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Flat Lay Clothing Photography: How To Take Pictures For Flat Lay Clothing Photography

A different method for apparel presentation is Flat Lay clothing photography. It’s a matter of experience for a perfect presentation. It’s important to have a lighting setup and shooting gears. This method of presenting is used by many e-commerce enterprises. To help you learn more about flat lay photography for clothing, we have put up a complete guideline with suggestions on product setup, photo sessions, and post-production.


If you read this article, you’ll be able to take photos like a pro, even if you’re not a pro. We hope the article gives you some ideas to get started on your flat lay photoshoot and gives you the ability to grab some awesome content for your social media and website.

What is the Flat Lay Clothing Photography?

It’s not flat lay clothing photography if you place apparel on a plain space and take a photo. You need to make the necessary arrangements for the presentation. The operation may be the same but the processing is different. Professional Photo Editing Services are needed to enhance the photos up to a level. We’re going to know more about the operation here.

Importance of Flat Lay Clothing Photography for eCommerce business

Flat lays are a great way to promote your business. You can use props to get people to think about your brand and products. This is a great way to keep an eye on the things that you enjoy photographing. Flat lay photography can be used for many purposes. It’s also included for your website, social media, and more. 


Flat lay clothing photography is simple to use and innovative. It’s economical to use flat-lay product photography in your sales plan. Flat-lay photography can be also used for business. Potential customers notice the way products are arranged in photographs. Flat lay products also photos allow shoppers to make decisions quickly.

Ideas For Flat Lay Clothing Photography

We give you some ideas about the necessities for flat lay photography clothing. You will find them effective if you want to do this. There are other clothing photography ideas to consider. A flat lay is a different option.

However, this kind of photography may be difficult to view. It can be also a unique addition to a presentation. The ideas are here:

There is an arrangement for a flat lay clothing


You need to arrange things in order for a flat-lay clothing setup. A flat surface is the first thing. It could be the floor or a large table that serves the purpose. So, you need a big hard cloth to hold the flat surface. This prevents apparel from moving. Without a fan, the place should be stable. Stable photography also is harmful to the wind. Moreover, you need to arrange proper lighting, shooting gear, and a cameraman. If you can also do it on your own, you can skip a cameraman.

Hanging over a hanger


Apparel photography is relevant but not directly flat lay. You need to hang the apparel on the wall instead of laying it down. The outlook will be different, as the hanger is holding the apparel by the shoulder and neck. Both look the same after taking the picture.

You can use one or many folded clothing


It is possible to fold your garments in a strategic manner. You can also see what you have at a glance. You can also apply clothing flat lay ideas by standing up or filing your shirts, jeans, sweaters, and socks upright. So, you can use your creative ideas for a striking look.

Flat Lay On Plain Surface


You have to lay the garment or apparel on a plain surface. A rough cloth or mat is needed to keep the apparel stable. Well, some apparel like jackets, suits, padded bras, etc. Does not need a hard cloth. A flat-lay clothing background is also an important part of a good picture. You can also remove the background by yourself or the professionals.

Flat Lay Ideas Clothes: Arranging clothes


There are a lot of do-it-yourself solutions that can help maximize your flat lay improvements. Matching positioning, organizing a handbag collection, and table cloth are the most basic tricks. However, if there is plenty, place all the garments together. Place the clothes in a queue to make them look organized. Moreover, it’s an important one for flat lay clothes photography.

Clothing Catagory For Flat Lay Photography

Different impressions are indicated by the categorization of clothes. There should be several flat lay clothing photography tips. There are multiple methods for all the categories. So, pick the best lay style for the clothing.


Photography of flat-lay clothing is easy. The most important point to remember is that you should take pictures from a distance. If you try to take pictures close to the clothing, the photograph will show that the clothing is too close to the background. So, keep a distance between the camera and the clothing. 

Flat Lay Ideas Clothes: Using a mannequin


It’s hard to demonstrate a product’s fit in the apparel industry. Flat or folded displays cannot provide detailed information about the product’s geometry. Product photography needs to show the products being worn because models and mannequins are expensive. Flat lay photography is not indicated by the use of a mannequin. There is a way to remove a mannequin from a photo. So, for a fashion and product photographer, a ghost mannequin is a part of a lifetime. 

Get inventive with the background


The background makes the photo better. Depending on the theme of your product, choose a background. The best backgrounds are those that complement your photo in style and color. We have also a lot of backgrounds to choose from, including a wide range of styles. 

Flat Lay Ideas Clothes: Clothing view

The main part of the presentation is the clothing view. You can’t take a random picture of your apparel and put it on the internet. You should follow a system that is useful for representing your clothing. The shadow of the apparel can make a good catch. You can also use photo editing to add shadow.

You Should Use Shooting Gear


The tripod is an essential piece of equipment for Flat Lay Photography. You want something that is durable. You will also need something that lets you rise beyond your subject. So, you won’t be able to do this on a tripod. You also need a professional camera to do flat lay photography. Expertise is a good thing.

Lighting Kits

The implementation of clothing photography at home may be difficult. All of the important details should be highlighted by the light sources. So, you need to purchase a lighting kit. The three-light variety is desirable. A three-point lighting system consists of one key light, a back or hair light, and a fill light.

Flat Lay Ideas Clothes: Closeups For Details

You will need to take close-ups of your products for your customer to understand them better. Include a photo of the product itself in the image. So, take a shot of a single product with some packaging around it.

Final Words

If you are a beginner photographer, flat lay clothing photography may feel like a lot of work. Practice is the key to successful photography. However, follow these tips and pay attention to your photo editing in the post-production process as it plays a huge role in product photography.


Editing in Post-Production

Giving your product photo the final touch is very important. Retouching and color correction is the most common alterations. It is recommended by experts that you get a photo editing service for your business since it is one of the most important parts of photography. For affordability, you can always opt for an online photo editing company that gives out good and professional services, such as Clipping Amazon.


Clipping Amazon is a good professional photo editing company. You can also try our services. However, we have an expert team of photo editors. They are also qualified enough to make your photo looks good. So, try our services and enjoy our Free Trial.

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