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E-commerce Vs E-business

Many of us are always making mistakes to say that e-commerce and e-business are the same. But it has to say that they are not synonymous. We think these are the same because we don’t know the actual definition. E-commerce and e-business are different topics. Here we can say, e-commerce is a subject in e-business. I’m going to write the definition and the differences between e-commerce and e-business below. 


E-commerce refers to electronic commerce. It is a way of commercial transaction online. Here people can sell, buy or order goods and services through the web. It also can say the revenue generator that chooses the internet to do business. Basically, it can say e-commerce involves placing orders and making payments through their website. E-commerce contains several types. These are given below-

E-commerce Vs E-business Clipping Amazon
  • Business-to-business
  • Business-to-consumer
  • Consumer-to-consumer
  • Business-to-government
  • Consumer-to-business
  • Mobile commerce (m-commerce)


Business-to-business is also known as B2B. It is a process of commerce transaction between businesses like a wholesaler and a retailer. But in e-commerce, it happens online. It is used to improve the skills and utility of a company’s sales. Here it doesn’t use human assets but telephone or e-mail to receive the orders.

Business-To-Consumer E-commerce:

It is a traditional model, where a business sells individually online. It is used to say a commerce transaction to a business and an end consumer. Originally this process was used for selling products directly to consumers. But today, it describes transactions between online retailers and their customers.


Consumer-to-consumer is also called C2C. It is a model of business that enables clients to trade frequently with each other. C2c is also engaged with the e-commerce economy and terms. The main goal is to maintain relationships between clients, helping buyers, and locate sales.


Business-to-Government stands for making a relationship between government agencies and institutions. It works as a sales model during a company selling products or services to the government. B2g also works online as the other process.

Consumer-to-business E-commerce:

Consumer-to-Business (C2B) is a model business where consumers make value and businesses consume that value. Here consumers can offer a service by showcasing the products. As an example- someone taking good photos might sell them as stock photos.

Mobile commerce (m-commerce):

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is a business process. With its help, anyone can buy and sell products through wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Over the time, delivery of content through wireless devices has been increasing. All we have is a mobile and we love to do work with it. If it is talking about shopping or other works then why not?

So, it is clear that e-commerce is the place where sellers sell their products and consumers buy these online. Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress can be the example of eCommerce. Finally, the summary is someone uploads their product, and another one discovers it and buys it from the webpage is called e-commerce.

Benefits Of E-commerce:

  • To Organization

E-commerce is a national and international marketplace. It eliminates marker distribution channels. For that reason, it becomes helpful for small businesses. It decreases the cost and time as well. Mainly it saves time to make more product as well. So, it is helping to make large the store directly.

  • To Customer

E-commerce is helpful to customers. Because they are getting 24 hours services and more products at a time. They have the chance to judge products with others too. It also contains lower web costs. Clients can visit more stores at a time. They can select more at a time also. Clients can easily get it from their homes so it helps them more.

  • To Society

Through e-commerce, people buy products from home. So, it reduced road traffic and air pollution. Also, it is developing people’s living standards. People stop wasting their time to do shopping. Because they can do it from home or in the free time of works. That means they are getting more time to do something for society as well.


E-business’ another name is electronic business. It is a business process that is conducted online. E-business includes a wider range of business processes than e-commerce. It is working on supply chain management, electronic order processing, customer relationship management, and more. The E-business process helps the companies effectively. It maintains the way of e-commerce. Because through e-business, companies upload their working portfolio to their web pages. For that reason, their clients can easily get informed about their products or works. It is an easy process to reach the clients and give them the way to select products or services.


Benefits Of E-business:

There are some benefits of e-business. It is not only helpful to companies but also clients. Stores and clients both are getting help from it in many ways. Sometimes it is helpful to save time and sometimes to save money. These processes bring change in the way of buying. Benefits are there-

  • Distances are not a matter now to clients. Because, before this process, people think about the place of the store. Clients always prefer a near place to the far one. Cause it is very difficult to visit the store that placed far from home. But now they easily can visit online stores from home. By using some ways of web and internet. E-business also gives home delivery service so clients can buy and get the thing from home. People set free from a very tough work by it. So, here it helps clients more.
  • If clients refuse to buy products because of the store’s place, it is a loss. But when they allow online service, it brings profits. Store owners can present product photos on an online page. So that clients can visit their page or store from home. If clients visit the online store they must buy products as they like. So, it is very profitable for a store. It can say it helps store owners more than clients.
  • There are lots of payment processes in e-business. So people get rid of carrying money with them. It is also risky to carry money. So people can buy and sell products online also can pay online. It saves our time and money both at a time. Through the online payment systems, we are getting relief from sending money and bill payment process as well.

Difference Between E-commerce And E-business:

  • E-commerce and E-business both sound similar. But these are not similar. The main difference is that e-business is a whole process and e-commerce is a part of it. To run e-commerce we need online transactions and this online transaction is an e-business.
  • E-commerce is the way of doing digital or online commerce compared to previous. It works with email, digital marketing, online supply and data analysis. To compare, e-business is a more broad and modern version of business. It is based on two business ways- physical and online. Other hands it includes the same things as e-commerce.
  • E-commerce means a company that offers online money transactions. But e-business refers to any online business.
  • The main helper of e-commerce is clients who prefer online shopping. Without clients who love to buy things online, they can not make profits. On the other hand, not only clients but also suppliers and partners can be helpful for e-business.
  • Finally, it can say e-commerce based on online transactions only, while e-business prefers all online business.

There is a small similarity between the two, that is both include photos for advertising about themselves. Every online store needs to present its product on the web page. And their clients visit their online store to see the photos of the products. If the photos are not so good to see then clients will not buy. So, it is important to present beautiful photos to clients. Every online commerce and business wants good photos. But when taking images it’s not easy to take perfect photos of the product. Sometimes the light or lens can cause problems. For getting free from this problem photo editing is a must. Only with the help of it, you make your photo perfect.


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