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Forest Photography Tips

You know, nature doesn’t have to hurry. But yet everything is so beautiful and in full harmony. Do you know what I think? I think nature isn’t just a place to visit. It’s a home itself. Because nature always comes with air, food, medicines, clothes, home, music even. So in this blog, we’ll talk about how to do forest photography.

What Is Forest Photography?

Have you ever been to a forest? Because forest calls each of us every day. But a very few hear that call. Although we’re very busy with the bustling and busy city life. But the death of a forest means the end of our lives. Because going to the woods is like going home. Even if people can’t see the forest very often, they often look for serenity and peace in forest photos. And photographers go through insane situations to capture a perfect scene.

Forest Landscape Photography

Because a forest takes different makeovers at different times of the day. Not to mention it looks different in different weathers. And each of them is unique. So, when you pack your bags and go to the forest to capture beautiful photos, you’re doing forest photography.

Is It Same As Wildlife Photography?

Patience Is Key To Photography

Forest is full of wilderness and lives, yes. I mean, forest always comes with wildlife. But forest photography doesn’t mean that it must include life or animals. But wildlife photography means there will be wild animals in every photo. Forest photography, on the other hand, could be a photo of anything. So, you can say that wildlife photography is one kind of forest photography. But forest photography has its own perks. Yes, it’s also one kind of landscape photography.

Things You’ll Need:

Oh yeah, definitely you’ll need some things for professional forest photography. Because if you’re not ready with all the tools you need, you may miss your perfect shot at the forest. Then who knows, how long you’ll have to wait for a shot like that.


Well, a camera is a primary thing for any kind of photography. Any lightweight DSLR will do the trick. Also, you better practice in manual mode and in RAW format. Also, try out different settings of ISO and shutter speed, aperture, and many other settings. Because in the middle of the forest, you need to be quicker than you think. If you include any kind of life, that is.

A Wide-Angle Lens:

After owning a camera, lenses come. And you’ll obviously want a wide-angle lens for your forest photos to shoot in smaller focal lengths. Trust me, forest photos are marvelous when you shoot them with a wide and vast scenario. And this lens allows you to do that.

A Telephoto Lens:

A telephoto lens that’s longer than 50mm will give some awesome forest photos. Yes, with a clear background.

A Macro Lens:

Macro Photos

If you want to go creative with forest photography, then definitely take a macro lens with you. Because you can capture lots of small lives with a macro lens. A macro lens is meant for seeing the unseen. So, why not?

A Tripod:

A tripod is always needed for any kind of photography. And why? Because it protects your camera from shaking while you press the shutter. Not that every situation needs a tripod in forest photography. But a tripod is needed most.

Forest Photography Tips:
Forest Landscape Photography

There’s a saying that if you look deep into the forest and you’ll feel better. The same goes for the forest photography tips. so, let’s see some!

Explore The Greens:
Forest Landscape Photography

First things first, scouting the location before any type of photography. It helps you to read your surroundings. Because reading the scene will bring out the most attractive photos. Besides, scouting around the forests will help you to realize which scene should be captured and which one to avoid.

Shutter Speed Matters:

Okay, since you’re in the middle of the wilderness, mind your shutter speed. Because you don’t want your subject to go away with the noise of your shutter. So, either you have to use a shutter or use a faster shutter speed.

Forest Shadows And Silhouettes:
Forest Landscape Photography

There are a lot of shadows and silhouettes in the forest, right? So why don’t you capture those shadows and silhouettes? Because it will add a lot of drama to your photos. Oh, and if you’re after this drama, you better go to the forest in the golden hour.

The Golden/Twilight Hour:
Forest Photography Tips

If you haven’t checked our twilight photo tips yet, I recommend you to do so. Because no matter what you photograph, if you capture it during the golden or twilight hour, your photos will look exceptionally breathtaking. So, take full advantage of the golden hour for professional forest landscape photography.

Look For Bad Weather:
Forest Landscape Photography

Oh, I know, not the kind of forest photography tips you’re looking for. Right? But trust me, some captures during the stormy weather or heavy rain may surprise you. You may even capture some rare moments of wilderness and wild animals during that time. Although, you’ll need a waterproof camera for that.

Before The Golden Hour:
Forest Photography Tips

If you want to capture some misty forest photos, go to a photo shoot before the sun. Because everyone loves a forest photo where the trees are covered with morning mists. And then, you can capture the first rays of the sun entering the forest.

A Polarizer:
Use Polarizer

If you get any water source on your way to the forest, capture it. But there are reflections waiting to ruin your photos. So, using a polarizer might just save your photos.

Look For FairyTales:
Create Fairytales

Forests are filled with stories and tales. Also, there are lots of elements that you can use to create a fairytale scene. For example, if you plan to take photos after sunset, you can shoot some fireflies. There are also lots of wild mushrooms, butterflies, etc.

Different Season’s Makeover:

Oh well, you know how nature is. It always wears new makeovers in different seasons. You better not miss that chance. Because it’s not just the makeovers, nature changes color too.


Everyone adores the autumn colors. Orange yellow leaves with maple trees. The flowers of the Spring. Also, you can’t miss the snow-covered forest.

Drop Your Photos For Post-Production:

Every kind of photography needs photo editing. We always apply some touch-ups even after we wear makeup. Don’t we? The same goes for photo editing services. It also lets you give your photos a fresh look. Besides, forest photos need photo editing services more than ever. Because if you try to capture some wildlife in your photos. Photo editing will make your photos more visible. So, editing is a must. However, you can always count on Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Wildlife Photo Editing Services

The forest never sleeps. So does Clipping Amazon. The best professional photo editing company you’ll ever have. Why? Maybe because we provide 17 kinds of photo editing services? Or maybe you can have urgent delivery here? Or maybe you can get professional photo editing 24 hours in 7 days? Which is what you’ll need as a wildlife photographer. Also, we take pride in the Clipping path, image masking, background-related service, etc. Besides, you’ll need color enhancement to improve the quality of your photos. We also have an enriched blog site. If you’re seeking ideas on photo editing services or photography concepts, you can have a look at our website.

Lastly, you don’t wanna miss a trusted business companion at such a friendly cost. Do you?


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