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Sweet Ways To Do Cupcake Photography

Life is as sweet as a cupcake? Isn’t that right? Because when you look at a cupcake, you know you’ve got to smile. Life is sweet. But so is a cupcake! Although the concept of cupcakes is changing. I mean, people now go for vegetable cupcakes or something spicy even. But life is meant to be sweet. Right? So grab a cupcake and let’s learn the proper ways to do cupcake photography.

What Is Cupcake Photography?

Cupcakes are not only the easiest solution to dessert. But also fun to take photos. Lately, many people have started to sell delicious cupcakes online. And I must admit, it’s really profitable for a home business. Besides, the concept of cloud bakery has become very popular during the pandemic. So, you can count on photographing cupcakes as food photography.

Cupcake Photography Tips

I know cupcake photography isn’t the actual type of food photography or so. But it falls under food photography. But in a fun way. Because you can go creative all the way with the cupcakes. So, when photographers take photos of cupcakes from different angles to promote a business or so, it’s called cupcake photography.

Food Styling For Cloud Bakery Business:

There is nothing a cupcake can solve. As for cupcake photography, you may not need it very often if you are not a food blogger or a cupcake seller. I know many online pages where they sell cupcakes which they buy from another source. Businesses or bloggers need food photography very often.

Cupcake Photography Tips

And as for food styling, you can do whatever style you like with the cupcakes. Also, a beautiful photo with a cupcake attracts more eyes very easily. And that is exactly what you need to boost your cloud bakery business.

Cupcake Photography Tips:

Now let’s get you some tips on how to photograph cupcakes.

First Of All, Focus:
Cupcake Photography Tips

When you are going to take a photo of a cupcake, you must focus on the cupcake. And not on anything else. So, take a good picture of the cupcake. If you have any ideas of how to decorate it, you can do that. And also, if you are going to add any props to make your cupcakes look more beautiful, do that. Don’t put props in the photo of the cake stand.

Capture The Side Of The Cupcake:
Cupcake Photography Tips

If you want to capture a photo of your cupcake from the side, you should be careful about the light. Make sure that you are in a well-lit place. And make sure you capture the best side view of your cupcakes. Who knows? The result may surprise you.

Use Ingredients To Make A Sweet Composition:
Capture The Ingredients

When you want to create a composition for cupcake photography, you must consider the ingredients of the cupcake recipe. Adding the ingredients make cupcakes look more delicious. Make sure the cupcakes are decorated well. And make sure they look appetizing. Ingredients in the scene will do just the job to impress everyone.

Dust Some Icing or Cake-Crumbs To Bring A Dramatic Look:
Creative Cupcake Photography

The icing is the most important part of the cupcake. It’s like the highlight of a cupcake. So, don’t forget to dust some icing sugar or crumbs on the cupcakes during the photo shoot. And it’s very important to keep the person out of the photo who’s dusting these. It makes a mouth-watering image. Not to mention the drama makes people order them.

Fruits And Berries To Add More Color:
Creative Cupcake Photography

You can add fruits and berries as an extra touch. When it comes to cupcakes, I’m sure you know that they are not just sweet treats. It has to be delicious. But it also has to look good. That’s why you should use fruits and berries in the scene. The combination of red and blue fruits and white cake is the perfect combination for cupcake photography.

Waffles And Donuts Don’t Hurt:
Creative Cupcake Photography

If you are looking for a creative idea for cupcake photography, then donuts and waffles are what you should consider. The combination of two types of desserts can be really fun. You just need to be careful that these two are to just compliment the cupcakes. Not to outshine them.

Flowers And Cupcakes Are A Perfect Match:
Use Flowers

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of cupcakes with beautiful flowers in front of them. But if you want to add some freshness to your photos, then you should consider adding fresh flowers as well. I know it may seem a little bit hard to arrange the flowers, but it’s definitely worth the effort. It brings out the best food styling.

Use Little Seasonal Offerings:
Bring Out The Vibe

If you want to go creative and colorful with cupcakes, then you should choose seasonal props. There are props that are available in the market during different seasons. Colorful leaves to bring the Autumns vibes. Or some dark themes to bring out the Halloween vibes.

Using seasonal props is the easiest solution to creative cupcake photography. Because you can just use the props from your kitchen garden! It’ll save you money. Also, you can get some photos that really boost your business.

Combine Some Drink To Cozy-Up:
Cozy-up With A Drink

Another way to add more comforts to cupcake photography is to use coffee or hot chocolate. You can place them on the table. The colors of coffee and hot chocolate can be easily blended with the colors of the cake. You can choose the shade of the cupcake based on your preference.

Don’t Forget To Add A Wedding-Themed Photo:
Wedding Themed Cupcake

If you want to have your cupcakes stand out in your cupcake photography, then you can use wedding-themed props. Because it will make your cupcakes look more elegant. Also, you can use these props to decorate the scene. Besides, they can also help your cupcakes stand out.

Also, you can use them to create a romantic atmosphere for the scene. This is very professional but people love being traditional. Especially at the wedding.

Edit Your Photos To The Next Level:
Edit Your Photos

All the alluring food photos you see on the famous blogger’s website. Do you think they post their photos directly? No. Definitely not. Because if they choose to do so, you’ll never visit their website again. And why you’ll do that? Because their photos don’t allure you. So, you definitely don’t want that to happen to your bakery business. Do you? So, you need to edit your cupcake photos. And take them to the next level. Don’t worry. I’ve got professional help here.

Clipping Amazon:
Professional Food Photo Editing

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