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How To Prop Up Products With Product Photography Blocks?

Your product photography will get boring if you choose white background as your main focus shots. So, adding props to your images can make them look different and add interest to the frame. Photography boxes are great props to highlight your products and add depth to your shot. So, blocks, boxes, cubes, and other product photography props can add personality to your photos.

Do you want to use product photography blocks to improve your photos? There are a few ways to find and use boxes.

Why Use Product Photography Blocks?

To a flat shot, boxes, cubes, and blocks provide interest. Most items look better with a bit more attention than they do with their own visual appeal.

The boxes emphasize branding and add new lines, lighting possibilities, stability, and height variation, but not enough to distract from the product. A watch image uses packaging as a block to add support, color, and branding.

How To Prop Up Product For Photography With Cubes And Blocks?

Your options for propping up products for photography are pretty much endless, but don’t let that intimidate you. There are a few tried-and-true methods you can start with, and in time, using product photography blocks will become second nature. Here are a few techniques to try:

Stacking multiple boxes makes them taller and larger. If you are working with something that is tall or unbalanced, you can use stacked blocks to lean your product against. You can also use stairs for larger products. They allow you to play with height, arrangement, and lighting. Also, the wooden stairs are the perfect backdrop for a photo.

Use A Single Box:


Therefore the use of a single box is the perfect example of simplicity and luxury photography props. A chic, desirable aesthetic photo of your product can be given if it is placed in or on a single box. That is definitely a feeling you want people to have when they look at the product in the photo.

Arrange A Multitude Of Blocks:


It is easier to include a few products in one shot when you use more than one cube. This approach works well for products that are similar to each other. And, also for stores that only sell one type of product.

Go Monochromatic:

It is hard to go wrong with mixing different shades of the same basic color if you want a product image that portrays simplicity and harmony. Monochromatic color schemes are on-trend and ultra-modern.


The item you are photographing will affect whether the theme matches or contrasts the product. It is more likely better suited to colors that complement the product’s packaging.

Get Playful With Props:

Blocks that are different shapes and colors make for a great photograph. So, try to use shapes and colors that highlight the product for the best results.


Where To Get Boxes For Photography Props:

Now, get ready to make some changes to your studio. We have a selection of photography boxes and blocks to make it easier for you to find what you want.

Product Photography Blocks- Acrylic Blocks:


Blocks made of acetic acid are usually transparent. They are often used for in-store retail displays. They lend structure without any distraction and have clean lines. The creation of distortion is one of the reasons why acrylic blocks are great.

Where To Find Acrylic Boxes Or Blocks:

  • You can get your acrylic boxes in two days if you have Prime shipping.
  • Online and possibly in-store, both The Container Store and Walmart have several types of boxes.
  • American Retail Supply and Retail Resource are retail display companies that can help you find a size you can’t find in any of the above resources.

Product Photography Blocks- Foam:


The foam blocks are fun to take pictures of. They’re easy to paint and give gentle support for products. The unusual surface makes the texture of the image different. Also, Foam can be found in blocks, pads, and other shapes.

Where To Find Foam Blocks:

  • It is possible to find a large selection on Amazon, Target, and eBay.
  • Foam blocks can be found in several shapes and sizes at craft stores.
  • There are a lot of colors to choose from with yoga blocks.

If you plan on painting styrofoam blocks, be aware that spray paint can melt the styrofoam. It’s possible to change the color in post-production.

Product Photography Blocks- Children’s Building Blocks:

There are toy blocks that are super props. No one will ever suspect that your great photo prop is actually a toy if you paint them before you use them.

Where To Get Children’s Blocks:

  • If you want to get yours here on Amazon, you can also go to a nearby Walmart or Target.
  • You can find garage sales in your area. Some families are looking for a new home for the toys.
  • There is a possibility of a Facebook marketplace. There are some families who are ready to sell their child’s toys.

IKEA Shelves:

The word IKEA is synonymous with college dorm decor. They offer shelves, boxes, and other storage pieces in various sizes and colors, and the minimalist design makes them great for college dorm decor.


So, go to your local IKEA and grab a cart on your way. You never know what the next photo prop will be. Also, you can buy Ikea shelves online. But, the market has a lot of options for customization.

Where To Get Concrete Or Brick Blocks:

  • In the market, there should be a large selection of concrete blocks in most stores.
  • You can find out if anyone in the neighborhood has bricks left over from a landscaping project by looking on social and networking sites.

Product Photography Blocks- Wood:

Wooden photography props and boxes add a natural, homey look to any product shoot. You can make them yourself if you have the necessary materials and tools.


Otherland uses props to add visual elements to their pictures. For example, keep candles on a wooden block, a perfect complement to the nature-inspired look and feel of the overall shot.

Change the look of your wood cubes with a coat of paint. You can use spray paint, roll on paint, or add lacquer.

Where To Find Wood Photography Props :

  • You need to check out your local home improvement store if you are going to do it on your own. It’s possible to find everything from pearl to stone at your local craft store.
  • Apple boxes are an affordable option if you want to shoot for a farmhouse-chic vibe.
  • Local businesses could also have boxes that are no longer being used. You should call ahead. So you don’t stop in at busy times.

Product Packaging:

If the product is interesting, use it to your advantage by showing it in the photos. If you want to use your product packaging as a prop, you can use clear glass containers during product photography. 

Product Photography Blocks- Stone Or Crystal:


Find something that is natural and unique in texture and beauty. Get some crystal stones or clear blocks for a beautiful photo of your product. Because there are so many different types of stone and crystal, it’s possible to pick one that meshes with your image.

Where To Find Stone And Crystal Blocks:

  • There are some really nice options for stone blocks on Etsy.
  • It may take some research to figure out what type of crystal you want and where to get it. Also, you could get a dark crystal, blocks that look like small cubes of gold, or a transparent one.

Post-shoot Edits:

You might be able to add or change blocks from the shoot you just finished at your product photography studio. A number of goals can be achieved with editing.

  • Adding geometric elements during post-processing.
  • You can change the prop’s color during post-processing.
  • The image can be balanced by color.

You can use an advanced program that is more powerful if you have a larger investment. Like Photoshop.

It is not possible to manage photo-editing without time or expertise. Consider using a virtual photo-editing studio to make your own edits. It will save time and also give you a more attractive look.

Get Creative With Product Photography Blocks:


Now that you have ideas on how to prop up products, what images will you make?

There is no rule that says you can only use one block at a time during photography. Maybe one product pairs well with wood and crystal. Also, concrete blocks and product packaging can be used in an image. So, use your creativity and unique perspective to set you apart from other photos.

Once you’ve taken the photo, you need to do a few things to make sure the image is ready to go. It is called photo post-production. For it, you can hire a professional. Our(Clipping Amazon) team of professionals can help by editing your image quickly and getting it back to you within six hours or less. Also, you can check our Portfolio Page for better updates.


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