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Male Photography Poses & Some Ideas

These male photography poses will become very useful if you’re going to photograph men for the first time. Taking great photos of men is easy–unless they’re just not that interesting! Some guys are terrible in front of the camera, and it’s often hard to get natural-looking photos of men versus images of women. When working with men, most of the tips and tricks you find will fall flat, due to the fact that most of the study of posing comes from female models. Still, there are some tips that apply to both men and women, so we’ll list them here. We’ll also include some specific tips for men.

Tips Posing For Males

Posing a man can be a challenge. The general poses may look the same as those used with female models, but there are some significant differences that the photographer needs to keep in mind. The essence of a person or the vision of the photographer is what photography is all about. What makes a person unique is also being captured in the images of models. It’s the uniqueness that makes a person interesting and attractive, which is what we want to capture in our photographs. This chapter will cover several important posing considerations for male models.

20 Male Model Poses and Ideas

These poses will help get started in male portrait photography successfully. Don’t be afraid to combine these tips with your ideas, experiment, and create your own style.

Standing Poses


There are classic standing poses that apply to both men and women. You have to find a balance between being too rigid and too soft with men. While maintaining the chiseled features and dominant look you may be going for, motion is a great way to make an image seem softer. The best male model poses for a photoshoot are taken while moving.



Another way to make an image appear natural is to have the model lean on something. You can have the walls stand on one leg and bend the other. You can take the shot from any angle. Leaning adds a relaxed flair to photos and can be the perfect look for male models.

Sitting Poses


There is a group of poses that are sitting down. Don’t assume that it has to be a chair because the object being sat on adds to the photograph. Skaters on the rails at the skatepark, musicians sitting on a guitar case, and bikers on their Hogs are just some of the things that could be done.

Sitting On Stairs


There are a lot of photographic possibilities that can be found on the stairs. It is possible to use patterns and repetition to make the composition more appealing. They are a neutral background with a lot of interest for the eye. There are railings that can be used for leaning shots. Sitting and reclining poses can be done by using the stairs. If you can, hang the arms over the knees and have the model lean towards the camera with a straight-back posture.

Classic Contrapposto


It’s always a good idea to start with a study of the work of the masters. It is likely that it has been done before when it comes to the human body and poses. The way a model puts their weight on only one leg makes their shoulders and arms turn off-center, which is what the Italian word for Contrapposto means. A visually pleasing asymmetry in the body’s shape can be seen from this posture.

With Musician, Instruments


Take photos with your model’s favorite musical instrument, if he is fond of it. There will be any male pose and location. Emotions, especially look, are something that really matters. Try to find a suitable place for the shoot. The background should not be too dark, but you should also avoid shooting against a bright wall. Also, do not choose a bright place because it might make the subject look dull and unattractive.

Sitting On a High Surface


This male model pose shows the landscape and unusual background when the model is sitting on a high surface. A man usually looks at the camera from a distance. If you can play with angles, you will get a fascinating scene.

Hair Swipe


A common look in nude male models poses is hair flicking. The model is looking at the camera while running his fingers through his hair. Depending on the expression of the facial expression, it can be anything from a playful look to a simple candid moment. So, it’s always good for a little humor and the occasional laugh or smile.

Moving Away from The Camera


Motion photos are always creative and interesting. Turn the camera back from time to time and ask your model to move away from it. You should follow him and take shots. If you have outdoor shooting in narrow streets with beautiful architecture, then these photos are perfect.

With Sport Equipment


Sports equipment will increase the range of male poses. Pick the model you like the most. It is possible to be a bicycle, roller-skates, or a skate.

Male Photography Poses: The Arm Cross


The pose you will find on professional directories and profile pages the world over is the one you know. It is easy and simple for men who are not used to posing professionally. This pose can evoke a wide range of moods, from businesslike to non-conforming, depending on the facial expression. The hands-in-pockets pose is similar to the hands-in-pockets pose, so you can try it out in a variety of situations.

The Prop


There are props that can work wonders, but they have to make sense in the context of your photoshoot. They should help tell the story of the person you are photographing, rather than distract attention away from him. It is possible to ask your model to bring an object of personal significance on set, not only will this prop help make him feel more comfortable, but it will also help prompt new pose ideas.

Crossed Legs


This male pose is a win-win one for the photo session. Your model will look handsome in the frame because it will show confidence, courage, and masculinity. The outfit and props greatly affect the final result, so just be careful with them. Stand up straight with your legs crossed at the ankles. The legs should be relaxed and you should feel comfortable. If you feel any discomfort, sit down on a chair until you are ready to pose. Start by opening your knees slightly and then slowly bring them together.

Sitting On A Desk


You will need a sturdy desk for this location. Ask your subject to sit firmly on the edge and you will get a very professional result. It is possible to experiment with different hand positions, but hands in the pockets or resting on top of the legs are the best.

Walking Or Strutting?


The shot looks more fluid and natural after movement loosens a model up. When a model starts walking, it is not relaxing from the job. Walking gives them an opportunity to show off their stuff. It works on camera, but sometimes it is stiff and awkward.

Reclined Poses

Reclining poses can be great ways to look more relaxed and informal, but they shouldn’t look less manly. So, all the same rules of posture and posing apply–look for sharp angles and avoid curves.

Sitting On Unfolded Chair


Male poses are always popular. You can also use the unfolded chair to add a casual look to your images. Ask your model to sit and look at the side of the chair. It is important that you keep the image in focus and that the model is looking straight at the camera. Moreover, the chair can be placed in the background of a shot or positioned in front of your subject.

Male Photography Poses: Tattoos


There is a hidden story behind tattoos. You can take a close-up shot of tattoos on the individual part of the body, or a full-length photo using a standing pose male, depending on your preferences and the level of freedom of your model.



A photographer’s shot list and a model portfolio are incomplete without headshots. They are a great place to get ready for a shoot. The model uses them as a way to practice their smize. A male model poses for photography usually focus on masculinity. The signature looks lie in the face and head, with a chiseled jawline and broad shoulders. In headshots, body posture is important to show power in the shoulders. So, keeping the framing square is helped by leaning in slightly. Headshots look great taken straight on, in a half-turn, and shot over the shoulder, looking towards the camera.

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