However, it will minimize or eliminate the appearance of distortion when used for clothing. When you use a wide-angle lens, you should ensure that the background is not too far away. You don’t want to end up with a distracting background. In other words, you don’t want the background to be part of your photo. Instead, you want the background to be behind your subject. To ensure that the background is not too close, use the lens’ focusing screen. This screen allows you to manually focus on your subject.

Pick Out Features That Are Unique

People are browsing through online clothing stores and looking for something eye-catching. The pictures featuring an intricate and unusual element are more likely to be looked at by them. While photographing clothing, the task of a shooter is to put emphasis on the strange and elaborate details so that they look natural and coherent.

When a client looks at a photograph of his clothing, he should be able to identify each element. If he cannot, the photo is not working. The most important aspect of styling your clothing for photography is to make sure that all items look like they were produced in one factory. Do not use several different fabrics and trims; this will destroy the unity of your look. Styling your clothes for photography does not mean making everything identical.

There Should Be Multiple Images Provided

apparel photography Clipping Amazon

Clients won’t be able to look at all the details and materials if you only give them a few pictures of the product. It is necessary to take three, ideally, from five to ten pictures of one item for apparel photography. Front, back and side views of the garment are what you are supposed to capture.

5. Don’t Forget About The Process Of Post-Processing

After shooting, it’s important to make sure your images are edited. Since it is not possible to take a perfect picture, you need to perform a lot of manipulations, such as color correction, white balance adjustment, and background enhancement.

Remove Background From Image

A white background is the most likely place to shoot a photography clothing guide suggests. You can break the rules and get rid of the background if you so choose. Adding a professional finish to your imagery can be accomplished in this way. A suitable background color is supposed to be determined by the store’s style. The white variant is the most universal because it doesn’t conflict with other colors and attracts attention to the garment.

Make Color Correction For Clothing Photography


The colors of pink, neon and red are difficult to capture with a camera and need image editing. The clients will think that they are being deceived if the colors are reproduced wrong. Your final goal is to render the colors in images as accurately to real-life ones as possible by our color correction expert team.

Crop Photos


Crop it according to the apparel imagery you want it to look like. The smooth shopping process for buyers is ensured by this. If the online store has certain rules when it comes to the size and format of the pictures, just stick to them and there will be no problems.

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