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Creative And Easy Photography Hacks

Photography is always very costly. And if you make a plan to do it professionally, be prepared to carry a heavy cost. However, you can save your money with some photography hacks. If you know about a camera, then you can apply some camera hacks by yourself.

You might think these photography hacks are cheap for the first. But the final results of it will be amazing for you. With these hacks, you may even rebirth your interest in photography again. You may spend thousands of dollars to make your photos attractive. But, I promise, these are going to be a lot more fun to capture amazing photos. It will help you think that you do photography through something that you created. Let us take you through some photography hacks that you can do at home easily.

Create Your Own Lightbox:


The first one is from camera hacks. For this, you will need a sheet of paper and scotch tape. Now you have to tape the paper to a window first. Secondly, place your subject in front of the paper. The final work is switching the camera to Av mode. After that, fix the Exposure Compensation and dial +1/+2. After doing all these things, check your focus, and shoot.

Make Custom Bokeh Shapes:

The second one from photography hacks is to make custom bokeh shapes. Here a DSLR camera, a lens with an aperture are required. Also, a bit of knowledge about bokeh photography is needed. So, make a list of necessary things for this hack.

  • A piece of black paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Craft knife to make different shapes.
  • Also, set some artificial light.

Now take a round tube that fits perfectly to your lens, and set one side of it to the lens. On the other end side of the tube, attach to your cut paper. Then shoot in manual focus mode to your light source through the cutout holes using a low aperture setting. Here you have to adjust the focus ring to find the desired bokeh effect. Hope this one from the camera hacks will help you to get a perfect photo. Also, it will help you to save $20 on a professional bokeh kit.

Modify Light With Strainer:

A strainer can be a great part of photography hacks. If you love some shadow photography, then you can use it. To get a perfect shot, take a strainer in front of the camera flash, and then take a photo. Or, set the stainer in front of the natural light and put its shadow on the object or face. After setting properly, take a picture. 


A stainer is a very common thing in every kitchen. So, you can easily manage it from your kitchen. 

You can play with natural light to create an extraordinary effect on your portrait photography. So, express your ideas and try different props to get unique effects by yourself. And try to arrange your props from home and save cost.

Use A Fish Tank As An Underwater Camera Housing:

It is a dream of everyone to take stunning underwater photos. But a waterproof camera is very expensive. That is why it is not possible to make this dream true for so many people. For these people, this one from camera hacks would be a great solution! And it can be using a fish tank of transparent glass to take underwater shots on a budget.


For this, you have to check out whether the fish tank has any leaks or not. Also, make sure you have solid control before you put the fish tank into the water. After all this checking, drop your tank under the water a little part. Then keep your camera in the tank and capture your photos in different poses. You also can use these photography hacks to see what is happening under the water.

Use A CD To Achieve A Rainbow Effect:

You can easily get the rainbow effect by following this tip from the photography hacks list. For this, you have to collect a regular CD first. The metal side of it reflects light which creates rainbow colors in an interesting pattern.


Activate the flashlight on your phone or any light and direct it to the CD. Then hold it in front of your camera. It will be helpful if you attach your camera to a tripod. Also, you have to ask an assistant to hold the CD properly. Now, all you have to play with light and get the perfect angle for the desired effect.

Photography Hacks-Imitate Rain With A Spray Bottle:

If you don’t want to go outside in the rain for photography but need that feeling in your images then, try one of the simplest photography hacks from us. It will help you to get a rainy atmosphere. For it, use a spray bottle and photo frame. Now spray through it on the glass surface with water. It will create raindrops on the glass surface.


Then capture the photo from the outside of the glass. It seems like you are sitting in a room, and the glass is wet with raindrops. So, try this hack and get the rainy effect in your photos.

Create A Reflection Effect With Your Phone:


This is one of the easiest one to implement reflection photography hacks. It requires using your smartphone to create reflection. To create a reflection position on your phone screen, to create a reflective surface. So, hold your distiller in such a way that you can see the reflection of the subject on the phone screen and capture it. It is a very common effect in photos, but you can get it in your photo very easily if you follow it this way.

Photography Hacks-Get A Foggy Look With A Plastic Bag:

Use a plastic bag in a new way to get fantastic photos. Make an eyelet at one side of the plastic bag. Then try to make the eyelet a hole by hand finger. Don’t try to do it with scissors because the hole needs uneven edges. Make sure the hole is a bit further than the end of the camera lens. And the uneven edges are working like the obstacle in the view of the lens.


Feel free to experiment in different ways. You can use colorful plastic bags or can color the bag with bright markers. This trick will give you a beautiful and perfect foggy look in photos without any cost.

Photography Hacks-Wind Effect With A Hair Dryer:


This is one of the best ones from photography hacks. To reduce the cost of photography props, you can use a hairdryer to get wind effects in your photo. A hairdryer is a very simple and common prop for photos. You just need to hold it near the subject, and the breeze created by the hot air will blow away the subject’s hair. And finally, you will get your wind effect in the photo.

Photography Hacks-Replace Filters With Your Sunglasses:


The best way to get a filter on your photo is by placing your sunglasses on top of the lens. This is undoubtedly the easiest one from photography hacks to get filter effects in photos. To get this effect put your sunglass on top of the camera lens so that it covers the entire lens, thus blocking out the light which gives off colors to the photograph. Also, you can use other filters such as sheer fabric, and colored shrink wrap.

Photography Hacks-Create Seamless Backdrop With Paper:

When you use photography as a commercial medium, you need to create images with impact and style. To get a stunning image, you need to use a variety of styles including, product, food, nature, and architecture photography. A good background is a well-known aspect of product photography and plays a very important role in capturing and showcasing products. One of the best ways to take beautiful product photography background is using negative space. It is a trick to remove destructive objects. You can use a piece of paper to make a space around your product in photos.


It is a good idea to arrange your backdrop in such a way that it can move from the vertical to the horizontal surface rather than being behind the subject. This is one of the camera backdrop hacks that creates a visual illusion of a curve, creating an ethereal space around the subject.

Photography Hacks-Use Magnifying Glass To Imitate Macro Lens:

The macro photography hacks are great ways to save money on your next trip to the camera store. If you’re a novice macro photographer, this macro photography hack will help you master the technique and learn to improve your photography skills.


For the same reason, you may want to use a small hand lens to take macro images.

You can also apply these macro photography hacks by taking an image that is in focus but blurred out at a specific distance from the camera. This technique is also called ‘Depth of Field’. In macro photography, the depth of field can be used to control the distance between the subject and the background to create a sense of perspective.

There are some important things to remember when working with a magnifying glass to take macro photographs. Make sure that you place the magnifying glass on the subject matter. You can also use a tripod to steady your shot.

Create An Overhead Camera Holder With Cardboard:

If you want to know how popular Instagram photographers shoot their photos from the ground, a high vantage point, and above, the best camera you’ll need is a wide-angle lens. But this lens is very costly. So, you can use your homemade cardboard.


To do these DIY mobile camera hacks, you’ll need to use a ladder, attach a piece of cardboard to the wall, and activate a timer. Once you’ve completed the necessary steps, you’ll have an amazing photo that will amaze you.

Photography Hacks-Edit Your Photos For Improving Your Photography:

All photography hacks will be perfect if you apply them perfectly. But editing photos is one of the best photography hacks that will make your photo more attractive.


You can take a photo and then edit it with any photo editor. With this, you can make your photos look more attractive, and you can change their look. You can also apply different filters to your photos to make them more attractive.

For more information about editing photos, you can visit Below we have listed some of the most used editing techniques:

Remove Unwanted Objects From The Photos:

If you want to remove any unwanted object from the picture, you can use photo editing software to do it. This process is called “spot removal”. You can use this method for removing the background and unwanted objects from the picture. You also can easily remove the person’s hand or face from the picture.

Skin Retouching For Photos:

If you want to make your skin look smoother, then you need to use Photoshop. Photoshop is the best tool to remove the blemishes and wrinkles from your face. You can also use it to remove the acne and pimples from the picture. You will not only be able to remove these blemishes from the picture, but you will also get flawless skin. Photo Editing Tips: You have learned that you can edit photos in many ways.

Photo Color Correction:

You can use the Hue/Saturation tools to change the color of the picture. Also, you can also add more colors to the picture. You can use Photoshop to make the picture look more vibrant and attractive.

Remove Noise:

Use Photoshop to remove the noise from the picture. This tool will help you to remove all the unwanted details from the image. You also can use this tool to remove the grain from the image. This tool helps you to remove the digital noise from the image. You can use this tool to make your photo more attractive. 

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