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Rain Photography: Tips And Ideas For Better Rain Photos

The rain season is one of the best times for people because everyone likes to spend time in the rain. Rain photography is an excellent way to change the dynamic of your photos if you are looking for something different. You can take the unusual street, landscape, product, macro, or portrait photography. There are ways to take photographs in the rain and bad weather.

You may not be a professional photographer, but there is something about rainy days that is compelling and beautiful. If you’re interested in capturing those moments, this is your chance to take a crack at it.

Rain Photography Tips

Rain photography can be a challenge. Moreover, rain clouds can obscure the view, and the wind can blow your camera into the sky and make the photo blurry. To get a good shot of a storm in motion, you need to stay dry and still. 


It seems impossible to take a good picture in these weather conditions because you always worry about your equipment. There is water all around, the sky is gray, and the wind is high. Meanwhile, The pictures taken in the rain can become amazing if you have the right approach. In this article, I will show you how to take good rain photos.

Think Over All Of The Rain Photo Shoots


If the rain doesn’t last long, it would be great to have a place where you can quickly get to for shooting on a rainy day. It’s a good idea to choose a location that is close to a shelter or a cafe. It is important to remember that traffic and stiff wind can affect the shooting process.

Look Up To The Sky 


By the way, about the sky, by the way. It is a good idea to look up when you go out for photography in the rain. The clouds will look beautiful if it is sunset or sunrise. Capture them at their best if you can find a higher spot.

Include Dark Clouds for Mood


It’s possible that the rain can have a negative effect on your image. It depends on the colors, texture, lighting, and angle of your scene. Not all rain clouds are dark, but the ones that are are, make you feel like the apocalypse is on the horizon. It is possible to use this idea to your advantage. There are areas in your scene that can affect the moodiness of your shot. Including people is something that should be done. The weight of the weather and oncoming rain can also be impacted by their reactions.

Focus On The Raindrops


Usually, raindrops are added as fun additional decorations in your photos. Try to make them the main focus of your picture. It’s possible to capture rain on a window or even on your lens, which can make beautiful objects or a cool filter to look at the city through. You can see the reflections and colors of the nights with this method.

Capture The Rain At Night


If you use Night mode and find a good artificial light source, you can get some great shots of the rain at night. Streetlights, car headlights, or other city lights will work well to highlight the rain, even if your subject isn’t entirely focused.

Take Pictures Of Reflections On The Ground


The reflections from the puddles on the ground are caused by the rain. You can see two different positions of the same object by looking at the reflections. While the texture and person in the foreground are being photographed, the buildings, forms, and shapes are not being photographed. The pool in the ground distorts the objects as they become imperfect. It makes your rain photography really special.

Look For Emotions


It’s easier to make atmospheric shots when the rain is falling. Look for people laughing, dancing, being sad, and doing anything in the rain to capture their emotions. If you look for contradictions, you may be able to find someone doing things that people don’t usually do during a rainstorm.

Look Out For Rainbows


Rainbows appear when the sun shines on the moisture in the air. When the sun is high in the sky, the sun’s rays are refracted and dispersed by water droplets in the air, making an arch of colors visible in the sky. Photographing a rainbow isn’t an easy task. Because rainbow photography is one of the most delicate kinds of photography.

Incorporate People


People change their behavior when the weather is rainy. People will react differently to the rain, either looking gloomy or enjoying the weather. So, people are filled with emotions when it is raining. To get excellent photos of rain, you have to capture these emotions.

Create Portraits With Umbrellas


Umbrellas are used to add shape, form, color, texture, and size to a photo. Umbrellas are also great tools to add narrative to your rain photography. If you have a few umbrellas to protect you from the rain, you can create a romantic mood with them. They can also be a natural frame for your subject. You can also use them as very abstract elements in your rain photos.

Macro Photos With Rain


Taking stunning shots after rain is a good option if you try the macro mode. If you want to take a close-up photo of a flower or leaf with tiny droplets of water in crisp colors, it will turn out really well.

Black And White Images


A rainy atmosphere is best for photography because the light is more subdued, so colors are muted. You can create stronger contrasts by adding a bright background. This is a good opportunity to make your photos look even more dramatic. Take advantage of the contrast that is created by the rain. Rainy weather gives us an opportunity to play with the contrast of the light and the dark in the images.

Kids And Rain


Rain is not only fun for children. It can be a great opportunity to capture great images. When you are photographing children, you should focus on their smiles. If the kids are in a park, you can photograph them playing in the rain. You can also take pictures of children in a museum or other places where they will not be affected by the weather.

Rain For Unique Wedding Photography


Weddings are similar, but you can do something different. Combine rain and shots of the couple, and you can make something unique. The best way to prepare for the wedding is to plan ahead and get the appropriate clothing, an umbrella, and gear protection.

Fire A Flash To Highlight Shape


A flash can be used in a variety of photographic situations. With all the clouds and umbrellas, you might need some extra light. It is possible to help you freeze movement with flashes. Falling rain is not noticeable if there isn’t a flash. As the light reflects back towards the camera, you can make the raindrops stand out. That’s the reason why you don’t want to use a diffuser on your flash. The shape and form of the raindrops become obvious when a flash is fired. You can use a flash to highlight the shape and form of a subject. If you want to see how this works, you need to read about the various flash modes that are available.

Surprising Product Photography With Rain

Product photography is about capturing real situations. You can use raindrops and splashing water to create a realistic atmosphere for your products. Use a slow shutter speed to capture and freeze the motion of the waterdrops.


Or, you can use a high ISO setting and use a shallow depth of field to blur out the background. The images you choose for product photography should highlight the product in the best possible light. Make sure that your product is not too bright or too dark. You also need to think about the color temperature of your product.

Love Story With Rain Photography


Rainy days are meant to be spent with your loved ones. Make the most of the rainy day and celebrate the love you have for each other. It creates a perfect mood for the most romantic moments and we would love to share with you our experiences with Rain Photography. 

Follow Storm


If there is a storm on your way, you should not stay inside. There is a unique opportunity to capture nature and extraordinary moments during the rainy weather. There are storm clouds that add a certain mood to your photography.



It is a good idea to plan a trip to the forest when it rains. You will be amazed at the wonders of a forest. You can take your time. A rainy day in the forest is a perfect opportunity to practice taking photos with a slower shutter speed. Take advantage of the light and wind that will be more intense in the forest. The weather will change the mood and colors.

Fashion With Rain


Rain can be used to create even more fantastic images of your model. It is a new feature of this program, which allows you to simulate various weather effects. It’s easy to use, so you will not have any problems creating an interesting photo. You can simulate different types of raindrops and even make the sky rain. The main thing to remember is that it’s a must for the model to be wearing the right clothing.

Make Street Photography Artistic With Rain


It is warm inside if it is cool outside. You can change the look of your street photography. If you are trying to be artistic with your street photography, then you should know how to adjust your settings. You can change your settings based on the weather conditions outside. For instance, if it is rather rainy outside, then you can reduce the depth of field. This will make your image seem more artistic and mysterious.

Take Abstract Photography


The rain looks as abstract as anything else. If you take a rain photo of the traffic lights through your car window, interesting forms may appear in the result. You are able to focus on any object that interests you. But when you have a camera with you, you will never miss that beautiful moment. The best time for rain photography is from sunrise to sunset. When it rains, everything turns dark. Raindrops are falling all over the place. The sky is also dark.

Clipping Amazon’s Rain Photo Editing Services

Clipping Amazon is one of the best photo editing service provider companies. We provide 17 kinds of photo editing services, awesome ads design, and magazine cover design services. Background removal, color enhancement, image cleaning, clipping path, photo restoration, color restoration, etc. Here are some of our rain photography photo editing services: 

 Add Raindrops


Raindrops are not likely to show up in your photographs. Droppings on flowers, puddles in the ground, and wet hair are just some of the things you will see. You can include the rain into your composition to make your shots more attention-catching. When the raindrops are illuminated, they are more noticeable. You can add raindrops while you edit rain photos in photo editing in Photoshop.

Rain Day Photoshop Overlays

There is a way to create the rain effect with the help of these Rain Day Photoshop Overlays. You can make your photos dynamic or dramatic by adding realistic raindrops in a few clicks. It makes your rain photos beautiful.

Use Light Sources


It’s an excellent time to look for natural lighting in the overcast sky. It could be used to create a composition for your photoshoot. You should look out for the shadows if you are shooting under an umbrella. To regulate the lighting in advance, it is better to tilt the umbrellas. Our photo editing experts can create a beautiful shadow in your rain photos.

Choose Dark Backgrounds

It’s better to choose a dark background when taking pictures in the rain. It creates a gloomy atmosphere that is related to the rainy weather and dramatic look.

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