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Funeral Photoshoot: Things You Must Not Do

They say death is more universal than life. I mean, everybody dies sooner or later. Isn’t it? But not everyone lives. Still losing someone you love is painful enough for anyone. Because it takes a lot of courage to grow up. And to become yourself. That’s why grief is the price we pay for love. Because love leaves us with memories that no one can steal. So, in this blog, we’ll talk about the concept of the funeral photoshoot. And some things you mustn’t do at a funeral.

What Is Funeral Photography?

Photoshoot At Funeral

I know photography is an art and observation. Not to mention that it’s always a fun activity to do. For all the photographers. But funeral photography? No, not exactly the fun kind. Although the idea of a funeral photoshoot isn’t very popular. But recently, it’s become very popular. For example, the whole photography thing wasn’t very popular even a few years ago. But now?

Funeral Photography

Now the idea of hiring a photographer at funerals is pretty normal. I mean, why not? Who doesn’t want to hold on to the last memories of his loved ones? Although it’s a very heavy and painful ceremony. People still go for this idea. And you can even find photographers who provide funeral photoshoots for professional costs. What I mean is, everyone now looks for a chance to capture the last goodbye to their relatives. After all, a funeral is not a day in a lifetime. Moreover, it is a lifetime in a day. So, the funeral photoshoot is just worth a shot.

What Should You Do And Shouldn’t Do As A Photographer?

Photoshoot At Funeral

As a funeral spot is very heavy with emotion, tension, and pain, you must be careful enough.

  • First things first. You must pay your respect to the person who is about to leave the world. Yes, the person who is dead.
Photoshoot At Funeral
  • Then, comes the attire fact. You should wear something dark. Mainly, people wear black dresses at a funeral. Probably because the black color symbolizes grief and pain and sadness. So, on an occasion like that, it will be really awkward if you show up in a colorful and chic dress.
Photographing A Funeral
  • Thirdly, you should never upload funeral photos online. It’s really harsh and selfish. So, never ever post them online. Even if you have to upload in case of any professional need, ask for permission from your clients.
Coffin Details
  • Fourthly, it’s better for you to arrive at the funeral location before everyone. Because, unlike other photography genres, you won’t be able to set up any additional lighting set up and all that. So, it’s really better to go into the spot a few hours early.
Things You Must Pay Attention
Last Goodbye

Another important thing is, that you better take photos of a funeral that symbolizes the death, the sorrows, the loss, and the pain. But you shouldn’t take photos of a person directly. It’s better not to take photos of any person directly. Only if the person asks you to.

Last Offering

The last thing is you need to create a shot list. And you must take photos with a silent shutter mode. Why? Because the continuous sound of clicking the shutter may disturb the guests. Which can be really awkward. Moreover, you can photograph the details and decorations of the church and coffin. But don’t take any photos of the dead person. Only if your client asks you to do so. Because it seems very improper. You can take photos of the final goodbyes and the burial. Because that’s the main goal of funeral photography. Also, capturing the religious part of the Father and the guests saying their final words might please your client.

What Happens After The Funeral?

Among all the personal photographing events, funeral photography is the most emotional one. Because this is one mixed with sorrows, bitterness, and the final goodbyes. There is no color, no joy. Only black and white.

So, after you’re done with the funeral photoshoot, go to your client and offer your condolences again. After all, there are special people in all of our lives that never leave us even after they are gone. And we all have that pain.

Bidding Farewell

So, offering your condolences is just a humble thing. Then go home and stack your photos for editing. And, well, take care of yourself. I mean, do something cheerful to clear your head. Because you know what? Events like these may have effects on you even you won’t realize.


And as editing is a very time-consuming and critical process, you might want to get some time to relax. And if you don’t want to face those funeral photos again, you can always hand them over to a professional photo editing company with the necessary instructions. For what it is worth, you can always rely on Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon
Clipping Amazon

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