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How To Take Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture

In the world of CVs and job circulars, it’s easy to get hypnotized. But now that LinkedIn is here, we all are taking a breather. Because LinkedIn offers us the best corporate experience. And many people have found their dream job on LinkedIn. I know there are many cheating companies who trick people to rob their money. But on LinkedIn, there aren’t any chances you’ll be facing anything like that. Also, you’ll get the call of your dream job when you’ll look really professional. What I’m trying to say is that it’s really very important that you’ll need a professional-looking LinkedIn profile picture. Why? Let’s find out!

What’s With The LinkedIn Profile Picture?

When a job employer visits your profile on LinkedIn, do you know what’s the first thing he notices? It’s your LinkedIn profile picture. He notices how professional you look in that profile picture. If you put on a model and very chick-looking photo on the profile of your LinkedIn, be 100% sure to be ignored for your interview call.

Tips On LinkedIn Profile Picture

But do you know why? Because LinkedIn calls for the sleek but professional profile picture. And might I add, the more simple you’ll look in your LinkedIn profile, the more interview you’ll get. So let’s see how you can come up with a professional-looking LinkedIn profile picture.

Tips On Taking LinkedIn Profile Picture:

LinkedIn is the most sophisticated corporate site for job-seekers and job employers. So, the tiniest matter here matters the most. Some facts will matter very important even if it looks less important. So you need to keep an eye on these facts-

Look Friendly Or Easy-Going:

Look Friendly

Yeah, look friendly but not playful. By friendly, you’ll want to highlight the kindness in you. That you’re easy to talk to. Employers can ask you many questions. Remember, being professional doesn’t mean being gloomy. Also, being serious doesn’t mean being angry. Nobody likes an angry and sad face. Even in the corporate world.

Wear Formal, Not Festive:

Tips On LinkedIn Profile Picture

As for LinkedIn profile pictures, you must wear something sleek and professional. Like a business suit that makes you look very professional. In LinkedIn, wearing your best doesn’t mean you wear a gown or dresses like that. If you don’t have a business suit, you can wear a plain shirt/denim with jeans.

Nothing Beats Headshot:

Do you know what does headshot means? A headshot means a portrait where only your face from your shoulder will be focused. And LinkedIn prefers a headshot photo as a profile picture. So, when you go to the studio for a LinkedIn profile picture. Make sure you’re taking the headshot service.

Go For Headshot

There’s nothing wrong with the full-length picture on LinkedIn. But headshot is more preferred. So, keep it in mind.

Expression Really Matters:

A Friendly Expression

Because the expression is the first thing about you that your employer will get before talking to you. Also, putting on a friendly look is good. But that doesn’t mean you can cackle or laugh loudly. If you look clearly, LinkedIn doesn’t have any laughing emojis. So, smile with eyes that leave a sweet vibe on your face. But don’t laugh too loud when taking pictures.

Never Post Selfies:

Don’t Go For Selfies

Okay, selfies are for your Facebook and Instagram. Not for your LinkedIn profile picture. As I have said before, LinkedIn isn’t a site where you post your personal selfies and all the stuff. You must post a headshot as a LinkedIn profile picture. You can check out other people’s LinkedIn profiles for examples.

Keep An Eye On Clear Background:

Backgrounds Should Be Plain

I bet you have taken photos for your passport. Did you notice photographers use a plain color for the background? A plain background focuses on the subject. And that’s what you’ll want in your LinkedIn profile picture. A noisy background, on the other hand, looks less professional. So, keep the background plain and simple.

Edit, If Possible:

It’s not for you to edit your own LinkedIn profile picture. Because you need to go to a photography studio, the job will be done by the photographer. But if you photoshoot indoors, you must edit your photos to enhance the photo quality. Because LinkedIn profile picture calls for high-resolution photos. So you’ll need photo editing to retouch your photo. But if you can’t do that on your own. I know a solution, an easy solution. It’s about Clipping Amazon.

I hope my blog was useful to you. But if need more tips on LinkedIn profile pictures, you can follow my Business Portrait article.

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