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Easy Instagram Poses Used By Instagram Models

Do you feel awkward while taking a photo for the Instagram post? Even you never get any likes or comments, where you look perfect. This article is all about Instagram poses that are used by Instagram models. So, you should read this article to learn how to pose for a photo.

Some Top class Instagram Poses:

After consulting with some well-known photographers and creating a review of some fresh poses that will make your photos more appealing. There are a number of poses that will work well for everyone.

Instagram Poses- One Foot Forward:

In Instagram, the most natural-looking body posture while being photographed is to put the foot forward. With this pose, your legs should look long and your photo will look more natural.


To have an attractive and natural body pose, it is important to position your feet properly. Your goal should be to look good when you are standing up with your feet forward. It will make your Instagram photo more appealing. So, you can try this pose for your Instagram post.

Instagram Poses- The Catwalk Pose:

It is the best way to show off your outfit of the day. Imagine you are a famous model walking down the runway during taking photos. This pose is very famous to Instagram models.


You’ll look confident and beautiful when you take the natural beauty of your movement and posture into the camera. If you want to improve your body language, you can try. You should stand straight first. Your back should be straight, your shoulders should be relaxed, and your neck should be straight. Also, try not to be nervous when you are taking pictures. You should just look natural. 

Instagram Poses- Use Props:

I think it’s a good idea to have fun in your photoshoots. If you are having a photoshoot and you feel like doing something funny, just do it. Don’t worry about how silly your poses look. If you are not comfortable in a pose, you can just improvise. Also, don’t try to look serious or beautiful in your photos.


One of the most popular hands posing tips is to use props like an umbrella, a book, a glass of wine, a bag, and flowers. You can use cheap props for your photoshoot. If you want to be more original and creative, check out these ideas.

Pose at 45 Degree Angle:

The key to a perfect silhouette is in the positioning of your body. It’s very important to have the right posture when taking a picture. In order to make your body look slimmer, simply turn your body 45 degrees away from the camera. This posture will make your silhouette more graceful. Also, it will emphasize the natural curve of your body.


If you want to look more beautiful, you should pay attention to your head position. It is very important to keep your head straight while taking photos.

You can practice your poses at home. When you are standing still and looking at yourself in the mirror, you should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your body should be straight from your shoulders to your knees. Also, your hips should be slightly bent.

Instagram Poses- Cross The Legs:


Crossing the legs in a yoga pose is one of the most common positions. This is because it helps to get a better and fuller look. If you cross your legs, they will look skinnier. It is one of the most popular Instagram poses that are used by Instagram models. Also, this pose has many advantages. It enhances your body curves and flatters your silhouette. Male and female poses will work well if the legs are moved.

Give It A Twirl:

There are many ways you can make your image look more interesting. One of these ways is to add some creative poses. So, to do that you should add a simple gesture that will help you to create a funny and unique photo. Also, it will look amazing.


You can create a funny but original pose by kicking your leg out. This small movement will allow you to show your new shoes at their best and make your photo more dynamic and livelier.

Instagram Poses- Hands-On Waist:


Hand on the waist is one of the best Instagram poses. So, for it placing your hands on the waist is one of the best poses. This is not the same posture as the hands on the hips. Flip your hands upwards if you want to get a natural effect.

Instagram Poses- Look Over-The-Shoulder:


The next Instagram pose is to look over the shoulder. As you are looking at the photographer, you will have a good photo that is perfect for any social media site. It will be a great image to share on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site. So, we can say this is a great way to have a beautiful photo.

Lean On Car:

It’s a great idea for those who have already tried many poses on social media to lean on a retro or trendy car. Of course, a relaxed body posture will make your photo better. You can experiment with angles here, but make sure you use the low angle to look your legs longer and more attractive to your picture.


You may think that it is not very easy to take a good picture with a car. But, it isn’t impossible. Just get yourself a selfie stick and get up close and personal with your favorite car. Also, you can ask your friends/photographer to take the photo.

The Walking Away Shot:


When you travel to an exotic destination, it’s important to have a photographer on hand to capture the best photos possible. You can capture your photos in walking poses. It saves you the trouble of worrying about your facial expression or not wearing make-up because of this pose.  Also, it allows the viewers to focus on the model but also contemplate the beauty of the tourist attractions.

Instagram Poses- Hands In Pockets:

Many Instagram models don’t know what to do with their hands when taking photos. It is a great problem. But, if they wear an outfit that has pockets. They can put their hands in their pocket during photography.


Otherwise, if you put all your fingers in a pocket, it will make your limbs look shorter.

Instagram Poses- Sit On The Stairs:


The stairs are a great place to take a good photo. If you want more appalling photos for your Instagram, you can take a photo by sitting on the stairs. Also, you can play with the visual perception of your body by adding some symmetry to the photo like Instagram models. To make it look longer, stretch out one leg and put it on the stairs. Also, you should put one arm on your knee and the other between the legs. Also, you can pretend to have tea or coffee.

The Backward Chair:


You can position yourself on the chair facing the camera by placing the chair backward. The back of the seat is where you want to create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. You will look nice and contemplative when you take this pose. So, try this pose and take an adorable photo.

The Bambi Pose:


One of the best beach photo ideas is the Bambi pose. So, you should try it. Round your back and get down on your knees to strengthen your body during giving photo pose. Also, your knees should be kept apart or together. It’s one of the most popular poses for Instagram models.

Mirror Selfie:

If you want to show off your stylish outfit or some new items of your attire, this is a great pose. So, changing your pose and adjusting other factors will make your images more appealing, and you can make a mirror selfie without any help.


If you were curious about how to have a successful social media account, take this pose into your feed.

Block The Sun:


To do this pose, you need to protect your eyes from the sunrays by raising your hand. So, raising your hand protects your eyes from the sunrays. For this pose, you have to find a sunny place. Here, the sunrays will fall on your face. So, you have to protect your eyes with two hands. This will be a great photo.

Play With Your Hair:


For a photo session in windy weather, choose this one among a wide range of poses. Pretend to fix your hair by running your fingers through it during photography. Also, can keep the hair out of the wind by placing your hands on your neck.

Edit Your Photos:


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