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Neck Joint service

Neck Joint is the most in-demand image editing service, especially in the garments sector. This is also known as image manipulation. Clothing retailers display their clothing products on e-commerce websites. They use mannequins to create a perfect standard effect for products such as shirts, suits, swimsuits, trousers, etc. It gives the product a spooky look. Therefore, this service is often referred to as the Ghost Manquin Service or the Invisible Manquin Service. With Adobe Photoshop, you can easily separate your images and delete any section that makes your image look ineligible.

Some people use a transparent mannequin to get a similar effect. But it does not give perfect output without neck joint service. It is also an expensive strategy. Therefore, thousands of photographers, agency and e-commerce store owners outsource neck joint services to reduce costs and time.

What Is Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Service

A neck joint service is used to remove a mannequin from a dress image. So that it looks like a 3D image. If you are an online retailer, you need the best image of your garment or product to add a handsome and perfect filling for customers.
Live models can be more expensive for your business if you are a small retailer. Otherwise, the neck joint service is a smart one-time investment for your product photography. However, it is an important term for garment industry owners.

When we remove the mannequin from post-production. It creates space around the neck. The neck of the cloth was behind the doll. Therefore, removing the mannequin while editing creates this space. Our professional photo editors need a separate photo of the neckline to create a joint with this space. We create a clipping path and apply a variety of retouching techniques such as shadowing, liquefying, etc. to make the image more natural.

Types Of Neck Joint Service

Our skilled and experienced photo editor team enhances the apparel of your product. Whether you need to work for the entire Manquin or only part of the neck or join the image of the clothes or eliminate any imperfections, Clipping Amazon is there to help you. As mentioned earlier, consumers prefer to look more natural-looking clothing because they can dream of wearing your product or accessory. We believe in quality and ensure it before submitting the work to our client.

An e-shop, professional costume photography, fashion photography, and apparel businesses desperately need neck joint effects to apply their designed products to clients worldwide. Below we offer 4 types of neck joint services that are popular among our clients.

3D Neck Joint Service

You may need to create a 3D effect to promote or display your product online or on social media. Creating a 3D effect in an image editor requires product images taken from different angles and images of missing parts. He then adds whatever is needed to the neck, or bottom of the sleeve, to create a perfect 360-degree image.

Neck joint Service

Neck Joint

When the mannequin removes from the dress, a gap creates in the neck area. To fill in the blanks, a separate image of the neck had attached to the original image. A full-size image is created by attaching images to the back and front of the neck. We call this neck joint service. We create a real ghost mannequin effect for shirts, trousers, jackets, shorts, lingerie, jewelry, and much more.

Bottom Joint

Bottom Joint

In this service section, if any space is created after the removal of the mannequin. The image editor works on the bottom side of the garment. We use this service for extra long-tail clothing like tuxedos and big t-shirts.

Sleeve Joint

Sleeve Joint

When working with garment products such as shirts, T-shirts, jackets, etc. that have long sleeves, we may have to work on the sleeves after removing the mannequin. This creates a hollow space around the sleeve area that needs to be filled in by expert photo editors. They remove the space with a pair of sleeves taken from another picture to make it real.

Ghost Mannequin Removal

Ghost Mannequin removal

Mannequin removal is an important term for garment industry owners, Magazine business owners, or professional photographers.

Have you ever wondered how those clothes were photographed? The photographer who took the picture wears a mannequin with the necessary clothes and then takes the necessary pictures.

These images are edited by an experienced photo editor using Clipping Paths in such a way that the mannequin disappears, this is called removing the ghost mannequin.

Benefits Of Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Benefits

A ghost mannequin should use because it makes the costume look like floating in the middle air and makes it look like an invisible man or woman.

This is why it calls the ghost mannequin service. Here are some benefits of using the Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Service:

  • In costume photography, you need to apply this service to achieve your conversion goals when displaying products on the website.
  • When we remove the mannequin and the background from the garment, it draws out the scattering and makes the garment the center of attention. Therefore, online shoppers can understand the product better.
  • Apparel retailers hire models during photo-shoot. They have to spend thousands of dollars on this. On the other hand, the ghostly mannequin service saves the company from spending a lot of money and time on real models.
  • When displaying clothing on eCommerce websites with invisible mannequin effects, it shows a neutral message. Therefore, you can show pictures to any group of listeners. If you display a product with a model, it becomes difficult to maintain neutrality.
  • Consistency is important across websites and product catalogs. Ghost Mannequin Visual helps you maintain the display of products wherever you want them to appear. This keeps the viewer’s attention on the product and prevents scattering.

How To Do Neck Joint Effect

Neck Joint process

Our first thing for the neck joint service is to remove the background and all the other unwanted parts from the image. Therefore, we need to create a Clipping Path around the garment. We create the necessary pathways to remove unwanted parts inside the garment.

When we finish with the clipping path, we remove the background, dummy, and unwanted parts from the image. The edges of the dress should look sharp. Therefore, if necessary we apply a masking effect.

After removing the mannequin from the garment, it creates some space near the collar, neck, bottom, and sleeves. Therefore, we need a few more photos of the wardrobe from which we can pick up the lost parts. Now, we fill in the blanks by cutting the necessary parts from other suitable pictures.

Finally, we add some shadow effects near the neck and collar part or where needed. Before delivering your work, we give the final rebuild. We remove unwanted compression, dust and check opacity and angles to finish the job.

Who Need This Service

Ecommerce business owners who sell garments and jewelry products are frequent users of this service. On the other hand, publishers of magazines and other print materials also need to use the ghost mannequin effect when artistically presenting costume images. Also, advertising agencies, website publishers also need this service if they want to remove the mannequin before posting pictures of the dress. Neck joint service has a direct effect on the increased conversion rate.

Why Get Neck Joint Service From Clipping Amazon

Here on Clipping Amazon, we ensure perfect-looking clothing photos by providing the best Neck Joint Service. In addition to mannequin removal, we provide additional retouching and shadow services if needed. We have a team of 100+ photo editors and image manipulators. Who serve clients 24/7. Therefore, we are not concerned about the amount of work. We can deliver your work even if you have a bulk order.

Clipping Amazon is offering Neck Joint and other photo editing services across the border. Currently, our services are extended to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, and many other European countries. If you have any misconceptions about our company and capabilities, please feel free to contact us.


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