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How to Create Colorful Text Effect in Photoshop

How to create colorful text effect? It is a very common question to them, who is a beginner in the editing field. Nowadays, we all love designable and colorful things. We are very familiar with modern technology too. Today’s people love to create everything beautiful on their own. They want beautiful photos and even try to edit these to make these beautiful by themselves. If I’m talking about creating colorful text effect in photoshop, hope all will be interested to learn. 

Create colorful text effect in photoshop is very easy if you follow the under given instructions. We often use colorful text in our daily work. Especially, who work on designing website or pages. For poster making, it is also used. If you have a question How to create colorful text effect in photoshop follow this article. Let’s start the tutorial- 

Step-1 For Creating Colorful Text Effect In Photoshop:


First, open photoshop and take a new page by pressing Ctrl+N. You can take a new page from the menu bar. Here first go to the File option and then New. Set the width and height chronologically 1920 and 1080. Then set layer color black from layer panel. At the bottom of the layer panel, you will find the adjustment layer. Then take solid color from the adjustment layer and set black color for the main layer.

Step-2 For Creating Colorful Text Effect In Photoshop:


In the second step of creating colorful text effect in photoshop, select the horizontal type tool (T) from the left corner. Set the text format and its color. My requirement is ballpark as format and white color. You can select the text By pressing Ctrl+T. With it, you can make it as large or small as you want.


After properly setting the text, copy the text layer by pressing Ctrl+J. Make two copies of the text layer. Selecting them together (Press shift from windows and click each on by mouse point), click Ctrl+G to make a group. Then open the group and select the first layer. Then go to the bottom of the layer panel. Click on layer style and then stroke, after that set stroke color and its size. It will be better if you take deep color as stroke.


Next of this step of creating colorful text effect in photoshop, select the second layer from the group. And go to layer style and then stroke again. Here you have to select a color but lighter than the previous one. Keep remembering both colors should be looking good together. Go with the same process as before. Then choose a suitable distance too.

Then select the third one from the group and set the stroke. But now set the first color(Which we took at our first layer’s stroke). Here keep the stroke size slide larger than before.



In this step, select the group, go to layer style, and stroke then. Here you have to take different color. If I suggest, it will be white color. This time set the stroke color large than before. Now set the text color. Select the first layer from the group. Then go to layer style and gradient overlay, here you find a color plate to select a color. It is the most beautiful part of creating a colorful text effect in photoshop.

After selecting a color, you also can edit it yourself. Just set the suitable blend mode, angle, and style.



For inner shadow or stroke select the first layer from the group and go to stroke following the same rule. And set the inner glow with perfect color. If you want to design it with extra elements, then you can work by taking a new layer. If you want to see the tutorial click this link-

In this way, you can give a colorful effect to your text. To learn more photoshop editing techniques you can subscribe to the Clipping Amazon youtube channel. Also, to learn more you can check our tutorial articles too.


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