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8 Best Tips On Landscape Photography: Beginner’s Guide

Andy Warhol once said that “Land is really the best art”. To see the art around you, just look deep into nature, and you’ll find inner peace. Also, you’ll understand everything better! Yes, in this blog, we’ll talk about the beauty of nature. And how you can photograph it perfectly. So, let’s dig into this world of landscape photography!

What Is Landscape Photography?

The Concept Of Professional Landscape Photography

When photography was first invented in 1826, nobody imagined photography will become this common nowadays. Joseph Niepce took the very first photograph in 1826. And do you know what kind of photography was it? It was landscape photography. Yeah, the oldest kind of photography is landscape photography. So, you realize why almost everyone is head over heels for it.

Basically, landscape photography or nature landscape photography means taking natural photos. I mean it’s a very much basic base. Where trees, hills, flowers, rain, or the moon is the subject. But this idea has changed. Modern landscape photography has a broader vision. Because in the modern version of landscape photography, you can take any kind of photo. Some of your photos may include humans too. You can take the oldest style photos of beautiful old buildings or a snow-covered frozen pond with children playing on it. It will be seen as landscape photos.

So, I hope the concept of landscape photography is clear now? In short, the photos where human isn’t focused as the subject are known as landscape photos. And the concept of taking this kind of photo is known as landscape photography. Now let’s see the other facts of landscape photography.

What Elements Do You Need To Capture Stunning Natural Photos?

Okay, you must know one thing. Landscape photography isn’t just the oldest kind of photography, but also the most rewarding kind of photography. And why is that? Because a perfectly captured and polished-up natural photo is worth a million dollars. Nature landscape photography is very popular among photographers just for this reason.

Now let’s see what else do you need for nature landscape photography:

A Camera For Sure:

Primary Camera Settings

Any kind of camera will do for the start. Still, a DSLR is always welcomed though. But the best ones for landscape photography are Fujifilm, Nikon, Cannon company cameras. Sony A7R or Panasonic S1R/S1 is also very good.


Color is a very basic and very important element in every photo. But unwanted lights, reflections always spoil those colors when you take a photo. So, to add such problems and to increase the saturated color, add a polarizer in front of your camera.


Now you may think, ‘why I’d need a tripod?’ Well, nature is always unpredictable. And although trees can’t move by themselves but there’s always wind. Which may give you a blurry photo. Yeah, natural blurs add perfection but man-made blurs don’t. So getting a tripod will do the trick.

A Histogram Is A Must:

This is an essential tool in photography. Although this tool helps you after taking a natural photo. Still, it plays a vital role in improving photos. A histogram is a simple graph that helps you by showing color tonal distribution in your taken photo.

Also, you’ll need different kinds of lenses. Still, to start landscape photography these tools are needed the most. If you want to add more, you can add a zoom lens then.

8 Best Landscape Photography Tips:

Before we start with professional landscape photography tips, the last reminder is badly needed. That is, landscape photography isn’t just about the sun or sunlight or the trees. It’s also about the tricks to know about how to use your camera. As you’ve packed up all your tools and camera, now let’s get to these nature landscape photography tips:

1. Watch Out For The Golden Hour:
Shoot At The Golden Hour

Well, let’s be clear. Golden hour means the right time when your view will look most beautiful. And if you’re to take natural photos, then daytime is the best. Especially when the sun is behind you. Well, to utilize the sunlight properly, get yourself in 45 degrees when the sun is at a 90-degree angle.

Besides, many photographers suggest taking photos during sunset. Because the lights are more soft and well contrasted that time. You can also use the shadows, silhouettes to your advantage.

2. Sense The Depth:
Sense The Depth

Sensing and focusing the depth of the photos is very important in landscape photography. There are two ways to sense the depth in your subject. The first one is, you can create depth by keeping everything in your image. And don’t forget to focus from the foreground to the sky or infinite.

The most common or most used method to use depth is to use a smaller aperture. Because it keeps your photos interesting by keeping everything in your photo.

3. Catch The Movement:
Catch The Movement

Like I said before, nature is never still. There’s something going on or something happening always. And if you capture this movement of nature, you’ll be golden. For example, the falling water of a fall, the river flow, the wobbling of trees, or the cloud’s passing. Trust me, this kind of movement always grabs the most appealing look, which is exactly what you want.

To capture the natural movement you can lower your shutter speed. And if you don’t want to lower your shutter speed, you can simply add a filter to your camera. Because most photographers, use ND filters to capture the natural movement perfectly.

4. A Human Doesn’t Hurt:
Add One or Two People To Create More Urgency

What I meant is you can create more urgency in your landscape photos by adding one or two people in there. Adding people to your landscape photos doesn’t lower the quality of your photo. But the focus sure does.

Because it’s the prime condition of landscape photography that nature or the environment will be focused here, not humans. Still, if you can add one or two, it’ll create more urgency, it’ll look more appealing.

5. Don’t Miss The Reflection:
Take A Shot With The Natural Reflection

This is one of the most important landscape photography tips. Especially when you’re taking photos of the river or any watery objects. Any watery object has the power to reflect everything. And your job as a landscape photographer is to capture this reflection and make it more visible. Although these kinds of photos need post-production help. Still, if you go for this kind of place to take photos, make sure you’re catching the reflection too. It just adds the cherry on the top.

6. Have Patience:
Have Patience To Get The Perfect Shot

Sometimes you have to wait for too long to take the best shot. For example, you’re trying to get a shot of a butterfly or a bird, and it’s not settling. Surely, you don’t have anything to do but to wait.

Also, if you go for the night shoot to photograph the stars. Or the moon to come up, or the moon to get covered half by the clouds, you have to keep patience.

7.Break The Traditonal Photography Rules:
Take Shots From Wherever You Want

Okay, I’m not kidding. You have to break the traditional photography rules if you want to capture something really unique. And the traditional rules are like, you can’t take landscape photos from an upper or a lower view.

You can use this trick on sea or beach photography. Use a drone and take a snap from the upper view at a slower shutter speed. Now, look, what a stunning photo it is.

8. Shoot In Raw Format:
Try To Shoot At Raw

This is the most important landscape photography tips. Because landscape photos, no matter how carefully you handle they’ll need post-processing. Because even after using filters and lenses, your photos will need color enhancement, background cleaning, etc. So it’s best if you shoot at a raw format.

This was all about our best landscape photography tips. But don’t panic about the word post-processing your photos. You’ll have Clipping Amazon beside you as your trusted business companion.

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