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Immaculate Conception Day

While she holds your hands, you’re never alone. Yes, you’re right. I’m talking about our virgin mother Mary. Do you know what I think? Our mother Mary is full of beauty. Because she’s full of grace. I mean, God could not be everywhere. That’s why He made mothers. And mother Mary is just the very symbol of them. So, I’m dedicating this blog to mother Mary in honor of the immaculate conception day.

What Is Immaculate Conception Day?

Mainly, this celebration refers to the holiness of the mother Mary. On this day of December 8, our mother Mary conceived. Yes, she has the utmost privilege to hold a baby in her womb with God’s grace. Also, this makes her the only virgin mother on the earth. She’s the only holy virgin mother of the past, present, and future.

Virgin Mary

This day was first solemnized on December 6 in 1708 as a Holiday of Obligation. Also, the very first celebration of this ceremony happened in the early 5th century. It was called ‘Feast of the Conception of the holiest and all the pure mother of God.

Immaculate Conception Day

On this immaculate conception day, mother Mary conceived immaculately as God blessed. Although she had to face many difficulties after holding Jesus in her womb. And today, we celebrate this immaculate conception with the utmost respect and belief. Besides, Mary’s greatness consists in the fact that she wants to magnify God, not herself. In fact, it seems the hidden meaning of the immaculate conception day.

How To Honor The Mother Of The Lords On This Day?

Saint Augustine once said, our world was unworthy to receive the son of God directly. So, He gave His son to Mary for the world to receive Him from Her.

Mother Mary

Like any other holiday, Immaculate Conception Day isn’t about just music and festivities. It’s a holiday of obligation. Although everyone celebrates this day with Catholic Mass, Grand Fireworks, Parades, Processions, and other cultural festivities.

From Mary, we learn to surrender to God’s will in all things. Also, we learn to trust even when all hope seems wrong. From Mary, we learn to love Christ her son. Don’t you think?

Praying For Mary

I know our world is going through a lot of darkness right now. But at a dark time like this? Holding the Rosary is Like holding Mary’s hand. Because that’s what we need right now.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a sacred symbol of the worth and dignity of motherhood. So, let us learn from Virgin Mary for hoe to be bolder in obeying the word of God. Happy Immaculate Conception Day from Clipping Amazon.

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Lastly, may Mary’s pure and simple smile be a source of joy for each one of us as we face life’s difficulties. And don’t forget to pick up your Christmas gift! I’m leaving the gift on the button below.


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