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Things You Need To Know Before Desert Photography

You know, the desert tells a different story every time we see it. Because there is no lie here. I mean, nature never lies. A desert is infinite. It doesn’t provide us all the fancy of trees, fruits, and the singing of birds. But the things a desert provides, can you deny that? In fact, it has shown us totally a different side of nature. That’s why there are certain things you should know before desert photography.

Photographing A Desert:

Desert Landscape Photography

Our mother nature has granted us with her enormous blessings, no? But desert? If nature is in its harmonious form with a green vibe. Then desert is definitely nature’s gloomy and angry form. If you ask me, deserts are more of a warning form of nature. Because a desert shows that if we don’t take care of nature, one day the whole earth will turn into a huge desert. But that doesn’t mean that a desert is a threat to us. Moreover, a desert provides us with a glimpse of a new life.

Besides, the weather conditions in deserts are also very unique. So, you’ll need some extra things to prepare for desert photography. Therefore, when you pack your gear and lens to capture the unseen life and wilderness of deserts, you’re doing desert photography.

The Concept Of Sun And Sand Is Not The Same As Always:

Desert Landscape Photography

I mean, what do you think when you hear the word of the Sun and sand? Seashore or beach, right? I know how it works though. But the concept goes the same with deserts too. For example, the sun and sand really shine in the desert too. Also, it feels biting cold in the sea when it’s night. The feeling is totally similar in the desert too. Because it feels biting cold in the desert too at the nighttime. So, yeah that’s true that the concept of sun and sand isn’t the same always. The sea world will surprise you, the desert will surprise you even more.

Tips For Desert Photography:

Oh yeah? Definitely, you have to prepare for desert photography. Let’s get you prepared, shall we?

Preparations For You:

As I said before, the desert is very different from the nature we’re used to seeing. And the weather condition is different too. So, you’ll need some things so that you can survive in the desert’s unfriendly weather.

  • A Sunhat for sure
  • Enough Sunscreens and Sunglasses or Sunblocks to protect your skin
  • Enough Amount Of Drinking Water & some dry foods
  • Dresses that cover your skin from the heat of the sun
  • A GPS as network seems unavailable in desert
  • A high-quality boots to protect your legs

Not these things will give you some stunning desert landscape photography. But these will save you from the scorching weather of the desert. And you can’t capture stunning desert photos unless you fail to save yourself from its rage.

Prepations For Stunning Desert Photography:
Desert Landscape Photography

Yeah well, you’ve definitely heard of landscape photography, haven’t you? Desert photography is almost the same. So, you may find some similarities between these two and their tools. So, to nail desert photography, you’ll need-

  • A wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens
  • A polarizer and a neutral density filter
  • A Zoom Lens
  • Lens Hood to protect the lens
  • A tripod
  • Extra Lights
  • Shutter Release
  • Extra Batteries
  • Extra Memory Cards
  • A Zoom or Macro Lens

Oh and don’t forget to take a garbage or trash can with you too. Because you don’t want to spoil nature. Do you? Whether it’s desert or not, polluting or doing any harm to anyone is completely against the photography concept.

Tips For Photographing Deserts:

We all know that a desert is a place without any expectations. But if you can follow these tips and pull it off, you’ll get to capture some stunning and beautiful desert photos.

Use The Sun Or The Sunset:
Desert Sky Photography

You know, many people love to see the sunrise or the sunsets in deserts. Because the sunrise and the sunsets are extra beautiful and breathtaking in deserts. So, when you’re planning to photograph any deserts, keep this idea in mind. In fact, you’ve already heard of the golden hour photography. Right? So, try to have one or two twilight photos during your photo session.

Green Lives In Deserts:
Desert Sky Photography

The lives in deserts are pretty different. Not to mention, you’ll find many interesting habitats in desert lands. For example, have you ever heard that cactus fruit is eatable? Well, me neither. But I found it during my desert landscape photography. Also, there are certain birds and animals in the desert. Although photographing desert birds and animals can be hard enough. You can always use your macro zoom lens to capture detailed tree photos.

Trees That Are Not Cactus:
Desert Landscape Photography

Of course. Did you really think there are only cactuses in the deserts? There are always trees like the Baobab and the Joshua tree. And do you know many tourists go to the desert just to see these trees? Because both of these trees are very different from each other. Also, these are different from other trees too. To nail desert photography, you must capture these trees along with the cactuses. For more guides on tree photography, you can check out our article.

Combine The Desert Sky With The Land:
Desert Sky Photography

The night sky of the desert is romantic enough. I know. But what about the daytime? Even if it’s not romantic as the night sky, if you fill half of your frame with the land and the sky, I’m sure you’ll get a stunning desert photo.

Desert Sky Photography:
Desert Sky Photography

As I’ve said before, the desert sky always attracts people. Especially the night sky. Have you ever seen a shooting star in the desert at night? Imagine capturing a photo like that. Also, a moonlit night in a desert can give you one of a kind photo.

Also, try to capture the moon in its lightest form in the desert sky. For more details on photographing the moon, check out our site.

That Storm:
Desert Storm

The desert storm is pretty dangerous, yes? But it can ruin your camera too. The sands or little stones can easily enter your camera and ruin everything. So, even if you try to capture the sand storm in deserts, maintain a safe distance.

The Unseen Flowers Or The Desert Rose:
Cactus Flowers

Have you ever seen cactus flowers? Because many go through the insane situation to see cactus flowers. Besides, capturing the cactus flowers could add some colors to your portfolio. Also, you can even find some beautiful desert roses. Although desert roses are very rare. If you get to see it, make sure you capture it.

The Ship Of The Desert Is A Must:
The Desert King

Oh yeah? Why not? I mean, you are taking photos of the trees and everything. And you’re missing the king? Really? Well, that’s almost a crime you know? Although some deserts allow a ride on the camels. Because riding on the camel can put the ultimate cherry on the top of your desert photography. But before photographing the camels, I have a request. Camels are really gentle animals. So, when you go to photograph them, make sure you’re not disturbing them.

If You Ever Get The Rain Or The Snow:
Desert Landscape Photography

Yes. It’s very much rare to face rain in a hot desert. Or the snow too. But it doesn’t mean that it never rains or snows. I mean, yeah, snowing in the desert is a scene you see once in a lifetime. So, if you ever get to see anything like that, don’t miss it.

Stack Your Works For Edits:
Photo Editing Services

Desert photography calls for details. So, editing is a must for sure. Because editing will help you make the tiny details more visible. Moreover, the desert lacks colors. So editing desert photos will allow you to improvise the photo colors. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how will you manage these? Because detailed photo editing is very time-consuming. Of course, not anyone can do that. But don’t worry. I’ve got a solution for you.

Clipping Amazon:
Professional Photo Manipulation Service

The desert never sleeps. So does Clipping Amazon. The best professional photo editing company you’ll ever have. Why? Maybe because we provide 17 kinds of photo editing services? Or maybe you can have urgent delivery here? Or maybe you can get professional photo editing 24 hours in 7 days? Which is what you’ll need as a nature photographer. Also, we take pride in the Clipping path, image masking, background-related service, etc. Besides, you’ll need color enhancement to improve the quality of your photos. We also have an enriched blog site. If you’re seeking ideas on photo editing services or photography concepts, you can have a look at our website.

Lastly, you don’t wanna miss a trusted business companion at such a friendly cost. Do you?


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