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Top 7 Photo Editing Apps For Smartphones

The front camera of your mobile phone has led you into an era of selfies. Right? And no one uploads their photos on social media without editing. So, in this blog, I’m gonna reveal the 7 best photo editing apps. Yes, these are best for your android. Oh, you’re not an android user? Then stay tuned. Because some best photo editing apps for your beloved iPhone blog are just one the way. But for now, let’s stick with the android.

What Is Photo Editing App?

You see millions of apps in the Google play store, don’t you? Each of the apps has its own use. As for photo editing apps, you’ll see tons of photo editing apps pop up on your mobile screen just the moment you search for anything. But not all of them are quite good enough to edit your photos. Are they? Only a few of them can meet up your expectation. As a result, what happens? You install, try, get bored and then uninstall again. Which leaves a pretty bad effect on your smartphone. Moreover, some of the apps cost dollars to install and are gross.

So, I tried some of the apps and pointed them down. So that I get to share it with you. In short, the apps you use to get a better version of your photo are called photo editing apps. The fact of removing any person from the photo, brightening it, or making a blurred photo into a clear one is included in this.

Let’s Find Out Some Best Kinds:

There are some awesome photo editing apps that allow you to apply a filter to your photos. Filters that are amazing enough to make your photos look polished. Hold tight. Because I’m about to write down some best photo editing apps for android.

1. Bomber Package Of Adobe:

Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to photo editing, I can’t help but talk about the Adobe package. Because Adobe has come with some of the best apps which are absolutely amazing. Although using the original version costs you a good amount of dollars. You can at least be happy that you’re spending the dollars in a good way.

As for the bomber package of Adobe, I meant three apps.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile:

This is one of the best photo editing apps for android. Why? Because this app lets you take photos along with editing. How so? You can crop and resize your photo, retouch the color and light. The best part is it’s free. Meaning you don’t have to spend dollars to use this amazing app. It’s easy to use on both android & iPhone.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

Well, what can I say? This best photo editing app comes with all the features you need to edit your photos and many more. What makes it worth it is you can give some mind-blowing effects in your photos here. I repeat, mind-blowing. Because the features you’ll get here are completely unavailable in other photo editing apps.

You can give a dual light effect here, make your photo blurred or heal it, make gorgeous photo collages. The even better part is you can make PNG here. And this app is also free to install.

Adobe Photoshop Fix:

Have you ever thought to restore your old photos to a new version? Yeah, that’s Adobe Photoshop Fix for you. You can retouch your face here. This app allows you to do photo restoration, retouch the imperfections of skin, adjust the color panels of your photo. Now tell me, what’s not to love?

2. Snapseed:


Okay after the three musketeers of Adobe, we’re going to Google. Yes, I’m talking about Snapseed. It’s Google’s professional photo editing app. Which you’ll see always in the editor’s choice in the play store. If you want to go for some adventure then Snapseed is for you. Because you can add drama and give vintage style to your photos here. Also, you can crop, rotate, and do anything in here. Because this app offers you 29 tools to edit your photos and it’s totally free.

3. Airbrush:


If you’re looking for an app that is specially featured for human photo editing, then Airbrush is for you. Although you have to cost $3.99 per month & $19.99 per year to use the premium features. But it’s really worth it. You can make the background blurry here. The special perk of this photo editing app is it lets you have a separate camera function. Do you know what that means? That means you can edit the surface before taking any photo. Pretty cool, right? Buying the premium version will let you have some special features.

4. Fotor Photo Editor:

Fotor Photo Editor

This is another awesome photo editing app. The perks of this app are countless. Here you can use more than 100 filters. The brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, vignetting, shadow, tint, RGB are some actual tools here for your photo editing. All these tools and so many filters options have made this app one of the expensive yet best photo editing apps.

5. Prisma Photo Editor:

Prisma Photo Editor

If you want to turn your photos into paintings, then Prisma is the one for you. One of the best photo editing apps for android. You can have the primary version totally free. Meaning, there is a premium version that costs some dollars for monthly and yearly subscription. This app release a new art filter to try every day. So, in the filter library of this app, you can find more than 500 filters to try.

6. Pixlr:


Let’s talk about a humble yet best photo editing option. Yes, Pixlr lets you enter an impressive number of photo editing options. Because, this app lets you add texts in the photos, change the text’s color, remove the red-eye, add borders, apply filters, and so on. You can also paint the sky as per your choice.

7. PicsArt:


This is a very old photo editing app. After Adobe, I think PicsArt has the largest number of installations. Although it’s very modern too. PicsArt comes with more than 100 editing tools and filters. You can also add texts and style here. You can also make animated gif files here, or you can draw things on your photo in this app. No, your original photo won’t be spoiled.

So this was all about some best photo editing apps in the photo editing world. Among all the apps, these are the best photo editing apps for android. But photo editing is really heavy work. And it’s really heavier in android. If you install multiple photo editing apps on your phone, your phone will get slower day by day. Besides, a smartphone can’t give you enough space to run your finger like on a computer. Meaning, mobile phones don’t have a spacious screen, as the computer has. So, it’s better to use these best photo editing apps on the computer.

Besides, editing photos are quite boring. So, freelance photo editors are the best option for that. You have to spend a little money and get beautifully edited photos. So, who’s with me? Do you want to get your photos to get polished and gleeful? If so, then Click on Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Photo Editing Services Of Clipping Amazon

Clipping Amazon is one of the most professional photo editing companies. You’ll find here 17 types of photo editing services here. We also provide creative ads design, that’ll catch the eyes of your audience immediately. And don’t worry, photo editing doesn’t mean just adding filters here and remove the spots there in a photo. Because it’s more than that. Filters can be beautiful in personal photos on social media. But in e-Business? No. That’s why we always edit our client’s photo in Adobe Photoshop and design the ads in Adobe Illustrator. No matter how many apps are there in the store, Adobe will be the best of all photo editing apps, for all time.

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