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Sip, Sip, Hooray!! It’s The World Coffee Day!

What makes your morning perfect? The smell of freshly brewed coffee? With enough amount of cream? Or without cream? Although I prefer a strong and simple black coffee to start my day. If you’re still wondering, what this blog is about. Then yes, folks! World coffee day is just around the corner. So, make yourself one and come along! We’ll know everything about this cup of comfort.

Do You Know There Are Two Kinds Of Coffee Day?

Well, there’ international coffee day and national coffee day. But you know what I think? National or international, coffee & tea are some drinks of all. Wherever you go, in any country, in any culture, you’ll find these drinks. Of course, there are thousands of ways of making coffee and tea. But these two can bring the whole world into a cup. Besides, do you know the best part of coffee? I think the taste of coffee is never better if not shared with your loved ones.

The Origin Of Coffee Fruit

Raw & Ripe Coffee Fruits

Okay, I’m giving you a little spoiler here. The origin of coffee was invented by some goats in Saudi Arabia. In the 9th century, a goat herder suddenly saw that his goats are more lively than usual. Why? Because those goats ate some red fruits. Those red fruits were actually coffee fruit. Since then, he began to experiment with the stimulating effects of coffee on his goats. Later on, he ate those fruit and felt a surge of energy inside him. You can also say that this was the very beginning! In the 15th century, the idea of drinking coffee got popularised in the whole of Saudi Arabia. And then, coffee crossed the border of Asia, visited Italy, America, and so on. It didn’t take too much time for coffee to conquer the whole world.

A Man Collecting Coffee

And today, Brazil is the world’s biggest coffee hotspot. Meaning, Brazil grows most of the coffees and keeps the world awake. Besides, in 1932, the Brazilian government didn’t have enough money to participate in the Olympics. But It was their coffee that let them participate in the Olympics, selling coffee beans in their way of California. And Finland is the country that consumes the most coffee in the modern world.

But What’s The History Of International Coffee Day?

World coffee day or international coffee day is celebrated widely on October 1 every year. Although coffee has a long-long history, the history of the international coffee day is very much recent. It was launched in Milan of Italy in 2015. Although there are other national events related to coffee, I think it’s an international thing. So, I prefer it to celebrate internationally. However, the theme of 2021 is to highlight the mistreatments of the coffee farmers.

International Coffee Day

Coffee is one of the biggest crops in the world. Also, at first, it was grown ethically. But nowadays, coffee farmers risk their lives to harvest and collect coffee. So, if you buy a jar of ethically grown coffee, that’s all matters! Besides, coffee farmers, these days don’t get enough money by selling bags of coffee beans. That’s why this year, the coffee day will be celebrated regarding their mistreatments.

Some Delicious Ways To Enjoy International Coffee Day:

Although we treat ourselves with coffee every now and then, it never hurts to treat ourselves with a bit more coffee! For me, I can’t start my day without a plain black coffee without sugar. Besides, this form of freshness comes in a thousand ways and forms.

Many Kinds Of Coffee

Latte, Cafe-mocha, Iced-coffee, Cappuccino, etc are some delicious and most consumed coffee in the modern world. Besides, you can also try Vietnamese, Irish cold coffee. With iced or cold coffee, chocolate goes very well. Coffee ice cream, coffee cake, coffee-flavored cheesecake are some desserts to die for. And I’m sure you’ve tried tiramisu. It also uses coffee to soak the lady’s finger biscuits. The fragrant and light bitterness of coffee is enough to drive the world crazy. My only question is, what are you going to have on this world coffee day? Will it be a hot version or cold? Or just a simply brewed one?

Do You Know There Are Four Types Of Coffee Beans?
Coffee Beans

The difference in weather, field, people, cultivation system change the richness, the aroma of coffee. So, that’s why coffee beans come in four different ways. Let’s see their difference:

  1. Arabica: Among all the types, this is the most common type that you can easily find in market. This coffee has a sweeter taste and it’s less acidic in nature. So, you can easily have it. Without any side effect. Brazil is the biggest exporter of arabica beans. If you add some hot milk and sugar with it, you’ll get the best taste.
  2. Liberica: This kind of coffee bean is very rare. Meaning, you’ll find it very rarely on the local market. This kind of coffee beans has a woody taste. Although, coffee arabica was the first kind of coffee, this became popular due to a reason. Do you know the reason? Well, a disease named ‘coffee rusk’ once broke out all over the world when coffee arabica ruled the world. So this broke out removed all the arabica trees in the world. However, this bean was first harvested in Phillipines.
  3. Robusta: The actual coffee is this. If you want to get the strong and harsh flavor of coffee, then you’re a robusta fan. This coffee beans are high in caffeine. You can find it available in Europe, The Middle East and Africa. Classic Americans can’t start with their day without this coffee.
  4. Excelsa: This coffee beans are mostly found in the Southeast Asia. Also, if you’re into a fruity flavor, you can try this one. The amazing fact about this beans is that you can have it in both light and dark roasted.
Aside These 4, There’s Kopi Luwak:
Kopi Luwak

If you call yourself a coffee lover then you already know about Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. And the price? 1300$ per kilo! Do you know what makes Kopi Luwak so expensive? It’s the harvesting process.

Kopi Luwak has a very unique way of harvesting. This coffee is roasted after you eat the coffee fruit, digest it, and then expel it by a Palm Civet. For its natural fermentation and a quite distinct flavor, you have to eat only the very best, the sweetest, and freshest coffee cherries. So, considering the whole process, it’s quite interesting, huh?

Although I call myself a coffee lover too, I think I’ll pass my chance on having this one. My simply brewed Robusta isn’t any less tasty.

Spread Positivity With A Cup Of Coffee On This World Coffee Day:
Coffee Spreads Positivity

Behind every successful person, there’re a thousand cups of coffee. Why? Because it’s scientifically proved that coffee boosts your metabolism. So you feel energized to work again. Besides, coffee has the ultimate power to improve any kind of mood or situation. So, make yourself one cup and share it with your loved ones. If you’re seeing someone special and couldn’t tell about your feelings. Then invite her on a coffee date. Trust me, coffee is an excellent icebreaker.

Coffee Shops On Coffee Day:
Cafe or Coffee Shops

As it is an international event. You’ll see many coffee shops are launching new coffee on their menu. Also, you may get many coupons that offer discounts on their coffee-made beverages.

Coffee shop owners also promote their offers on the internet. If you’re a coffee shop owner by any chance, then I’ve got a little secret for you.

Of course, you’re planning to boost your sale this October 1, right? But did you plan anything about it? You can edit your menu photos and boost them on social media with the hashtag #coffeeday. Have a look around yourself. Your competitors are doing the same. So, why not you?

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