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Earth Hour 2021- The Hour To Change Future

Earth hour- a phrase strong enough to make us stop right on our daily track. Yes, this is the hour that we celebrate in silence. But there’s a saying, “silence is the biggest power”. Earth hour 2021 creates that urgency between us and the upcoming global issues.

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour Clipping Amazon

Earth hour is a global event that is celebrated globally and annually. Every year, on the last Saturday of March, people celebrate this hour. Mainly, this event indicates the climate changes considering the past and the upcoming future.

If you think of yourself, the global climate is changing rapidly. Isn’t it? Our world wasn’t like this. But due to our greed or need, our earth has changed. Whatever it is, we have destroyed many forests, trees, animals, plants. And as a result, this has affected the whole ecosystem of the earth. And if this continues, we are going to see a horrible future that we can’t even imagine. So, the word ‘earth hour’ calls for our attention.

We lead a very busy and so technology depended life in this century. We are so busy with ourselves that we hardly get time to think about the environment of the earth. Let alone its changes in eco-system. So, on earth hour, people turn off all their lights switches and other devices on 27 March from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Just to think about the earth and its climate issues.

Who Invented This Event?

Andy Ridley- Clipping Amazon Earth hour

Andy Ridley, this guy is behind the earth hour. He is the CEO and the CO-founder of the Earth Hour. He was born in Norwich, England. Later, he moved on to Australia in 2002. As for being an amazing scuba diver, he was drawn to Australia in return for some of the most awesome and beautiful coral reefs and watery or marine wildlife sanctuaries. Thus, he landed on the role of communication director with World Wildlife Fund, Australia.

He worked on major campaigns for the protection of Coral Sea, The Great Barrier Reef and Southern Ocean: beautiful and sound marine wildlife threatened by the bad effects of global warming.

Andy was very inspired by that campaign. In 2004, he came across the idea of engaging people and businesses in the climate change debate by a simple doing. So, Andy Ridley, Leo Brunette, and Fairfax media formed a partnership to run another campaign. It’s called “Lights Out”. This was later known as earth hour. People celebrate earth hour since 2007.

And now, 190 countries and 7000 cities around the world celebrate this event with devotion.

Why Do People Turn Off Their Lights On Earth Hour?

As we all know, people turn off their essential lights on every March’s last Saturday at 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. It’s because, if we turn off our lights all over the world. Our earth will get rid of a tiny amount of global warming. Our technology has given us a lot of advantages. But, in return, it has taken more than that. Can you imagine? If every single country in this earth, turns off their light off just for one hour. What will happen? How much less global warming will happen?

Many people think this whole lights-off ceremony is a waste of time. But it’s never like that. Comparing to the amount of oxygen we’re burning daily and the heat we’re producing, I don’t think just an hour of lights off is enough to cool or heal our earth.

What I really think is, the term ‘Earth hour” goes way too far beyond the symbolic actions of turning off lights. Moreover, it has become a tradition. It brings a positive environmental impact and major changes by harnessing the power of the people. No matter how good or evil you are, you’ll want to save your planet if you want to exist.

Global Warming Impacts
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We all know about the greenhouse effect. But day to day, due to greenhouse, the temperature is continuously rising. The earth’s temperature has risen 1 degree celcious over the few years. It may not seem that much at first. But it is vast. And now, we’re starting to face the reality:

  • Days Getting Hotter: 2015 is considered the hottest year. But in 2018, 2019 and 2020, it’s getting hotter. In Kuwait, the trees got burned out of heat in 2019.
  • Sea Levels Rising: Glaciers are melting because of sea levels rising. Melted ice is the reason of rising water levels.
  • Weather Change: Weather is changing rapidly due to global warming.
Problems We Are Facing

At least on earth hour and on earth day, we think about the facts we are facing. Yes, this constantly rising temperature is taking us to a new era. We are now facing an extremely hot summer. Earth hour 2021 gives us hints about a dark future. Not to mention, natural disasters. Every year, we lose millions of lives cause of these. Lacking food is a problem already. Coral bleaching, coastal erosion became a tragic scene. Although, we are not paying any attention.

The Strongest Ally To Save The Earth You Can Find Is Yourself.

Yes, It is our part where we play the role of a superhero and save the earth. Not just turning off lights.

Things We Can Do
Earth hour clipping amazon

Earth hour aside, we can plant trees, any kind of trees. At least one tree a month? Will be really impossible? I guess not. In this pandemic situation, we can use our time in gardening to celebrate earth hour 2021. If you have no idea about growing flowers or fruits, it’s okay. At least you’re helping to produce oxygen. And trust me, we already saw the value of oxygen cause of coronavirus. So, in earth hour 2021, we should focus on that. That’s what matters most at a time like this. You can talk about the earth hour celebration to your family. To your neighbors and friends. You can motivate them to plant trees. You can post your garden or tree pictures on social media. By seeing your picture, others will be inspired too.

If we are concerned now, we can hope that our damaged eco-system can be recovered. Thus, It will help us to reduce global heat. As we all know, trees keep the weather cool. Clipping Amazon also strongly supports earth hour. And about going green. We strongly request you to go green with us on this upcoming earth hour 2021.

Clipping Amazon
clipping amazon

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Clipping Amazon strongly supports going green, tree plantation, and against global warming. Lastly, we are offering a free trial for the earth hour supporters.

All you have to do is to drop a photo of your choice with a tree and see how the magic happens. As you know, it’s about going green. So, a picture with a tree is required.

The earth hour is knocking at the door, so, don’t miss out on the chance of going green. Just hit the button!


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