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Tips For Mountain Photography

It’s not the mountains we conquer you know? But we ourselves. And you know what? Mountains have a way of dealing with over-confidence. But overconfidence is not that bad, is it? Because it’ll give you some awesome mountain photos. Now, I bet you got the sense of today’s idea? Yes, today I’m going to give you some awesome photo tips about mountain photography. If you keep reading, I promise you at the end of this blog, you’ll nail mountain photography.

What Is Mountain Photography?

Mountains Photography

Well, mountains come with a rocky surface. So, do you have the ability to climb to the top of your dream? To master the art of mountain photography, you need to have the habit to climb the rocky roads of a hill or mountain. Also, you’ll need some other gears and tools to protect yourself. Because a camera and a set of the lens are needed in any kind of photography, no?

Mountain Landscape Photography

Of course, there is a story behind every single mountain. Besides no mountains look the same. Does it? So, when you’re climbing up the mountains or bow down before it to capture beautiful mountain photos, you’re doing mountain photography?

Does It Include Landcape Photography Too?

Mountain Landscape Photography

Of course. Mountain comes with landscapes. Doesn’t it? Besides, mountain landscapes are totally different from the other types of landscape views. There will be unique trees, birds, plants, and animals. Even humans also live a different life in the mountains. As we all know, living in the mountain is quite adventurous. Also, it’s full of charm and wonder too. Moreover, these kinds of adventurous photos always go viral. If you browse the internet, you’ll see many bloggers go to the mountains to make beautiful content for their channels. Therefore, mountain photography includes landscape photography.

Things You’ll Need Before Heading To The Mountain:

Of course, there are some special tools for mountain photography. Let’s get you geared then, shall we?

Nothing Beats Planning:

Planning what you want to do before you’re doing it, makes you ready and professional. So, plan before you out to capture mountain photos. You can scout your location to find any nearby mountains or hills. Because not every mountain is perfect for photography. So, planning will give some extra boost before photography. For example, what kind of lens you’ll need or what kind of shot you want to try or whatever.

Take A Rain Check:

Mountains Photography

We all know mountains are rather slippery when it rains. So it’s really necessary to check out the weather condition before you go for the photo shoot. Besides, you’ll need some extra protection for your camera and other tools.

Keep Plan B or C Too:

I mean, the weather is really unpredictable. Sometimes it rains out of nowhere. And that can happen to you when you go to the mountain too. What will you do then? That’s why you need to keep plan B or C in case anything goes wrong with plan A.

Camera And Lenses:

Any DSLR camera will do just fine. But you’ll need some lens and a tripod. Because a tripod will make your photo shoot less disturbing. And as for lenses, you know different lenses provide a different view. Such as a wide angle lens will give you photos with wide views. Also, a telephoto lens can help you get a snap of further view. Because some mountains are really hard and risky to climb. You may also bring some mini lights. These will come in handy when you go to capture photos in the twilight hour.

Mountain Photography Tips:

Now that you are packed up with all the tools you need, let’s head to the nearest mountain.

Capture The Sky With The Mountain:
Mountains Photography

You know how it is, mountains have a way to deal with the sky. I mean, sometimes they appear in such a way that you’ll have to believe there’s a relation between the sky and the mountain. Besides, the hide and sick of the moon and the sun behind the mountain will be on trend forever.

So, even if there’s no moon in the night sky, you can still capture the stars with the mountain. Also, you don’t have to climb up the rocky roads for this kind of shot.

The Wide View:
Mountain Landscape Photography

It’s hard to capture the whole view of a mountain. But you can always capture one side with a wide view. And yes, you don’t have to climb up to the mountain for this shot too. But you have to roam around the ground to scout the best angle of the mountain. Not all the sides are photogenic, right? So, choose the best angle and bow down with a wide angle lens and grab your dream shot.

Different Seasons, Different Colors:
Mountains Photography

Of course. Mountains are a part of nature. As you know, nature wears different colors always. You can capture a snow-covered mountain. Or you can capture colorful mountains with autumn colors. Oh, don’t back away from a rainy day too! Because you never know what you can get unless you take the snap. And you’ll be surprised what bad weather can give you. Oh yes, don’t try to climb up the mountain. Not during bad weather.

Include Life To Add Drama:
Mountain Landscape Photography

Adding life to your composition will make your photos dramatic. There are a lot of mountain girl photos on the internet. Also, the photo of people climbing up to the mountain or living the mountain lives always grabs the attention. The trick is pretty simple. Add life in whatever way you love. You can also capture some silhouette photos.

A Sunrise From The Back Of The Mountain:
Mountains Photography

I know you’ll find this trick very common. But everyone loves this kind of picture. Although you have to arrive early to the spot before sunset. Still, I think you need to give it a shot. The photo where the first rays of the sun come out from the sky will be something your audience will always remember.

Mists Are Not Clouds:
Mountains Photography

I mean who doesn’t love a spooky or haunted mountain? Besides every photographer goes through insane situations to capture some moments before the sunset. And if you get any chance like that, you better go for it. Because the frozen mists on the top of the mountain is a scene everyone will love for sure. Moreover, the mists will be more visible if you go to capture them before the golden hour.

The Clouds:
Mountains Photography

This trick requires climbing hills though. Because when you climb a really high mountain, you’ll see clouds floating beneath your feet. Dramatic and dreamy, nice? So, go for it. Won’t you? However, you have to snap this shot in the golden hour too. Or if you want to do it during the blue hour, you may not be able to capture the most dramatic scene. But you’ll love the outcome.

Stack Your Photos For Editing:

Editing landscape photos are kind of mandatory. And in mountain photography? Definitely yes. Because photo editing will make every single curve of the mountains visible. Also, when you use a telephoto lens to capture a distant mountain, editing can always help you with that. What I mean is, that if anything goes wrong during your photo session, photo editing will always fix it. Not that every photo editing company understands your pain. But I sure do. Yes, why don’t you try Clipping Amazon?

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An Elephant On A Manipulated Background

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