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Motion Blur Photography: What Is Motion Blur in Photography and How to Capture It

Have you wondered how you can add a sense of motion to a still photo? Motion blur Photography is your answer. You can create a sense of movement. It brings your images to life using motion blur.

When you start photography, blurry photos are your worst enemy. It fails to happen. But Everything is going great, and you are loving what you are getting. Then you load the images on your computer and you are disappointed. All are blurry, and you can’t figure out why. So, you can learn about shutter speed and how to prevent camera shake. If the shutter speed is too low, the camera picks up the motion of your body moving. Then you getting blurry photos. Blurry things in a photo show motion. There are a few better or more artful ways to show the passing of time. It’s a quickness of objects with blurred motion.

Motion blur

What Is Motion Blur Photography?

A blurred image is meant to be, and the parts of the photo that aren’t in motion are sharp and crispy focused. these images are made with intent simply. Because they wouldn’t come out well. It’s got a lucky shot when it comes to blurring. When you start looking for blur images there are many examples. Some things are like planes, cars, or runners. But other things in nature can be surprising and can add surreally. It abstracts moods to your photos. Flowing star trails, silky waterfalls, and velvety clouds are just a few examples.

Camera Settings

Your camera should be set to shutter priority with a shutter speed between 1\15 and 1\60 sec. It also depends upon the speed of your subject. You may need to shoot a few test shots to determine your shutter speed. A slower shutter speed will increase the blur. While a faster shutter speed will reduce blur. The key is to find the shutter setting that allows your subject to appear sharp.

If your shutter speed is too slow your images will be blurred. If your shutter speed is too fast your background will be blurred. Autofocus should be set to continuous or Al-servo in order to maintain the proper focus of your moving target. This center autofocus point should be selected.


Using a telephoto lens requires a faster shutter speed. But camera shake is the main culprit of out-of-focus panned images. A wide-angle lens creates less camera shake. It also allows longer shutter speeds.
But will requires more movement from the photographer in order to achieve a panned images.



If you are not using a tripod, you become the tripod. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. But be sure to only twist your torso in the same direction as the moment. While your subject is following in the viewfinder. The shutter release button holds down to fire a rapid succession of shots. Once you become comfortable panning under natural lights conditions. A fill flash to create different effects. Flash is also vital for action shots taken in low conditions. The panning does not work if your subject is moving toward you. Your subject has to be moving across your field.

Tips and Ideas to Capture Unique Motion Blur Photos

Subject in Motion, or Not

There are two ways you can look at a blurry motion photo- your subject is in motion, or your subject is stationary with things moving around them. You can use the effect both ways. Showing a plane zoom through your frame creates a powerful sense and speed. Showing your subject alone in a sea of moving people on a crowded city sidewalk is also powerful. Motion blur in photography can teach a still image with a sense of speed or convey a passage of time.

Subject in Motion

Use Motion To Tell A Story

We’re always looking for ways to increase our photography to the next level. Without exception, the answer lies not in the photo itself but in the story. That’s what connects with our audience the most.

Light Trails

Blurry motion photos are often nightscapes. Since it’s so much easier to use slow shutter speeds after dark. At night, nothing catches the eye like lights. Moving lights to add motion to your photos and an elegant effect. The lights on the streets are good. It also with headlights and taillights on vehicles making smooth winding trails through your frame. they have the extra benefits of being to the viewers. But it is abstract enough not to overpower the composition.

Light Trails

Light Painting

Another way you can make after-hours photos is by using light painting. Models are moving lights around the frame. They can swing them in circles. It makes geometric, patterns, or spells out letters. Sparklers work great for this. But it also do simple flashlights or candles work too.

Light Painting

Star Trails and Astrophotography

Nature provides her own lights in photos. If you set your camera up with a long enough shutter speed. The stars in the sky will take on their own blurry trails. Star trail photography is art from itself. So when you are sure to read up on the exact methods before you give it a shot. You need a camera that doesn’t create too much sensor noise at night. Many astrophotographers prefer to shoot star trail images in sets. The best way to get long star trails is to take multiple shots each with an exposure of 20-30 seconds. Then combine them later in Photoshop.

Star Trails

Capture Clouds Moving

Capturing clouds with slow shutter speeds can add movements. But otherwise static environments. This motion blur photography can be used to great effects in shots of landscapes and architecture.

Clouds Moving

Flowing Water

Anything that moves in nature can be blurred in photographs. There are lots of examples. But most of them come back to flowing water. There like waterfalls, waves at a beach, or a babbling brook are times when knowing how to snap a blurry motion photo. Another great place to blur water motion is fountains.

Flowing Water

Blur In Street Photography

The city is full of motion and blurring it. The photographer can select as the subject what they are trying to isolate. Vehicles, wayfarers, or bicyclists can all be made blurry. Blurring people makes them unidentifiable. That is handy when dealing with commercial work. But it also imparts the idea of a bustling city. These things are always in motion and never stopping.

Blur In Street

Panning Shots for Sports, Kids, & Pets

Panning is the moving of the camera of the exposure. If something is locked in the middle of the frame. But it was moving at the same speed that the camera was. However, it will remain in focus on blur. The background is also blurry. It would be from the perspective of a moving subject.

Shots for Sports

Athletes, kids, or pets those subjects are fast-moving. You can try it hand-held or with a tripod. It works with a medium telephoto. At first, you make sure your camera is set to constant autofocus. Your subject runs from one side to the other, keep the camera centered on them the whole time. Shoot in continuous slowest shutter speed you can.

Shots for Pets

Sometimes these shots you get lucky. But sometimes the subject moved their head too much or their legs look odd. That’s why you go with burst mode and take a bunch of photos. Many photos will be tossed out later. Then you’ll also get one or two keepers.

Panning On Vehicles

Cars offer a lot of various blurry motions. From inside the car, you can shoot pictures of the world whizzing. Many budding photographers have taken these snapshots for fun. If you are outside the car, you can take the idea of panning one step. Athletes in sports photos, the car can remain sharp and clear while it moves through its background at warp speed.

Panning On Vehicles

Motion Blur In Photography: Conclusion

Well, there you have it! Tips to capture motion blur in photography. So, remember these tips. After some creative motion blur photos, you’ll also get stunning results.

Blurry photos aren’t always a bad thing. But it helps you tell your story. A blurred image can be a powerful tool. It does take some practice to help your photography. With a little trial and error, you will start seeing what will work. Keep in mind, good composition while you do it, and do everything you can to keep your blurry photos clear and sharp.

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