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How To Nail Pageant Photography

Did you ever take photos of the pageant contest? It must be pretty big for every photographer, no? Because pageant events are really grand. Also, very much vibrant. colorful and lively. But photographing pageants is really not easy. So, in this blog, we’re going to have a complete guide for pageant photography.

What Is Pageant Photography?

Pageant Photoshoot

Oh well, you’ve seen many reality shows on TV. Right? About 90% of reality shows are based on human beauty. There are many national and international events like that. Didn’t you see the Miss Universe? Or the Miss World? Well, it’s not always about the girls. Because there are many international events for men too. Moreover, there are even contests about black beauties too.

Pageant Photoshoot

So, when you’re taking photos of this kind of event, behind the events, the model’s getting ready, hair, makeup, jewelry, etc, you’re doing pageant photography. Yes, this photography also includes capturing behind the scenes too. Because these photos are printed in papers and magazines. So, if you can nail pageant photography, your wallet is going to be full in no time.

Are There Any Types?:

Beauty Pageant Photography

There are types of every kind of photography. So yeah. Pageant photography has its types too. Let’s see-

Pageant Headshots:

As you already know, headshot photos are really important. Because when you talk about professional photography for models. You can’t deny the importance of headshot photos. So, what’s a headshot? When you take photos of a pageant from her/his head to shoulder, it’s pageant headshot photography.

Pageant Portraits:

Although models use portraits to get into the audition/competition. Because a portrait represents the subject’s personality. So, the judges get a clear vision of the model. The models use portraits to represent them casually or professionally.

Shots Of Fashion:

This kind of photo session takes place when the show is going on. To photograph a fashion show, you must stay on your feet. Because you won’t get the chance to take the same photo twice. And yes, these photos will bring you your ultimate fortune.

Shots For Social Media Account:

Once you win the pageant competition. Your life will change upside down. Because you’ll become a star! Also, people will want to know everything about your lifestyle and everything. So, you’ll need a personal photographer. And of course, you’ll need to post photos on your social media accounts.

Now that you know about the types of pageant photography. Let’s get you to the next step.

Tips For Pageants:

When you’re entering any competition, everything matters. Yes, you’ve seen it on TV. Haven’t you? So, you’ll need to stay alert along with a prim and proper or a very chick look. Because pageant photography is all about taking photos of glamour and beauty. So, the competition is hard as a nut. In a situation like this, I think you could use these tips.

Beauty Pageant Photography
Simple But Compelling Background:
Pageant Photoshoot

In pageant photography, you’ll need to show yourself at your best. I mean, everything has to focus on you. You’re the star here. So, when you’re going to stand in front of the camera, make sure the background is suitable for you. Because a simple background will enhance your sensitivity to the camera. So, when you go for a pageant photoshoot, make sure the background is simple yet compelling for you.

The Pose You Feel Relax:
pageant photoshoot

When posing as a pageant, you must feel relaxed in front of the camera. I mean, the model is stiff and hardened in front of the camera. How does it sound? Boring. Isn’t it? So, aside from the uncomfortable poses, pose in a relaxed and comfortable way. That’ll make you look fabulous. Not to mention, it’ll help you win the competition too.

Wear Jewelries But Don’t Wear Too Much:
Excess Jewelry Make You Look Bad

Jewelry plays a very vital role in pageant photography. Because you can use pieces of jewelry not to make you look just beautiful but to improvise your personality. And too much jewelry will make you a laughing stock in pageant competition. I mean, it’s neither your wedding nor you’re at a wedding party. So, wear jewelry that tells your personality without any words.

Smize or Smile, Don’t Laugh:
Laughing Too Much Makes You Laughing Stock

Smize is a word that’s available in the fashion industry. But do you know what smize means? Smize is smiling with your eyes. In pageant photography, you’ll need to smize very often. Because too much smiling won’t help you to win the competition. So, smile very little. Even better if you can smize. It’s how the models become successful.

So, I hope you found my tips for the pageants helpful. Now let’s have some photoshoot tips!

Pageant Photography Tips:

There are some certain things you need to do as a photographer. Yes, these things are not professional. Wondering what? Let’s dig in!

Be Friendly To The Pageants:
Beauty Pageant Photography

Look, your job of photographing pageants may be nothing new to you. Yes? But that’s not the same with the pageants. They’re not in front of the camera every day. I mean, the newbie models are very shy and nervous. So, a friendly conversation may open them up. I get that you won’t have too much time during a pageant photo session. But try to have a little chat that could open up the rookie models.

Keep The Shutter Clicking:

Although some models are shy at first. They become camera-friendly very soon. So, when a pageant show is going on, every pageant tries to make the most of their time. Because this is where they shine. When they step on the stage, they keep posing. In fact, they keep poised for a very little amount of time. So, you better keep your shutter clicking. Because you won’t get some chance if you miss any shot.

Help Them To Unwind:
Beauty Pageant Photography

I’ve said about sizing. And I’ve also said that many models can’t do it well too. But as a photographer, you can help those poor pageants. When it’s time for the headshot photography, you can help them practice smizing. Not only this will only help you to get a nice photo. But this will also help you to get pageant confidence.

Keep Two Cameras With Different Lenses:

When you’re hired to photograph a pageant show, you’ll have very little time. So, it’s better to keep at least two cameras ready. One with a wide-angle lens. And the other with a zoom lens. Oh, and keep the camera settings different in both cameras. Because events like these happen very fast. So, you need to keep your cameras ready. So that you can capture photos very quickly from any angle. Moreover, this will help you to miss any shots.

Ask Your Models To Have A Makeup Retouch:
Pageant Photoshoot

If you really want to nail pageant photography, then you must ask your client to apply or retouch their makeup looks. It will help the models with a fresh look. Besides, it will give the photos a vibrant look.

Edit Your Photos:

If pageant photography doesn’t need photo editing services. I don’t know what does. Moreover, pageant photos need glamour and beauty retouch very often. All the photos we see on social media, in newspapers, and in magazines, they’re all edited by very professional photo editors. And as a pageant photographer, it’s not up to you to do that editing work. It’s up to us.

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