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The Best Editorial Photography Guidelines

It would not be wrong to say that Editorial Photography is the most common type of photography in our daily lives. No doubt, personal portraits, family portraits, lifestyle photography, etc are closely involved with our lives. But Editorial Photos do not appear before our eyes every day. But we see this kind of photo when we demand or need it. Editorial Photography, like other genres of photography, appears before our eyes more than once a day.

When we wake up in the morning, the first thing many of us do is open the newspaper. This automatically allows us to view several images. These images are related to different categories. As time goes on one day, we open magazines to read articles and look at different types of photos. Some of us like to go to news articles in online news portals and magazines. Both these online and offline platforms provide us with huge exposure to Editorial Photography for the most part.

What is Editorial Photography?

We need to know about editorial photography first. Editorial photography is basically a picture. It is shown with the text in both online and print publications. Newspaper, magazine, or book editorial photos are often visible in all these publications. It can also appear in blogs, documentaries, and presentations.

Originally an editorial-style photoshoot was taken to tell a story. This can be done to combine a text description of creating visual elements. Editorial Photography aims to portray, inform, and enlighten people about real-life problems, current events, and human interest stories. One of the major aspects of editorial photos is that they cannot be used for promotional purposes.

Now, we’ll show you some useful tips and techniques of Editorial Photography. If you are a novice or a skilled editorial photographer, these guidelines will definitely help you get ahead in your work. Don’t skip any part.
Let’s get started…

Go Through The Article Of Your Project If Any

Read The Article

Your main goal in shooting for Editorial Photography is to appreciate your project article. Thus, understanding the focus of the author is very important. Is he focusing on location, person, or item? You can better understand this if you take a quick look at the article. Once you have finished reading, you can easily set the tone of your shots visually. For example, if the author mentions a car in his article, you can start imagining the location of the car and make your mind better about your photography.

Leverage a High-grade Camera and Lens For Editorial Photography

Camera Selection

For shooting Editorial Photos you need to have a well-equipped gear set-up. You will also need an advanced camera, a powerful camera lens, and a tripod. Choose a full-frame DSLR camera so you can place a variety of lenses on the camera and get a deeper depth of field. A high-quality camera from Nikon or Canon will cost you anything between 2000- $ 4000. The price may seem high but it will stop when you go through a few of your editorial photography projects. In the case of lenses, you can take a 75mm f / 1.8 or 45mm f / 1.8 prime lens as both of them are compatible with any type of setting.

Focus on Creating a Unique Story Concepts

Unique Story Creation

If you want to be different as an editorial photographer, you have no choice but to create a spelling story through your shots. Your clients look for unique and compelling story ideas from your photoshoot. If you can offer uniqueness, action, and attractiveness through your shots, they will not bother to hire you without a second thought. So, think about the series of pictures you are going to shoot to create the story, reflect on the subject and think about how interesting the setting can be, and go all the way to developing a compelling story.

Be Mindful About the Orientation


For Editorial Photography, orientation is very important. Most editors imagine what their editorial content would look like in a newspaper or magazine in a combination of both writing and imagery. So, it is advisable to ask your client about the orientation choice of the photoshoot. Having said that, don’t hesitate to take shots horizontally and vertically. Try to see if the text of the story will overlap with the Editorial Photos as it will help you set your background correctly. If it overlaps, use a sharp background to get focus on the text. Another key issue is the location of the text that you may not know. So, look at both the right and left and shoot the subject.

Don’t Ignore Bleed Room

Bleed Room

In magazines, we usually see photographs taken all over the page. This requires your bleeding room. If you do not provide a bleeding house, the subject may disqualify the shoot for magazine publication and it will be discarded. That’s why taking a step back before taking a snap and maintaining extra space on both sides in Editorial Photography. This will enable you to take a wide shot and it can be easily used in magazines or for other purposes.

Show Punctuality and Sincerity

Punctuality and Sincerity

As a professional editorial photographer, you always need to take extra seriousness to get your client’s attention. No doubt, you have to balance multiple assignments at once as part of your job. The key here is to meet the deadline of your project. Most clients pay too much attention to time. So if you can deliver the project on time you can create quite a good idea in their mind. This is how you can become a reliable Editorial Photography service provider.

Don’t Overlook Model Selection In Editorial Photography

Model Selection

If a model is involved in your job, you can probably get access to the database of a particular modeling agency. Be careful about model selection because not all types of models will fit your editorial story. Most of us looking for young fancy girls. But magazine readers can ask for different types of models. You will need to choose your model based on the assignment you will receive and the readership of the magazine. In addition, you can ask stylists and make-up artists to apply the necessary cosmetics to the model to enhance your shots.

Utilize All the Available Options while Taking Shots

Utilize Camera Option

Now, it’s time to take snaps and you have to be careful while doing it. Position yourself properly and adapt yourself to the surrounding environment. No doubt, you will find many errors and challenges when you prepare for the shooting of photography. For example, you may not get the amount of natural light you need. But you need to address these issues in alternatives or other ways so that they do not affect your photo.

Editing and Retouching Editorial Photography is Vital

Editing and Retouching

You can take all care to shoot mesmerizing photography. But, Slip-ups are bound to happen to you as a human being. But this does not mean that your shot should be delivered directly to your client without post-processing. Your clients are expecting well-edited and well-processed shots from you for publication in any magazine, newspaper, or other media. All you can do is take advantage of a professional photo post-production service provider. They can upgrade and compose your photo at the discretion of your clients.

A professional Photo Editing Company has the skills to solve unwanted problems in your editorial Photos. Because such companies are run by some skilled and experienced staff. You can even enhance the shots yourself using top photo editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. But without the right knowledge and experience, work perfection will not come. So it is better to take the help of a good photo editing service provider. So, take the services and make them perfect.

After the editorial release, publishers do not give anyone access to the image for the first 60-90 days. But if you own the copyright and you have to be the photographer of these shots, you may want to sell those Editorial Photos to others involved in the subject or project. Find out the price of an entire session along with the purchase price of an image or the cost of marketing use. Don’t hesitate to give complimentary pictures of people you think you can work with in the future. You can see the same models over and over again and so it would also be appropriate to provide them free images.

Last Words About Editorial Photography

Here we share with you some effective tips for nailing editorial photography. But is it worth choosing a niche as a career? And how is the income? Well, no doubt, editorial photography is a mind-blowing genre of photography. If you have a passion for it, you must go for it.

When it comes to income, editorial photographers mainly earn through freelancing and contracting, which means they earn according to the number of jobs they get. Thus, their income largely depends on the budget of their clients. But on average, they earn $ 47,000 USD annually. However, some editorial shooters increase their income by doing weird commercial projects with their regular editorial shoots. It improves their financial situation and also helps them to acquire various skills as photographers. So, try this also for your improvement in this field.

Everything in this writing. Until we come up with another post, stay healthy, stay safe, and just stay cool !!! Be sure to check out our social media channels to learn about our regular activities.


At last, I want to tell you that not to be reckless but to be confident. As a professional Editorial Photographer, you should try to follow the above all tips given in this content. If you are fresher, probably, you will be able to take good images day by day. Never give up but take this profession and grow your career. Keep clicking as much as you can. Don’t forget to maintain a good relationship with your client. Always try to listen to your clients. Try to understand what clients want. In Editorial photos, editing is the most needed part. So, if you don’t know how to edit, you need to be linked with a good editing company. Clipping Amazon is a good suggestion for Photo Editing. We can have a heart-to-heart conversation. After that, you can have the best photos.

How Clipping Amazon Can Help?

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