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Picnic Photo Ideas And Secrets Of Taking Them

You know, they say, spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s Party!’ And do you know what that means? It means it’s the perfect time to go and explore outside. That definitely means a picnic. Doesn’t it? Picnic is a term where you can enjoy nature’s solemnity for yourself or with your family or friends. So why not capture some moments when you’re on a picnic? That’s why in this blog, I’ll share some photo tips and secrets about perfect picnic photos.

Perfect Picnic Photos

Picnic Photoshoot

Well? So, a picnic is a state of mind. Because you can make it anywhere. Yeah, anywhere. I mean, you’ve seen picnics in a garden, in the backyard, or in the park. Right? But I can bet you’ve also seen picnics on the beach or in the amusement parks too. And the best perks of a picnic? You can even enjoy a picnic blissfully on your own. But I guess the picnic photos or the concept of taking picnic photos wasn’t a thing a few years ago? Because the concept of the picnic was different too.

In early age, picnics were supposed to happen in a place that was not very far from home. Also, the picnic was meant to be a family get-together or a friendly get-together. Moreover, the concept of going two lovers on a picnic or a married couple with their kids wasn’t counted as a picnic. So you see, the whole concept of the picnic was totally different. Although the things are really different. I mean the whole concept is changed up-side-down.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

Now many people love to go on a picnic far from their home. They even go camping outside and call it a picnic. Lastly, you can capture some memories on your own. Because some people even hire photographers to preserve their picnic memories. So, a picnic photoshoot is a must in picnics now.

Is Garden Party The Same Thing?

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

Honestly? A party is a party. And a garden party? It’s more of a British thing. Might I add, a party is a party. It’s not a picnic. No. Because a party is more of a formal thing. Whether it is a garden party or whatever. But a picnic? It’s never formal. You can wear anything you feel comfy. You don’t have to follow the protocols for eating or whatsoever. And If I’m being honest, a garden party is a more reserved party in British. Although in America, it is quite different.

Still, a party is a party, not a picnic.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind. Although life is not a picnic. But if you get to know these picnic photo tips, I guess you’ll get some perfect memories to preserve.

Choosing A Specific Occassion:
Picnic Photoshoot

I mean, most of the picnics happen for just hangouts. But people on a picnic to celebrate something too. You can throw a picnic for your engagement, announce your first baby, or celebrate your kid’s brilliant result. Or it can be a romantic occasion! In fact, people meet their friends and families on the occasion of Easter or Christmas. So, it is pretty normal to do picnics on such occasions. If so, use something that symbolizes the occasion.

Location Matters Obviously:
Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

Of course location matters. In fact, it does half the job of a picnic photoshoot. As I said, you can arrange a picnic in a park, garden, meadow, even on a beach. But if you’re going to a park or a meadow for a picnic, make sure you have permission of taking photos. Because not every park or conservatory allows taking photos. So, make sure you check that.

Also, it’s good to take photos of the specific things of a place. That’s what’ll make the photos stand out.

So Does The Background:

If the location matters that for picnic photos, so does the background. I admit that not all the background will be complimentary. But in case it is, use it to your advantage. Trust me, you won’t complain about the results. Because I know it’ll be mesmerizing enough. And if the background isn’t good enough, I can tell you some other ways that you can make picnic photos.

Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

Bonus Tip: If you have a nice view, don’t forget to take the infamous ‘Follow Me‘ posed photo. Whether you’re on the picnic with your date/boyfriend/husband and vice versa.

Soft Lighting:
Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

Okay, I know most of the picnics take place in midday or in late noon. But you must keep in mind that midday will ruin your picnic photos with excessive lights and harsh shadows. So, it’s always safe to take photos at the golden hour. Even if the picnic takes place in the middle of the day, you should take the photos at the golden hour. Because harsh shadows and burning lights are some stubborn things that even professional editing can’t solve.

Close-Ups Are Must:
Picnic Photoshoot

No matter how rusty or country-type the picnic is, there will be something always that you can use for close-up details. Because whether it’s a girl-themed picnic or an engagement picnic there’s always something common favors in every picnic. For example, you can capture a close-up of the picnic basket. Or you can capture a close-up of a plate of finger foods. Mainly finger foods are served at picnics or small parties.

Color Theme:
Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

They say happiness is to bring your own weather to the picnic. Because great picnics take place under great weather. Besides, I think every weather has its own beauty, charm, and bounty. Meaning, you can’t make a snowman in the summer. Also, if you’re hosting a picnic in the Fall, capturing the different shades of Fall will be great. Also, Summer comes with beautiful flowers and grass. You can capture that to keep the summer vibe in your picnic photos.

Keep An Eye On The Outfit Too:
Picnic Photoshoot

Unless it is your planned engagement party, you can skip the formal attires. Moreover, I think it will be nice to wear some outfits that are comfy, casual and have the name ‘Picnic’ written all over them. If you’re the photographer, don’t hesitate to tell your model to wear something that definitely has the picnic vibe.

If There’s A Pet, Keeping Them In Photos Is A Must:
Picnic Photoshoot

Pets always make the world a better place. So it is obvious that they bring life to picnic too. Even if you have no one to go on a picnic with, you can pack your favorite foods and scoop up your doggo or kitty and go on a picnic. Because I can’t think of a better company if you have a pet. Point is, to capture the fur-babies is a must.

A Playful Family:
Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

Nothing is more beautiful than a laughing family. A happy family enjoying a blissful picnic in beautiful weather. Imagine how peaceful that is! So, you get to capture picnic photos of a family picnic, make sure there is at least one photo where all the family members are laughing together.

Picnic Activities:
Picnic Photoshoot Ideas

If it’s a picnic with family or friends, there must be some games. You’d better capture those picnic games. Because these games are the lives of the picnics. If you want to capture the playful side of the picnic, these games are your call.

Editing Is A Must:

I mean, of course, you need to edit photos? Especially picnic photos. Because people are always doing something on a picnic. So you must edit them. Besides, picnic photos are candids most of the time. So lighting or shadows will not always be in your favor. That’s why editing is a must. Although you can hand over the editing problem to Clipping Amazon.

Why Clipping Amazon?
Clipping Amazon

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