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Google Penalty Recovery; For Beginners

Are you worried about your content or blog? Or your website? Well, when the SEO process isn’t completely done, and the links of your website are not relevant, Google steps in to give you a penalty. But What if you get a google penalty out of nowhere? This is why you need to know about google penalty recovery.

What Is A Google Penalty?

In the online world, no matter what you do, you need to do a lot of SEO to make it succeed. Isn’t it? But do you know all the facts and terms of a complete SEO process? I mean, when you’re just starting an online business or so? I guess SEO is full of surprises. Well, bad surprises. Because it’s very easy to be penalized by Google for SEO. For every webmaster or blogger, the Google penalty is the worst nightmare. Why? Because it is a punishment to a website given by google.

Google has a bunch of rules and regulations for webmasters. You can check it out on GOOGLE WEBMASTER GUIDELINES. According to these rules, if you don’t follow any of them, then you might get a penalty.

Also if you’re new to blogging and SEO, it’s very easy for a beginner to make a mistake an algorithm. Mainly, these algorithms rely on calculation sets and reward websites that match their quality standards.

For Google penalty, your website may lose ranking and may lose a lot of valuable customers. So, if you ever get a Google penalty out of an accident, Google penalty recovery should be the top priority.

Types Of Google Penalties:

Well, what Google mainly wants businesses is to create quality maintained contents that are totally relevant. And of course, without any mistakes. And there are many black techniques about blogs. So, when a website tries to manipulate the search index just to get ranked, the moment Google bot sees it, that website gets a penalty. Why not? There is a massive chance of getting irrelevant results then. And knowing Google, it always maintains high-class quality.

In any case, you should know that the Google penalty comes in two ways. They are:

1. Manual Penalties:
Google Manual Penalties

I know you can already tell that this penalty is given by humans. I mean, a human reviewer from Google. When he audits a website and sees anything is directly violating any terms and conditions of Google, then he sends a penalty on Google Search Console.

2. Penalty For Algorithm:
Google Penalty Recovery

Well, algorithmic penalties are not actually penalties by Google. Because it depends on the updates and changes of the google algorithm. It leaves a negative effect on your website as the ranking in the search engines drops. This algorithm mainly depends on the quality of backlinks.

Why You Get Penalty From Google?

As a matter of fact, there are certain facts that can lead your website to a penalty. These are:

Now, it is mandatory that you give some backlinks to your website. But google takes it as a scale to measure the quality of your website. And guess what? When checking a backlink, if it seems like a paid link or something, then you’re good as dead.

2. Duplicating Any Contents:

It is very normal that you must publish your own content. You can’t copy another blogger’s content. Because, as I’ve said before, Google always gives the highest and best quality content to its users. So, if your content gets caught in the rules of copyright issues, you’ll get a penalty.

3. Panda:

This penalty happens for the quality of your website. Grammatical mistakes, poorly written contents, inbound links, duplicate copies, etc are the reasons behind this penalty. When this happens, it may happen at one part of your website but it affects badly on your whole website. So be careful.

4. Penguin:

Well, this Google penalty is all about backlinks. Diversity of your backlinks, link quality, and velocity all works on this penalty. It is also mandatory to give backlinks to every page of your website. Isn’t it? That’s why backlinks are very important in this penalty. The links should be relevant for sure, and high-quality. If you get this kind of penalty, then some pages of your website will need repairing.

Also, aside from the above facts, data issues, keyword stuffing, irrelevant keywords, cloaking, sneaky in directing, spam, and viruses are responsible for the penalty.

How Do I Recover From Google Penalty?

The algorithmic penalty can happen anytime. You have to take it calmly. Because, once you get a penalty, recovery should be the utmost priority. So, here are some steps that I know about Google penalty recovery.

For Manual Action:

You need to check out the Google webmaster tool to check out notifications for any manual penalty. In the notification bar, the reason for the penalty will be given there clearly. It is easy to recover from a manual Google penalty though. Because the reason is shown clearly.

For Algorithmic Action:

Well, solving the manual google penalty is easy. Because it’s pretty straightforward. But When it comes to algorithmic penalties. Things are really hard. Why? Because, when an algorithmic penalty happens, Google doesn’t even send you a notification. Because you have to find it out on your own. For example, everything is going well on your website. Then suddenly, your ranking position in search engines started to fall. In this case, you have to check every tiny detail on your website very seriously. Why? Because algorithmic actions seem hidden but cause collateral damage on your website.

Well, I hope my blog was useful to you. Because I’ve tried to write down clearly about Google penalty and its recovery.

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