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Do You Want To Get Ranked Globally? Take A Look At International SEO Strategy!

Do you want to see your content getting ranked globally? Then maybe you should lend a look at how to follow an international SEO strategy! Also, if you wish to spread your business globally, then I guess international SEO is for you. In this blog, I’ll show you how to do international SEO and why it is important.

What Is International SEO?

When you target a certain number of countries and optimize your website that way. Then it is called international SEO. So, if we say it more clearly when you’re trying to optimize your website in such a way that many countries can see your content on the search bar, then you’re trying to do international SEO.

Well, there are some important facts when you decide to bring your content in front of an international audience. The very first and most important fact is deciding which domain structure you’ll need when your content is publishing in different languages.

Google always works on the match of search results to the location and languages of the google searches. And tries to put the best-related content in front of them. So when you add some special indicators to your website, it will help Google or any other search engine to show your content to that specific audience.

International SEO Strategy:

International SEO Strategy

When it comes to doing an international SEO, domain structure is almost a vital thing. Another vital fact is an SEO-friendly URL. There are also other important facts too. We’ll talk about it now:

You Have To Go For Multilingual Meta Tags:

When Google crawls a page, meta tags give the proper context of the page, so that your webpage gets indexed. Because these are the line of HTML of a given webpage. Now you might be thinking that how are meta tags related to international SEO? Yes, although you can’t see it with bare eyes meta tags help very much. Because it helps Google or other search engines to realize that what it is reading and whom it is for. So, meta tags should be concluded, both foreign countries and language’s short form or abbreviation in your subdirectory or subdomain. It is very important because if you plan to do a translating blog, and you’re translating other’s writing, Google won’t flag your writing for Copywrite.

You Must Decide What International Content You’ll Provide:
SEO Analysis

Okay, before determining this, you must set another target. Do you want to do geo-targeting? Or do you want your website SEO done based on language? Or do you want both? Any website gives a pop-up page where you can choose your own language. After choosing the language, the whole page translates.

Also, you can target both country and language. Once you’re done with what contents you’re going to provide, you’ll need to decide how you want to structure for international SEO.

Setting Up An International SEO Friendly URL:

Is URL structure important too for international SEO? Of course, it is. Because it helps Google or other search engines to figure out that which pages of your website you want people to see from different countries. Okay, it is a part of geo-targeting, and it mainly focuses on location. Well, multiple locations. When setting up the URL for your website, you must keep an eye on the following facts:

  • You have to set up a sub-directory for each country of your choice on your main website
  • You must keep a separate website for every country, it looks like a lot of work, but it will tidy up your main website.
  • Sub-domains are not a good choice for international SEO.
For Targeting Language, Use Hreflang Tags:
International SEO

The website that publishes content in multiple languages uses Hreflang. Because it helps the search engine to match with the language of the searcher. For example, if you use Hreflang on your website. Then if a Spanish visitor visits your website, he’ll see your page in his language. This is very very helpful for international SEO.

There are many forms of using Hreflang on the website. You must choose the easiest way to use it to match your website.

Use More Signals To Support International SEO:
SEO Tools

As optimist as I am for international SEO, I hate to say that it is a bit of complex work. Also, it takes time. But when it starts to work, you’ll see that it has a lot of perks. Besides, who doesn’t love an international audience? Now, doing a professional local SEO goes a long way. Now the question is how to add signals on supporting international SEO? The answer is, you can consider your search engine preferences at first. Then, keep an on your content and make sure it’s mobile-friendly. Also, while doing international SEO, don’t forget to proper local SEO. Because local SEO is the first step of doing international SEO. So, don’t ignore it.

So, that was all about international SEO strategy so far I’ve known. If I know anything more about it, I’ll let you know. Also, if you know something, feel free to comment below. It’s a cordial request.

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