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How To Capture The Art Of Flower

Flowers come in so many colors and shapes! In sizes too! I mean, a rose can never be a sunflower and a sunflower can never be a rose. They’re all beautiful in their own way. Isn’t it? As flowers are natural art, taking their photos is an art as well. So, brace yourself! Because in this blog? We’re going to learn flower photography.

What Is Flower Photography?

When you apply many tips and tricks on taking amazing flower photos, it’s called flower photography. Well, there are some types of flower photography though. Like creative flower photography, macro flower photography, black and white flower photography, etc.

Taking Flower Photos

Now you might think why flower calls for such attention. Because if a flower doesn’t hold the most exquisite details in a small place. I don’t know what does. So, of course, you’ll need to pay much much attention when you take flower photos. Also, do you know how much dollars you’ll get for creative flower photography?

Flowers are needed on every single occasion! Birthday party decorations, wedding decors, baby shower party or greeting people even. Also, do you know people order flowers from another country to impress their loved ones? That’s why flower photography has become so popular! In short, the pros and cons of capturing flowers are flower photography. And when you’re doing it in a little creative way, it’s creative flower photography.

Petals, Leaves, Buds And Everything:

Rose Bud

People always say, where flowers bloom, so does hope. And when it comes to flowers? They don’t tell, they show. So let’s get some killer tips on flower photography!

Macro Flower Photography:

Macro Flower Photography

If you want to take a picture of a flower and its details, then Macro Flower Photography is your best choice. You need to get closer to the flower to see the small details of the flower. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the photo from far. If you want to take macro flower photos, you can still take them. Just, you need to make sure that you have the right lens. For instance, if you want to take a macro flower photo with a 50mm lens. If you want to take a macro flower photo at night, then you need to choose a light source with a warm color. You need to get a high-end camera with a macro lens.

Don’t Forget To Ask A Friend For Help:

Macro Flower Photography

A helping hand can give an extra edge to take beautiful flower photos. Because blowing wind can ruin your shot when you’re about to click the shutter. Besides, there are some camera tools that require an extra hand. So, it will be wise if you ask someone to help you.

Cloudy Weather Are Great:

Try to photograph flowers on an overcast day. The soft light is best for capturing details, especially when you’re shooting close-up shots. The key to capturing great flower photos is to shoot in low-light situations.

And also, don’t use direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause harsh shadows and burn out your photos. Instead, use diffused or indirect lighting. This will create soft and natural-looking lighting that will make your flower photos come alive.

Use Backlights To Make Your Photos Glow:

Creative Flower Photography

When you’re taking a flower photo with backlighting, you’ll get a nice glow on the flowers. And this is the most important part of flower photography. If you’re going to use a flash, use a diffuser. Otherwise, you’ll get too much light on your subject. If you’re using studio light, use a reflector to direct the light onto your subject. 

A Reflector Can Be Useful:

Use A Reflector

Reflectors can be used to get the most natural-looking results. Use a white reflector to diffuse the light, which will create a soft lighting effect. You can also use a black reflector to eliminate all light sources other than the light source on your camera. When you’re using a reflector, you can place it in front of your subject. But if you want to have better control of your lighting, you can place the reflector behind your subject. If you’re using a reflector, remember to remove it once the lighting situation has stabilized.

Tripods And Cable Releases Are Important Too!:

You can use tripods or cable releases to achieve a more professional look. Both of these tools are used to keep your camera stable and prevent it from moving even the slightest bit. Cable releases are a must if you’re using a DSLR camera. You need to purchase one separately. Tripods are not essential but they do help. Especially if you’re going to be taking a lot of macro flower photos. If you don’t have a tripod, you can improvise by leaning against something sturdy like a table or a wall.

Why Not Flower Fields:

Capture Flower Fields

When photographing flowers, try to capture the whole field of flowers. That is if you want to capture the entire field of flowers. There are many types of flower fields, like a garden, a park, a forest, a meadow, etc. You can take photos from different angles too. You can shoot from the side, from the top, from the bottom, and even from above. This way you’ll get a lot of creative flower photos.

Have You Tried Indoor?

Try Indoor

If you want to take amazing flower photography, it’s better to try indoor flower photography. If you do it on a cloudy day, you’ll get amazing results because you’ll get fewer shadows and reflections on your flower. Also, you can use lights like tungsten bulbs and LED lights. Tungsten bulbs produce a warm light that’s perfect for taking flower photos. LED bulbs are good for taking flower photos. Besides you can practice creative flower photography by this.

Bring Out Props:

Use Props

Butterflies and bugs can add a whole new element to your pictures. These flying insects are amazing to watch. But they’re not that easy to capture. You can try to catch them with a net or even a camera. And if you’re using a net, don’t forget to keep your fingers away from the net. Water droplets can add a whole new element to your pictures. If you’re photographing flowers, water droplets will bring life to your pictures. Use a water spray bottler to create water droplets. You can follow my water drop photography tips for more direction.

Capture Flower Photos In The Rain:

Violets In The Rain

Try to photograph the flowers while it’s raining. If you’re not that lucky to get rain, then you can use a sprinkler. Also, do not forget to use the water droplets as your background. Go Creative!

Black And White Flower Photography:

Black and White Flower Photography

When you want to create a unique style of your flower photography, black and white flower photography is the way to go. Black and white flower photography are often used as a part of black and white photography. 

In fact, sometimes, black and white flower photography is preferred over color because of the tonal values. Tonal value simply refers to the amount of light or dark an object appears.

An Interesting Background Doesn’t Hurt:

Choose A Suitable Background

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when taking any kind of photography is to put too much attention on the subject. In flower photography, this means zooming in so far on the subject that you end up losing sight of the surroundings. Make sure your background is always classic and clean. Don’t clutter it with anything except your flower. Keep it simple and uncluttered.

Edit Your Flower Photos:

Don’t be in a hurry to upload your photos to the web. Wait till you’re done taking the photos. Then, go back and edit your flower photos. You can add some special effects like vignettes, starbursts, and so on. It will make your flower photos look more professional and it will also help you get better results.

A big part of flower photography is editing if you ask me. So, of course, play with every feature that Photoshop is offering you. Hue and saturation, white balance, shadow, and so on. Most of all, photo manipulation is a must. As it is very creative and calls for a skilled hand, you may want to leave it to a professional like Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Clipping Amazon

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