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Some Products Images Hacks For Better Visibility

When your e-commerce store is full of great products images, customers are more likely to make purchases. It is simple. But you should present your products’ photos attractively and in a details way. There are lots of ways you can improve the quality and effectiveness of your products images. So, be aware of your products photography.

If you want to know the best way to optimize your image quality on an e-commerce store, we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you the best practices on how to make sure your images are displayed properly on the platform.

You may have heard about products photography in the past. We thought we’d share some of the best images we’ve found online to help improve the visibility of your products. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, here are some tricks to help you get the most out of your product’s images. Here are some creative product image hacks that will make your products stand out from the crowd.

Make Sure You Photograph The Entire Product:

It may seem silly, but it’s true. Sometimes we don’t notice that we cut a small part from the products images. Make yourself look professional by taking a photo of the product in its entirety.


You don’t want to be limited to just a single view of the product. It’s better to show the products from various angles and at different distances. This will make it easier for your audience to identify with the product, so they’ll be able to associate themselves with it. Add a call-to-action. When you have eye-catchy images, people are more likely to click on them.

Check Your Lighting To Photograph Products Images:

There are a lot of things that can affect the appearance of your photos, but lighting is one of the most obvious. It’s hard to get a bad photo of something if you use proper lighting. But, you can still see some problems by paying close attention to the light. You better can use natural light sources sometimes.


One lighting source isn’t always sufficient. It is best to use two different lighting sources if you are using professional lighting equipment. Natural light will help if you don’t have access to professional lighting. It is better to have underexposed photos than over-exposed ones. Light can be added in post-processing, but it is hard to take it away.

Use A Standard Lens To Photograph Products Images:

A standard lens is a great tool for photographers, videographers, and illustrators because it allows us to see more than we would normally, and it forces us to see things as they are, not how we want them to be. It gives us the perspective that allows us to see our own biases and preconceptions in a new light. A standard lens also teaches us how to observe things without getting distracted, which is the key to being objective and seeing our biases clearly.


You don’t want to make your products look different. The proportions of your image are messed with by a wide-angle lens and effect lens. The standard lens with a focal length of 50mm is a good one to use.

Think About Margins:


It’s a good idea to leave some space between the frame and the actual product when photographing it. You will need a bit of wiggle room for both editing and cropping. A common size is what you should use for all of your product photos. The best way to use squares is by using 1000 x 1000.

Limit Your Use Of Props To Photograph Products Images:

It seems like a fun idea, but props can be a distraction. Your main focus should be your products. Keep them simple and aligned with your color scheme if you decide to use them.


Don’t use props during products photography. Your products should be the main focus of attention. If you decide to use props, do so only if you’re working with a theme that includes them. Otherwise, you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Focus on your products and the benefits you provide.

But don’t forget about the importance of props! They can add a nice touch to your photos and can even help sell your products sometime.

Hang Products:

Flat layouts are still a great way to showcase your products, but it’s time to branch out and become a little more creative. The modern trend of digital marketing focuses on the importance of having interesting images, videos, and content on social media profiles. There, things can start to get a bit tricky.


Flat lays used to be the preferred way to display your social media content, but today the flat lays are over. It’s all about hanging them around. Don’t be afraid to play around with it and get creative.

Mind The Reflections During Products Photography:


If you have the opportunity to photograph your products, keep in mind that this can create some problems when it comes to editing your products images. Many items, such as shiny jewelry and metallic materials, are difficult to shoot cleanly because they tend to reflect back at the camera. Editing your photos can be a tedious and time-consuming process. So, it may be best to invest in retouching services. Professional retouchers will not only remove any reflected equipment but also do color correction, make the gems shine. Also, they can add natural shadows back to your products to give a natural look.

Remove The Background:


If you have a fun background, your customers will find it attractive. However, your customers will lose focus if they don’t get the products images background catchy. A neutral background like white or black gives your site a clean and uniform look. You can remove the background in post-production when you’re editing your images. Clipping Amazon is a professional photo editing company. You can hire them to edit your e-commerce product photos.


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