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Pregnancy Photography: Amazing Tips And Tricks For Taking Great Pregnancy Photos

Over the past few years, Pregnancy Photography has become really popular. Capturing pregnancy Photos is a wonderful opportunity to take bright pictures of a pregnant woman. You have the opportunity to make him feel like a millionaire. But you also need to take care to ensure his comfort while spending his uncomfortable time in your life.

The popularity of capturing this important time for a family is understandable. And many people are looking to improve their abilities in this particular genre of a portrait.

During this time, professional Pregnancy photography is becoming an art. There are more studios and photographers who are offering maternity and newborn baby photo packages. Taking pictures of being a mother can be quite challenging. But if you follow some guidelines and spice them up with your own creative ideas and instincts, you can certainly create gorgeous and emotional portraits that capture this amazing time!

Are you currently preparing for pregnancy photography? The night before your photo session, this content may be useful for you as a preparation for pregnancy photography. Here we have tried to cover all the necessary tips and techniques of photo shooting to be a future mother. Moreover, Here you will find complete instructions for maternity photo sessions that will enhance your photography experience. If you go through this in detail, you will find a touch of photo editing advice provided by our long image manipulation experience.

Right Time For Pregnancy Photography

Right Time

The best time to shoot Pregnancy is usually between 33-36 weeks of gestation. But consult with your client about any special situation surrounding his session time. You should avoid shooting too early because the bump is too small then, but shooting too late is also not a good idea as it can be physically demanding. In 33-36 weeks of pregnancy, the abdomen looks round and beautiful, perfect for that beautiful pregnancy photos!

Any pregnant client expecting quality. Those who have had complications during their pregnancy or who may be experiencing early delivery may want to schedule their session a little earlier. So don’t miss out – that’s fine too! Be flexible to the needs of every pregnant client.

Lenses Preparation For Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Most photographers prefer to shoot Pregnancy sessions with a 50mm lens. Because it gives them so much versatility to manage different angles, postures, compositions, and lighting situations.

Pregnancy Photography sessions can give you a lot of variety in lens choices. Long lenses will work just as well and provide fantastic compression. Wide-angle lenses will let you enter the whole scene. However beware of distortions with wide-angle lenses – we don’t want pregnant mothers to look large in uneven shapes.

Some of the best lenses for Pregnancy photography include:

35 mm For Pregnancy Photography

This type of photography lens provides the right amount of focal length, not too long and not too wide. In fact, it gives a realistically convenient view, reducing the distortion of the mother’s body.

50 mm

If the couple wants to be creative with the portrait of motherhood. The 50mm lens allows you to create shallow depths of field. This means you blur the background and pay more attention to the pregnant mother and her abdomen.

85 mm

This focal length should only be with your 35mm or 50mm because you don’t want all your portraits to be close-up. Still, an 85mm lens is good for capturing more detail on the body.

24-70 mm or 70-200 mm

Excellent for outdoor Pregnancy shoots with a low-light environment.

Different Camera Settings

Camera Setting

These sessions can be a great place for quite a wide-open shooting practice. There’s nothing like a great bokeh to focus on a pregnant woman and her beautiful belly!

First, be sure to set your camera to manual mode to get more control over the camera settings. In general, your camera settings should be in this range:

  • Aperture: anywhere between f / 5.6 to f / 8 for group portraits, then f / 2 to / 4 for Pregnancy portraits.
  • Shutter speed: It depends on the position, location, and overall effect of the maternity. Fast speeds require at least 1/1000, while 1/50 to 1/60 should be enough for any permanent Pregnancy pose.
  • ISO: Set a low range of 100-400 on your camera. If you need a faster shutter speed go higher.

Be careful to turn off your camera if you need to focus on all the important aspects and people (like parents and any siblings!)

Plan Pregnancy Photography Compositions

Plan Composition

The composition is important in portrait and Pregnancy Photography. Because it directs the viewer’s eye towards the essential elements – the mother and her baby bump. Even if the mother wants black and white pictures or laidback pregnancy poses, a good composition can change the mood of Pregnancy photos.

Here are some ways you can change the composition to capture a unique portrait of motherhood as a photographer:

Elevated: Lie on your subject grass or blanket. Stand on a stool to highlight the abdomen while showing the mother flattery.

Straight: If mom already has a big belly, this is ideal. Because you won’t have a problem raising the baby bump.

Side: If the baby bump is not clear yet, guide your client to the side or to a 45-degree angle pose to make the abdomen more prominent.

Silhouette: If the client is embarrassed to face the camera, then this is a good opportunity to take pictures of silhouette motherhood.

When looking at the mother’s profile and taking the abdomen out of the portrait be sure to angle the body away from the camera.

Choose a Location

Choose a Location

With a maternity session, the possibilities are limitless, places like beaches and wide-open fields can’t really go wrong in golden time (before sunset or sunrise hours!)!

Don’t miss to take advantage of the beautiful natural landmarks around where you live. Don’t be ashamed to jump into the water or lie down on the ground to take a shot!

Just remember the comfort of the mother and her baby bump, Long walks or uneven terrains are out of her comfort zone towards the end of pregnancy. Do not ask your clients to do anything that makes them uncomfortable or puts them in any danger.

Prepare Comfortable Outfits

Comfortable Outfits

Like other types of photography, Pregnancy portraits need to consider the comfort of the subject when it comes to clothing. Clothes can depend on the couple’s decision to follow a theme or peg.

For example, some pregnant mothers want a high fashion style. On the other hand, some prefer a very normal or casual setup. Regardless of the theme, it is very important to remind the mother to wear clothes, usually fitted, which can increase the baby’s bump while guaranteeing comfort.

Determine the Correct Lighting

Correct Lighting

If you are shooting a portrait of motherhood in a studio or an interior space, you can use a large soft light to flood the image with ethereal lighting.

For an outdoor Pregnancy photoshoot, it’s best to take advantage of using natural light. Especially when shooting is held around sunrise or sunset.

Additionally, a good photographer should make it a habit to bring a flash or reflector so that the fill light can be controlled and the bump can be emphasized.

Use Appropriate Props On Pregnancy Photography

Appropriate Props

Advise parents before the session to bring some special moments of their pregnancy such as an ultrasound picture or a special object with the baby’s name!

These props can add a special personal touch to the portraits. This is a great question when they ask about your service or when you send client questionnaires!

You may have in your hand something like baby shoes, toys or items that you bring to a session. If they can’t think of something they want to include in the picture you can fill them in right away! Be creative and personalize it for each client.

Include the Siblings

With Siblings

Including siblings in Pregnancy photos is a great idea. But it can also be complicated to manage if they are too small. Give tips to parents to do something with them when the woman has shot alone, such as a coloring book with a crane or an iPad.

If siblings (kids) are small children or toddlers, ask if friends or family members like Grandma can help them. Older babies who can take directions can hug or kiss the mother’s belly, which creates an adorable loving posture.

With little kids, you may not be able to point out love as much, but just keeping them close to the woman will naturally get you some quick shots and in the end, the candid shots of their conversation can be a winner!

Several Maternity Poses

Several Poses

Once you’ve figured out everything else, it’s time to focus on posing and taking pictures. Lots are borrowed from foundation posing when posing for mom or family for maternity sessions, which we use to pose with engaged couples, brides and grooms, and others to portray them. There are some characteristics that are unique to the genre of motherhood.

Candid vs. Standard Expressions

First, let’s deal with the similarities in contrast to other types of sessions in posing for maternity shooting. To distribute a complete set of Pregnancy photos, you should aim to capture candid photos, as well as posed photos. This is true of individual portraits as well as family or group shots.

Hand Placement

Things change here for the portrait of motherhood. In engagement photography, we have several options for holding a woman’s hand. She can rest her hands on her own waist, partner’s shoulders or chest, or on nearby walls or objects, etc. But in maternity photography, the mother will often place her baby bump above or below her abdomen to draw attention. This is not necessary for every image, but you will probably find yourself posing this way more often.

Hips and Body Angles

In addition to hand placement, you can use hips and body angles to emphasize curves. You know that maternity photography is all about baby bumps. So, try to focus on it and there is a role to place the hip and legs properly to do it. You can focus by placing your hands on the bottom and upper abdomen. You can also advise mom to bend her legs forward or backward. If she is wearing high heels, do it carefully. If she feels uncomfortable, ask her to stand up naturally and comfortably. In that case, get the right abdominal bump by changing your position and angle.

With Partner Poses

Partner Poses

If both your parents are present at the maternity session, you can take more pictures and really expand your photo session. Talk to the expected couple in advance, especially if they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Ask them to focus on their emotions rather than on the camera – their excitement and joy will be reflected in their face and body language. Try to capture some precious and intimate moments.
In addition to the usual shots of kissing, a fun way to approach couples is to ask them to touch each other as much as possible. Try to get the full-body, half-body, and close-up of both together, for example holding the father’s hand around the mother’s abdomen. It can be a great clear shot if they don’t look at the camera.

Bring Out Emotions


Give the expected couple some tips to help you understand what happens when shooting a maternity portrait. Ask them if there are any special maternity poses they want to avoid.

Make them feel comfortable so that they can trust you by taking pictures of them. In fact, it will be easier for them to relax and show real emotion.

If they want to be stupid in front of the camera, encourage them to do so! You can also suggest imagining how they feel about meeting their child. Thus, you will see expectation, excitement, and love in their face and body language.

Pregnancy Photos Editing

These are all maternity photography tips that we have planned and designed for you. But still, We have something more to say to create a high-quality Pregnancy Photos. That is Maternity Photo Editing.

As an expert photographer, you know that photography alone cannot produce images of the desired quality. More or less your photographs need Photo Editing and Retouching Services. There are many maternity image editing services like photo retouching, color correction, exposure correction, removing or adding objects from the background, and many more. You can apply these photo editing techniques in Photoshop to create awesome maternity photos. Since photo editing is a very sensitive job, it has to be done with patience and attention. But it is very difficult for a busy photographer to do this alone. So you can take the help of any professional Photo Editing Company if you want. They will edit your photos according to your needs in time and you can use this time for your photography.

Few Last Words About Pregnancy Photography

We hope this guide to Pregnancy photography helps you better understand all the things you need to consider when shooting a maternity session. Also, keep in mind that many new parents don’t want to be overwhelmed by the choices of maternity photography, so have lots of fun and make sure everyone is comfortable.

The upcoming arrival of a new baby is an amazing and exciting time for a family and the more you consider, the more likely your pregnancy photos is to be truly memorable.
Maternity photography is a great way to give your clients stunning Pregnancy photos that they will treasure forever! In this case, influencing your clients can also lead to future business, such as Newborns Photography, milestones, and family sessions!

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