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National Hugging Day 2022: Date, History And Some Tips To Celebrate Occasion on 21 January

Every year on January 21, National Hugging Day is celebrated. National Hugging Day encourages everyone to hug their friends and family more often. A hug is an emotional charge that strengthens your immune system. It makes a person feel better about themselves and makes them feel less depressed. In a relationship, hugs can teach you how to give and receive.

A hug makes your love feel safe and comfortable, and it is an expression of love and safety. Hugging someone for a long time stimulates the release of oxytocin in the brain, a neurotransmitter that promotes bonding and it can really lift our moods. Hugs are a way of showing love and care. On Hugging Day, you don’t need to say anything because a feeling will speak louder than words.

When Is National Hugging Day 2022?

National Hugging Day is celebrated on January 21 with the simplest and most effective way of expressing affection. Even though a hug is one of the most natural gestures, it’s not practiced enough these days. The holiday encourages hugging as a way of conveying affection and emotions. There are many health benefits of hugging. It lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, eases tension and aids in sleep. And, it doesn’t have to be a long embrace either. Just a brief hug can have a surprisingly positive effect.

History Of National Hugging Day

Kevin Zaborney created National Hugging Day in 1986. His friend was a granddaughter of the proprietors of Chase’s Calendar of Events. The time between the winter holiday season and the new year’s birthdays is when people tend to feel low in spirits, so Zaborney chose January 21. He hoped National Hugging Day would change that, as he felt Americans were often too embarrassed to show affection in public.


The word hug is believed to have first appeared 450 years ago in the Old Norwegian language. The history of hugging itself is not clear. In the past 50 years, we’ve seen a full acceptance of hugging in public, which separates it from other displays of affection such as kissing. The widespread adoption of hugging over the recent years has been debated to be due to two reasons: the reduced formality of dress code and manners between relationships, along with the changing behaviors of political figures in pursuit of a more personable, warm-hearted perception to the public.

We greet friends and family with a hug. It’s a way to show support. We show a general sign of affection between intimate relationships by hugging before sports teams begin their match. There are Free Hugs charityraisers.

National Hug Day Statistics:

It Takes 20 Seconds For A Hug


Longer hugs are beneficial to your health because they take 20 seconds, which is less than the average hug. Ostroy is a hormone that relaxes us and lowers anxiety. When it releases during these 20 second hugs it can lower blood pressure and reduce the stress hormone.

32% Stress-Buffering


The study looked at the effect of perceived social support and the receipt of hugs on the participants susceptibility to develop the common cold after being exposed to theviruses. 32% of the beneficial effect on colds was explained by the stress-buffering effects of hugging, and people who perceived greater social support were less likely to come down with a cold. Those who received more frequent hugs and felt more social support had less severe symptoms when they got a cold.

12 Hugs A Day


You don’t have to think about how many times you hug someone a day, but reaching a specifichugging quota is important for your development. We need four hugs a day for survival, says Virginia Satir, a family therapist. 12 hugs a day for maintenance is what we need. It sounds like a lot, but you could be fulfilling the numbers easily without even thinking about it on a daily basis! You can thank your friends, family, and loved ones.

National Hugging Day Activities


National Hugging Day is celebrated on October 8th each year to encourage children and adults to hug more often. It was established in 1995 by author and psychologist Dr. William Sears, who wanted to celebrate the benefits of hugs and other forms of touch with family and friends. He developed National Hugging Day as a way to spread awareness of the importance of physical contact and human connection.

Hug A Stranger

In this age of social disconnection and lack of human contact, most people are unsure how to hug random people. Giving free hugs to strangers is more therapeutic than you think, and hugging a stranger is more relaxing than you think. Holding a “free hugs” sign is one method that we suggest. You should be aware that the stranger will consent to the hug you are about to give them. So, trying to hug a stranger on the subway is not as awkward as trying to hug a stranger on the street.

A Friend Hug


You’re a popular person and we’re sure you have a lot of friends. And with a lot of friends comes a lot of hugs. When hugging your friend, close your eyes and think about how much you love him or her. If you feel like it, press as much as you feel like. So, if you want to perfect your hug, try out different hug variations with different friends. A hug is just like a handshake, everyone knows how to do it, but it takes a true master to do it right.

Hug Yourself


It is a great feeling to receive a hug. It will instantly lift your mood, making you feel appreciated. There are times when there isn’t anyone around to give you a hug. When you need it the most, hug yourself tightly, and wrap your hands around yourself. You might think that is weird, but we are here to tell you the truth. You are the star of your life, even though friends are great. So, you should love yourself just as much as a star. Making lots of time for self-care and self-love is what that means. It’s also a good idea to self-hug away.

Why We Love National Hugging Day

1. Hugging Builds Trust


Trust and a sense of safety comes with the touch of a hug. The help with open and honest communication comes from this. Hugs instantly help increase oxytocin levels, which heal and combat feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger. Next time you feel like fighting with your significant other, stop and give your significant other a hug. It also will give you time to calm down and remember two of your closest friends.

2. Hugging Is Healthy


Hugs strengthen the immune system The gentle pressure on the sternum causes an emotional charge. The body’s production of white blood cells is regulated by the thymus.Moreover, the hugs affect the nervous system. A more balanced nervous system is suggested by the galvanic skin response of someone receiving and giving a hug. What does this all mean to you? Hugs are good for you, that’s why! They’re good for your emotional state but also good for your body. It is also possible to say that hugs are the best medicine. We aren’t joking.

3. Hugs May Be Able To Alleviate Our Fears


Scientists found that hugging, even if it was just an object like a teddy bear, helps soothe individuals’ fears. Even objects that can mimic touch by another person help instill a sense of significance, asInterpersonal touch is such a powerful mechanism. You will understand that it doesn’t matter if we’re a tiny speck in the universe as long as you’re giving and getting love.

Feel the presence of love wrapped up within a hug.”  – Robert M. Hensel

Conclusion About National Hugging Day

Moreover, research has shown that touch can even be effective in the treatment of phobias. There is no doubt that hugs help reduce stress and anxiety. Hugs promote empathy and social connection.Hugging also increases the release of oxytocin, a neurohormone that regulates social behavior and promotes trust and empathy. The effects of oxytocin are very similar to those of antidepressants and marijuana. We need more hugs. Hugs increase trust in others and decrease mistrust. A hug increases your chances of connecting with your friends, your family, and your colleagues. It is also safe to say that when people hug each other, they are able to build trust and a sense of safety. So, we all need hugs. Hugging is contagious Hugging spreads good feelings. Hugging a friend or someone you love can spread happiness, comfort, and joy from one person to another. Click here to know more about our blog.

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