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Apply These 5 Product Photography Tricks and Techniques To Improve eCommerce CVR

Product Photography is immensely indispensable to run an online business. If the product images don’t look attractive, it’s not gonna make a sale. Therefore, you gotta learn a few product photography tricks and techniques to make those unique and exclusive.

When it comes to online shopping, as a shopper, I want to have a feeling that I am seeing the product as it is. I wanna feel that I am seeing that product for real not in virtual. To clarify, like me, every other customer wants to have an experience that is as close as possible to seeing and touching the real thing.

The competition in regards to the online business or eCommerce business is increasing day by day. So, the idea of giving a close experience to the customers still stands. In fact, this idea has changed its path. What I mean is, fellow online business owners became more competitive these days to create a real experience. They try to engage the customers in so many ways. So, if you wanna establish your brand, you have to think outside of the box. And also, there is no exception other than making your product images charming & gorgeous.

Product Photography Tricks and Techniques

We are going to show how you should showcase your product to grab their attention. Because definitely, you have to present your products in a way that the buyers can feel that they are holding the products in their hands. Let me tell you the most interesting thing, just do it in the right way. We are sure that those customers will hold your product pretty soon.

Create an amazing shopping experience by following these 5 product photography tricks and techniques

  • Recruit a Specialist
  • Shoot The Product Only
  • Take Picture on Multiple Angles
  • Allow Buyers to Zoom
  • Present All The Colors

These are the 5 most important product photography tricks and techniques that you must take care of as a business owner. Otherwise, there might be difficulties in improving CVR.

1. Recruit a Specialist

Got confused reading the first point? No worries my friend! Hiring a professional product photographer may cost you a considerable amount of money at first. But let me assure you, the cost has its worth. You are not spending money in vain. And it will be only a matter of time that the “spending” will show its result.

You are probably not aware of the fact that inadequate product photography may be the cause of losing money in the long run. Therefore, regardless of what you are selling, hire a professional product photographer. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Professional Photographer

Professional product photos would add value to your products. The customers will more likely trust your brand. It would help them to take your business as a real and legitimate one. Because a well-lit detailed photo would definitely influence the customers to have a positive response.

2. Shoot The Product Only

After hiring a photographer, you gotta instruct him/her how to take your photos. Therefore, you gotta know the product photography tricks and techniques.

Don’t forget to tell your photographer to use a simple backdrop while shooting. Because a fancy backdrop may change the focus of the product. So, only shoot the product image with a simple but standard backdrop.

Product Photoshoot

The customers visit your site to buy the product, not to see the fancy background. so, keep that in mind. You gotta stay focused on representing the item you are selling and increasing the CVR.

Products in Use [Source:]

As a seller, your job is to showcase every information possible about the items to your clients. Therefore, don’t forget to focus on the size, shape, and color of the products during the photo shoot.

You can show the product in use to get the customer an idea about how would it look when they will use it. This is quite popular nowadays.

3. Take Picture on Multiple Angles

Tell your photographer to shoot from multiple angles. Because your customers would want to see the product image from different angles. The photo should be taken from six principal angles- front, back, top, bottom, right side, left side.

But there will always be exceptions. Take a packet of surgical masks, for instance. You don’t need six different angles for that. One or two angles would be enough for this. But, let’s say, you are selling shoes. In this case, you are gonna need all the angles to showcase that properly. I guess you have got the idea now, right?

Multiple Angle Product Photography

Let’s say you are selling something that is quite expensive. my recommendation will be to have as many pictures as possible from different angles. Because at the end of the day, a variety of pictures reassure the consumers to buy the item. Therefore, don’t forget to ensure these product photography tricks and techniques to evoke the customers.

You should also take multiple images for the larger items. Because in this way you can cover all the features. It will also help the customers to believe that your product is exactly what they want.

4. Allow Buyers to Zoom

Most of the eCommerce sites make a huge mistake. That is, they don’t give the option to zoom in on the image. Those who give the option made some common mistakes. For instance, they use a zoom link or give the option to hover. In most cases, this doesn’t work. What I mean is that the images don’t zoom mostly.

Some use a popup window to show the zoomed image. But you have to know that some browsers block the pop-up window by default, for instance, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Therefore, the users couldn’t see the image sometimes. And this may make them unsatisfied which is not good for the business.

Zoom Photos

Therefore, you must ensure not to make these mistakes. You may use a shadowbox or lightbox pop-up. Because with these options the consumers can open the larger version of the image quite easily without any difficulties. You mustn’t forget these product photography tricks and techniques in particular.

Some business owners also use the rollover zoom option. In this case, if the customer hovers the cursor over the image, it zooms. But sometimes this may create a negative user experience. I mean, if someone hovers on the image by accident, they may feel it disturbing. However, this is quite popular among few eCommerce brands, Amazon for example.

5. Present All The Colors

Last but not the least. This point may seem like an easy one, but sometimes you may miss it. You must showcase all the available product colors to the customers. So that the customers can come to a decision to buy the one of their choice.

Present All The Colors

But sometimes it may be difficult and costly to shoot the photos for every color of the same product. I mean you sell a lot of products and they all have color variations. So, it’s gonna be a little tough to capture all those. Got tensed? I have got a solution for your problem.

Clipping Amazon

You can take Image Editing services like background removal, color correction, product retouch. Not only these will make your product elegant, but also will reduce the hassle of capturing the same product image for multiple colors.

Clipping Amazon is such a company that provides these types of image editing services. You can find the most cost-effective services with the highest quality here. Why don’t you try our service?

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