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How To Take Firework Photos On New Year’s Eve!

All flowers look like fireworks before the darker skies. Isn’t it? As for me, laughter is the firework of the soul. As it is new year’s eve, there will be a lot of fireworks coloring the sky. Because I can’t think of any better way to welcome the new year. I also think that no one can welcome without some fireworks!. They last for just a few moments then die. But when they die, they create a dozen of beauties. So, in this blog, we’re going to talk about firework photography.

What Is Firework Photography?

If I’m being honest, we’re all like fireworks. Do you know how? We rise, shine, scatter and finally, we fade just like them. But there is one more thing that takes us further. That is, we can stop fading. Yes, we can stop that time and continue to shine forever.

Catch The New Year Vibe

But taking a firework photo isn’t the easiest task to do. Because firework photography is one of the most delicate photography kinds. Once a firework pops, if you’re late to snap the photo, you’ll have to light up another one. Besides, a perfect firework photo depends on the right shutter speed, lens, light, and many other things. Moreover, most of the fireworks happen at night. So you can also call it night sky photography. You can follow the tips and tricks of ‘Astrophotography’ from Clipping Amazon.

So, in short, when you spend time with your camera to take a firework photo, you’re doing firework photography. Or that’s what firework photography is called.

Now Let’s Get Ready!:

Remember, every firework begins with a single spark. Besides, as it’s a delicate kind of photography, be sure to stack dollars on your wallet! 😉😉 Now, let’s get you ready for the most interesting sparks of your life for the new year.

Firework From River

Learn How to Shoot Fireworks: Fireworks photography is all about learning how to capture the right moment. You can’t just randomly take photos of fireworks. Because you have to learn how to properly set up your camera and shoot the right moments. You need to know how to control your shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. You also need to understand how lighting works, and you have to practice until you get a hang of it. 

The Right Equipments Will Always Help:

As we all know, the best equipment makes a big difference. But what exactly is the right equipment? Well, firstly, your camera. You see, a good camera will help you to get the best possible firework photos. But secondly, you need a tripod or some other form of stable support.

Use Right Tools For The Best Shot

Next, you need a remote release so that you can fire the shutter without touching the camera. After that, you need a lens with a long focal length. Long focal length means that the photo will be taken from far enough away so that the firework will look huge in the frame. Finally, you need bright light. A bright light is needed because the fireworks will appear dark in your photo unless you use enough light to make them look bright.

But it’s totally okay if can’t afford all these tools. You can just use your smartphone and drop at a professional photo editing company. I mean, for the post-production services.

The Best Location Can Give You The Best View:

Look For The Best Location

Fireworks photography can be done anywhere. But it would be better if you choose a place that has a good view and is safe. The first is the location where you live. You may want to photograph fireworks from your balcony or your window. It’s a great idea to do it outside because your firework photos will be more clear. Also, you can go to the place where there are fireworks.

Check Out The Camera Frame For The Best Shot:

Firework photography requires you to properly frame your shot. The best way to do this is to know where the fireworks will be located at that moment. If it’s too early to guess, take a quick glance at the sky and look for some fireworks that seem to be popping. It could be the first firework you see.

The Right Frame Will Bring Out The Best Photo

The best way to start your firework photo shoot is to determine the position of the fireworks on the sky. After that, find the direction of the light source, and make sure that your camera has a wide-angle lens. Because it allows you to capture the entire scene.

Setting The ISO Slow:

A firework photo will be more vivid if you use a low ISO. You can do this by setting your camera to an ISO value of 200 or less. This will make the photo brighter. If you want your firework photo to be bright, you should open your lens to its widest aperture. And, it’s the same for a dark background.

Play With The Focal Length:

Shoot With Different Focal Length

Focal length is an important factor in firework photography. The longer the focal length, the wider your angle will be. It’s true that the longer the focal length, the more detail you’ll get. But, it also means that the wider your angle will be. You should know this before you go out to take a photo of a firework.

Try Using Different Lenses:

Night Sky Photography

If you want to take a picture of fireworks at close range, then you should use a wide-angle lens. But if you want to take a picture of fireworks at a distance, then you should use a telephoto lens. The right lens depends on your purpose. For instance, if you want to take a photo of fireworks at close range, you should choose a wide-angle lens. And if you want to take a photo of fireworks at a distance, you should choose a telephoto lens. 

The Eastern Sky Is A Good Choice:

When you’re doing firework photography, you should know the position of the sun and the other lights. It’s because it can make or break the shot. So, when you’re shooting the fireworks, try to do that in the eastern sky.

Don’t Shoot Fireworks Near Buildings:

Shoot In Open Sky

If you want to take a photo of a firework, you should take it from a distance so that you don’t get affected by any buildings nearby. In this way, you will be able to capture a good firework photo. Also, when you’re taking a photo of fireworks, it’s important to focus on the middle part of the fireworks.

Do You Have Zoom Lens?:

To get the best photo possible, use a zoom lens to shoot fireworks. You should be able to capture the best part of the fireworks. So you can use a zoom lens to take a good shot. It also gives you a wider view and more flexibility to move around.

Don’t Forget To Edit:

Before you can start firework photography, you need to edit your photos. Editing gives you more control over the images you shoot. If you want to take a good firework photo, you should always edit your photos. You don’t have to do it immediately after shooting the photo.

Clipping Path For Background Removal

You can just review your photos after an hour or two. It’s better to edit your photos because you get to see how well you shot the fireworks. Plus, editing your photos will make your pictures look much better. So, it’s a must-do process. I admit it’s a time-consuming and delicate process. So you can also leave that pressure to a friendly business companion? You definitely should rely on Clipping Amazon. Why? Let’s find out.

Clipping Amazon:
Professional Clipping Path

First things first. Clipping Amazon is a very professional photo editing service provider company. We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services including Firework photo editing. Also, we provide clipping path, image masking, image cleaning, photo manipulation, color enhancement, etc. We also do ads design and magazine cover design. As for firework photography, you’ll need a complex clipping path and professional image cleaning services. Also, you’ll need color enhancement every now and then to show off the light and shadow. In Clipping Amazon, we always value our clients the highest. We always edit the photos in a few steps. And we continue the process until our clients approve. You can have our services 24/7. Moreover, you’ll never have to worry about the on-time delivery.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to try your free trial to see how your firework photos look! I’m leaving the details on the button.


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