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Newborn Shoot Outfit Checklist to Save Time & Money

The first step in taking newborn pictures is to decide on the concept and the Newborn Shoot Outfit in advance. I’ve collected some tips on how to find the right newborn shoots outfits.

Choose a newborn shoot outfit that is simple, but cute. This may be a bit tricky because the baby is so small that it’s hard to imagine what it will look like as an adult. So the best thing to do is to choose an outfit that you would wear yourself.

And then look at the newborn pictures of the babies wearing that outfit. The best way to do this is to look at the pictures on the Internet. In order to avoid making a mistake, you need to be careful. Look at lots of pictures. I like outfits that are comfortable and have a little style. I also like clothes that are easy to care for. For example, there is a lot of leggings in my wardrobe. If you’re not sure about the outfit, you can ask a friend or family member.

Choose Neutral Colors

Newborn Shoot Outfit Neutral Colors

Newborn photography is about capturing sincere and warm moments. Therefore, it is better to choose pastel colors for a newborn shoot outfit. Clothes should be of the same color for children and other family members who take part in the shooting. 

While white is a symbol of the beginning of life, you are not limited only to it. Beige shades, green, blue, and pink colors work great for newborn photos. The colors you choose for your baby’s photos will depend on the look you want to create. Avoid choosing bright colors, like red, blue, and orange. It might create a strange color contrast with the baby’s skin.

Look for Plain and Textured Clothes For Newborn Shoot

Newborn Shoot Outfit Textured Clothes

If you are choosing an outfit for a newborns shoot, consider clothes without unnecessary elements. The simpler the clothes, the more interesting the pictures. As a rule, the patterns on the clothes look bad in the frame, distorting the images and creating a jerky effect, making it even more challenging to take good pictures with a high-end camera for newborn photography. Textured fabrics like linen, knit or plush looks great in the picture.

Also, pay attention to the light of newborn photography. It is better to take pictures in natural daylight. One last thing to keep in mind when choosing what to wear for newborn photos is the quality of the fabric as it will not irritate the baby’s skin.

Choose Printed And Colorful Diapers

Newborn Colorful Diapers

Take a few shots of a swaddled baby since this type of photo looks very touching. When choosing a diaper, choose discreet patterns that match the overall color scheme. Do not select a print with a large or contrasting pattern. If you have a professional lens for newborn photography, small patterns will look more attractive.

Since working with babies is not an easy job, buy multiple diapers at once. Choose different prints and colors diapers to add variety to your shots. Muslin and chintz diapers are great for warm seasons, while flannel diapers are great for cold weather. Also, rocking babies are calmer and fall asleep faster, making it easier for you to choose the right newborn photography pose.

Newborn Shoot Outfit Accessories

Newborn Shoot Outfit Accessories

You can complement a newborn photo outfit with interesting accessories. The market is overflowing with girls’ choices, including colorful headbands, headbands, and bow-knots. For boys, you can choose a bow tie, hat, animal ear band, etc.

When it comes to photography backgrounds, you can use knitted toys, a baby blanket, flowers, and other elements. Don’t overdo it with newborn photography props, as this can make the frame look messy and distract the child.

Match Newborn Shoot Outfit With Parents

Newborn Shoot Outfit Match With Parents

When choosing clothes for the newborn photo, do not forget about the clothes for parents. Professional photographers who specialize in family portrait photography prefer to choose clothes of the same style and color scheme. You can choose clothes in one color or different tones of the same color. If you are interested in family photography, you can experiment with different looks while working with your clients until you see that they look beautiful.

If you do not have much time, choose a white dress. Because You can quickly buy white shirts for the whole family. Keep in mind that extra prints and patterns make pictures less attractive, so it’s best to choose a simple look.

Best Style Of Newborn Shoot Outfit

Newborn Shoot Outfit Best Style

If you want your baby to be dressed during some or all of the photographs, there are three things to look for:

  • Simple
  • Good fitting
  • Ideally have some stretches

Something like a plain, well-fitting vest or sleepsuit is ideal. The simplicity of the costumes means that the focus of the photograph is still on your children, not their clothing. It is important that the clothing fits well, as the camera can widen the look of the extra fabric, making your baby look ‘lost’ inside the clothes. The stretch helps to make sure that the clothes fit your baby well and that the clothes do not freeze around them as I change their position.

Capture Some Pictures With Birth Dress

Newborn Shoot Outfit Birth Dress

Finally, many families want to take some pictures without any clothes at the end of their baby shoot. These gorgeous chunky rolls don’t last long after they grow up and including a few photographs of your baby without any clothing is a great way to document this stage.

If you want to do this, choose one or two outfits for your baby to wear during the shoot and use the last part of the session to capture their nappies with or without their nappies.

Where To Buy Newborn Shoot Outfit

You need to schedule a photoshoot long before your child is born. A photo session should be done within the first 10 days from the moment of birth. Make sure you have everything you need, including a Newborn Shoot Outfit.

Today, online stores offer a wide range of products for photo shoots, so you can find the dress you need. First, find newborn photo ideas on Pinterest and try buying something similar from Amazon, Etsy, or even the Instagram store.

Newborn Photo Editing

Newborn Image Editing

No matter how beautiful the newborn’s photos are, there are still some flaws in the photos for editing. In most cases, photographers have no control over baby hair, background styling, temperature, lighting, props, and children’s clothing.

Clipping Amazon Company provides professional baby photo editing services for beginners and professional photographers as well as loving parents. We will correct the colors of the clothes, adjust the light-shade pattern, smooth the skin and fix the tone, get rid of confusing items, improve the background, smooth creases on the clothes, and much more.

Over To You

I hope this guide gives you a good overview of how your session will work if you decide to bring a costume to photograph for your baby, what kind of clothing works best and why it is important for us to plan before shooting around the outfit.

Please contact me if you have any other questions about bringing clothes for your baby to the neonatal session.


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