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Groom Photo Ideas You Don’t Wanna Miss

Do you know when a man feels the most special in the world? It’s his wedding day. Because everyone looks for the most beautiful girl there who is there just for him. The bride for the groom. Isn’t that lovely? I think it’s quite the romantic turn. Because at a wedding venue, everyone looks at the bride. But the bride looks for her groom. I don’t think there is any way to make a man feel he’s the most desired one. Still, there may be some ways that can make a groom the classiest. That’s why I’ve come up with these awesome groom photo ideas that you’re gonna love.

Groom Photo Ideas Now And Then:

Bride and Broom Photo Ideas

You know, they say that the groom is like a flower of gold. Because when he walks down the aisle, the blossoms of his fields unfold. I think it means that a groom looks at his best because of some heavenly reason. The bride looks the same. Right? Although the groom gets a chance to pose for some photography these days. Things were different before. I mean even a few years ago, wedding photography was just bride and groom photography. Wedding photographers back then just used to come with some bride and groom photo ideas.

Groom Photo Ideas

But now that the time has changed. The concept of wedding photography has also changed. Because now wedding photography doesn’t mean only the bride and groom. But also the groom, his best man, groomsmen gets the chance to step into the spotlight. So, the challenge the wedding photographers face nowadays is that they must come up with some groom and groomsmen photo ideas. The groom and best men photo ideas are also popular. In fact, a photo with the maid of honor and the best man in the same frame is a photo of all time. In the past years, it was an untold open secret that there is an immense possibility of marriage between the maid of honor and the best man.

Groom Photo Ideas For All Time:

Bride and Groom Photo Ideas

Now that you know the difference between wedding photography of now and then, let’s get you some photo ideas that you don’t want to miss.

The Groom Getting Ready:

Groom and Groomsmen Photo Ideas

The wedding outlook is the most important thing for the bride and the groom. So, having some shots when the groom is getting ready can be some classiest photo ideas. The snap of when he’s slipping into his shirt, or suit can be some killer photo ideas. People always fall for photos like these. I’ve seen unmarried guys look into these photos with great interest.

The Groomsmen Getting Ready:

Groom and Groomsmen Photo Ideas

A very common scene at the wedding venue is everyone staying near the bride. But trust me, a groom has enough valid reasons to be nervous and vulnerable on his wedding day. He’s about to step into a new life too. That’s why groomsmen are there to support him!

A snap of the groomsmen getting ready might cheer them. Or they can see how important they are to you. You can even tell the groomsmen to help each other to get ready for the wedding. These photos were not very popular in the past. But I guess the groomsmen also deserve to have some shots.

The Groom Wearing Watch:

Groom Photo Ideas

You know, the women always fancy themselves in beautiful dresses mostly. But men? I think it’s the wristwatches and shoes. After taking care of the suit he’s gonna wear to his wedding. The watch comes next. So, a snap of the groom putting on his dream watch can be a killer photo. I know it’s common. But it’s very classy. The watch indicates that the time of his dream coming true is about to be true.

The Best Man Helping Groom:

Groom and Best Man Photo Ideas

This shot is a kind of once-in-a-lifetime photo. This is the most tried and captured photo in most weddings. The groom’s favorite best man is helping him to get ready. Or to help him to get the look of his dream. This also represents a beautiful picture of brotherhood if you ask me. Also, you can tell the groom to help the best man to put on his tie or something.

The Reflections Are Always Nice:

Groom and Groomsmen Photo Ideas

Well, it can a solo or a group photo. You can ask the groom what he wants. The main point of this photo is to look into the mirror and appreciate his wedding look. If the groom chooses his groomsmen too, you tell the groomsmen to pose casually and to look in the mirror with smiling faces.

A Pre-Wedding Toast Is Worth The Shot:

Groom and Groomsmen Photo Ideas

Wedding toasts are mandatory. Yeah, I know that. I mean, everyone knows that. But how about a pre-wedding toast? It’ll be a mix of the bachelorette party and the wedding. This tradition is becoming popular.

Groom’s Accessories:

Groom’s Accessories

Why not? A groom obviously goes all out on his wedding day. Doesn’t he? There’re cufflinks, flowers, watches, ties or bow-ties, rings, etc. You can ask the groom to place these on a beautiful tray and decorate them with flowers or wedding-themed ribbons. After all, a groom should feel all the pampered and everything on his wedding day.

Groomsmen Enjoying The Moment Between Wedding:

Groom and Best Man Photo Ideas

I mean, the wedding isn’t officially on the swing until the bride arrives. Right? So, obviously, the groom and the groomsmen will be having fun. I mean, very funny or at that. You can tell the photographer to catch a shot of that fun time. Candid, fun, and carefree moments.

The Groom Walking Down The Aisle:

Groom and Best Man Photo Ideas

Walking is normal. But walking down the aisle to the altar is not the same. Neither for the bride nor the groom. Each step they take, they get one step closer to another life. So, you can have a shot when the groom is walking down the aisle. Well, that reminds me of another one. You better get two shots. One is the groom’s solo. And another is the groom walking down the aisle with his groomsmen.

A Candid With Best Man:

Groom And Best Man

Well, it can be indoors, at the altar, or after the wedding. The best man always stays near to the groom in case the groom needs any help. So, a shot where the best man is giving a finishing touch to the groom. Or they’re simply having a conversation.

Fun At The Altar:

Groom and Best Man Photo Ideas

This part is totally up to the groomsmen. Because whether they want to make a joke in front of the groom to make him smile. (It’s a pretty intense moment for the groom). Or they’re lifting their groom in front of the bride to make the bride and groom laugh, is totally up to their choice.

Personalised Captures:
Groom and Best Man Photo Ideas

Why not? The groom was once a little boy. He must have a favorite superhero. Superman, Batman, or anything? If you’re the groom, this is the time to show your bride what kind of superhero you’re going to be for him.

Or you can get some superhero-themed cufflinks for you and your groomsmen squad. Then you guys can have a shot of the hands wearing the matching cufflinks. It never hurts to combine your fairytale with your childhood fantasy.

Some Classy And Manly:

Groom and Best Man Photo Ideas

Oh well, the groom is supposed to be handsome and manly too. Right? After all, all the guests are going to be at the wedding. So, you get in a pose with your best man and the groomsmen squad where you guys put both of your hands in your pocket and directly look into the camera. It will bring out a manly, yet regal look.

The First Time Of Seeing The Bride:

Bride and Groom Photo Ideas

The moment the bride steps into the wedding venue, the heart of the groom starts to beat quicker. Because the most gorgeous lady in the venue has arrived just to be with him for a lifetime. So capturing the first look of the groom is very very important. Don’t ever miss that.

Receiving The Woman Of Hour:
Bride and Groom Photo Ideas

The bride usually walks down the aisle with her father/brother. Nowadays, the bride’s mother also accompanies her daughter. But at the end of the aisle, where you’re standing, the person accompanying the bride will hand over her to you. Be careful. You don’t wanna miss this moment of your life. Tell the photographer to get a shot where you receive the woman of your life.

Just Before Getting Married:
Groom and Best Man Photo Ideas

A few moments before stepping into the altar is the most vulnerable moments for the bride and groom. A mix of every single feeling starts to work between both of them. Tension, excitement, happiness, hope, fear, everything. So don’t forget to capture that mixed feelings.

The Best Man’s Toast:
Groom and Best Man Photo Ideas

The best man holds a special place in the groom’s heart. And it’s not because of the wedding. The best man becomes the best man of the groom because he was there on the groom’s side. Through the ups and downs of life. So, the toast of the best man is something else. Capture that.

The Sock:

Groom and Groomsmen Photo Ideas

Like I said, matching outfits or accessories with the groomsmen is definitely nice. Now here comes the matching socks. It’s very common. But fun photo.

A Serious Look:

Groom Photo Ideas

This is the most posed pose of the wedding. You guys can stand in V-shape and give a regal look. Or you can line up in a simple position. I don’t think there’s any groom pose that is manly than this.

When You Lift Up The Veil:
Bride and Groom Photo Ideas

If your bride wears a veil, you can give it a shot for this pose. Because many brides skip the veil part. So, if your bride wears a veil, when you lift the bride’s veil, tell the photographer to take a photo. Because the first look of love between you two is priceless.

The Groom’s Toast:
Bride And Groom Photo Ideas

The wedding after-party is the real party. Because every adult guest looks forward to the wedding toast. So, the groom’s toast must be captured.

Groom and Best Man Photo Ideas

If you have a fur baby or a bunch of fur babies. Why don’t you bring them to your wedding? I know this can an adorable groom photo idea. Besides, people always love people who love animals. Besides, your babies must see their dad is getting married.

For You As A Wedding Photographer:

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Clipping Amazon:
Clipping Amazon

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