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Jewelry Photography Mistakes To Avoid

If you are a jewelry photographer, you know that every photo can make or break your business. This is the case with all businesses, and photography is no exception. But, in our experience, there are some common photography mistakes that jewelry photographers make with their photos that they really shouldn’t be making.

When it comes to selling jewelry, it is important to keep in mind the basics. That means understanding the best jewelry photography practices and avoiding mistakes. While it is true that you can get great photos with just a camera, you may also need to use a bit of creativity and know-how to edit your photos.

We’re going to walk through some common mistakes and what you can do to fix them.

Jewelry Photography Mistakes- Dusty Products:

With a wide range of jewelry available, you need to think about your product photography before you begin. If you are using a flash, make sure your jewelry is free of any dust or dirt. If you are using ambient lighting, ensure your jewelry is clean and polished. Also, keep in mind that jewelry will usually need to be cleaned, dried, and reshaped before it can be photographed.


If you want to sell your jewelry, make sure you give it a good photograph. When you are selling your jewelry on your website, your product photographs need to be clear and attractive. A good picture shows the true beauty of your products. Make sure you put your best foot forward.

To make your jewelry photos more attractive, clear, and avoid photography mistakes, make sure you clean and polish all of your jewelry before shooting. Wear cotton gloves when handling your products, and save yourself a lot of time, stress, and the headache of constant cleaning.

Inconsistent Shooting:

While this may seem like a common mistake to make, it’s actually a big one. If you’re taking pictures of jewelry, it’s important to have a consistent pose for the photos. If the photo looks too casual, or if the jewelry is on a table, it will look less than perfect.


Many jewelry photographers get the idea to shoot their jewelry in black and white but don’t realize that it will make the jewelry look lifeless. The best way to avoid these photography mistakes is to shoot the piece in color and then adjust the shot in post-processing.

The lighting is terrible, but what is worse is that the model is wearing a different outfit in each photo. We all want our images to look great, and we can do a lot to make sure that happens. But, we must remember that no matter how good our photographs are, the key to a good image is consistency. So, make sure that you always take your time to select the best settings for the image you want to make.

Jewelry Photography Mistakes- Distracting Background:

Distracting backgrounds can be a big mistake for jewelry photography. Backgrounds should be kept to a minimum. When choosing your background, keep in mind that the main focus will be on the items being photographed.


When taking photos of jewelry, you can use anything as a background. You can even use furniture or walls. It is not important to use a fancy background. However, if you do have a choice, you should use a simple backdrop. The key is to keep your background simple. Better you can take the white background.

You’re probably familiar with the photo of that one product sitting on the front page of Amazon, eBay, or Target. This is because most of them have chosen a white or neutral background for their products to make them pop out more.

Unneeded Props:


One of the most common photography mistakes jewelry photographers make is adding unneeded props to their shots. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, a watch, a pair of earrings, or even a pendant, unneeded props can make your shot look cluttered. They also distract from the main point of the shot and make the subject of the photo seem less attractive than they actually are.

Visible Reflections:

One of the biggest selling points of jewelry is its reflections. Jewelry is incredibly reflective, making for some pretty interesting lighting. Reflections on gemstones are also known to be a problem in photography.


To make your jewelry stand out in a sea of digital images, use a flash to expose the piece just enough to give it some color. Next, place it on a light table and diffuse the light by placing an umbrella behind it and sweeping it over the light.

The background has an important function in the photography of a product shot. It will help block off reflections from the foreground and reflect more light onto the jewelry. Remember to shoot directly on your product.

Jewelry Photography Mistakes- Poor Focus:

What you need to remember when shooting jewelry is to have a good eye for details and composition. You will be more successful if you can capture beautiful shots with your camera instead of being overwhelmed by having a poor picture. This means having a clear idea of how you would like your image to look and then making sure you execute what you envision.


Product photography is not about being creative. You just need to capture good photos. Your customers will want to see high-quality photos to view the fine details in your jewelry. If you’re not able to capture a high-quality photo, you’ll lose potential customers.

Inaccurate White Balance:

Inaccurate white balance is a great photography mistake. The light source in a room plays a large role in determining the colors in a picture. If you want to capture the best possible image, you need to know your light source so you can set the white balance accordingly.


The camera automatically determines the white balance for most photos. But if it’s not accurate enough, you’ll get an inaccurate photo. When you’re shooting outside, you may have several options for choosing a white balance setting.

A white balance setting is important to take photos. If your camera balance is off, colors may not appear as you expect them to. This could happen if you’re shooting pictures outdoors. You can adjust the color of your photo using your white balance setting.

You should always use your camera’s auto-white balance. This will let your camera know the ambient light level and adjust the white balance accordingly.

If you want to know what your camera’s auto white balance is? Look for the WB icon on your camera’s display. This is the white balance setting.

Jewelry Photography Mistakes- Not Enough Images:

The common mistake jewelry photographers make is having too few images of the products. Many photographers will get a great shot of a product and decide to sell the product themselves because they know it’s a great piece of jewelry. But, most of the time, they’re missing out on a sales opportunity because they’re not showcasing it enough. There’s no better way to sell than to show your best pieces.


Potential buyers want to know more than just a few words about your jewelry. You should always provide lots of photos of your products to help your customers decide whether or not to purchase your jewelry.

Give them as many photos from as many angles as possible. Take a picture from the top, the side, and anywhere unique. The goal is to give them as many photos as possible, so they can start building a full image of their own.

Bad Editing:

You obviously want attention, but poorly retouched photos are probably the reason why you’re not getting it. A badly retouched photo not only looks fake but also makes your brand look cheap and unprofessional.


Jewelry photo retouching services are the perfect solution for those who want to sell their jewelry but don’t have the time or the inclination to learn how to do it themselves. No worry, Clipping Amazon is a professional photo editing company. This company offers affordable services that ensure all of your jewelry looks its best.

So, follow the basic steps to have amazing jewelry photos. And try to take a good jewelry photo retouching service from a good retoucher.


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